Video interview with custom fetish model Paige Erin Turner

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– Southern state charm with the BALLOON ANGELS – 

Today I present you BALLOON ANGELS, a custom studio from the USA. David, the photographer and editor, was so kind to interview Paige Erin Turner for us, who is a popular looner and fetish model. But now comes the really great thing: it´s not just a written interview, David also made a short videoclip!

David, thank you very much! Could you first tell us some hard facts about you and your work?

Balloon Angels was founded around 2007 by balloon and wrestling model Tara Bush. During the early years Tara was the main model working for Balloon Angels with me serving as her primary photographer/editor. Over the years multiple models have joined Tara in working with Balloon Angels and most of them continue to do so to this day. Tara still works behind the scenes as an advisor and periodically still provides custom balloon shoots for long time fans. I provide most of the videography and editing for Balloon Angels and serves as the project manager for most sets. Each of the models however also produce balloon material outside of Balloon Angels.

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In general the Balloon Angel models are both highly experienced in working with balloons and enjoy what they do as well. Included in the Balloon Angel’s stable of models are Kobe Lee, Galas, Paige Erin Turner, Jacquelyn Velvets and other guest stars who appear from time to time. Often the models are heavily involved in building sets, communicating with fans and offering their own creative input into their productions.

When working under the Balloon Angel umbrella most efforts are focused on custom requests and shoots specifically designed for a particular fan. This enables the girls to concentrate of fulfilling a particular fantasy for an individual and making the experience personal in nature.

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During shoots the girls may also produce clips for their own web site or clips4sale offerings. Shoots generally take place in studios in the Atlanta area, but at times they also take place on locations throughout the US. Depending on demand, shoots may last for hours or even over the course of several days.

Paige has been heavily involved with Balloon Angels for over five years and is one of their more popular models. Bringing a fun, country fresh attitude to the set has been her trademark over the years. Highly popular with her fans, she is heavily involved in contributing her ideas to custom shoots and introducing her own personality to everything from building sets to how she performs in front of the camera. In addition to using the studios in Atlanta, Paige also offers her Tennessee country home as a backdrop to many of her sets.

That´s where we are today, but get to know more in the interview with Paige now!

Transcription of the interview:

Paige, tell us a little about yourself and how you began working with balloons.

Hi. I’m Paige Erin Turner and I’ve been building this beautiful set with these BALLOONS UNITED balloons. They’re so pretty. I love this purple color. And I just wanted to tell you a little about myself. I’m from Tennessee and I first did my very first balloon shoot probably like about eight years ago. It’s been a while. And I did a few balloon shoots initially and then…I do a lot of request work so I didn’t get balloon requests for a while and then suddenly about two years ago I started getting so many balloon requests. I was very happy about it. So I’ve done a lot of balloon stuff since then.

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So what do you like the most about shooting with balloons?

It’s just so fun. Like it’s like the balloons are happy and bright and colorful and I just get to laugh and giggle and be silly and enjoy myself!

How do your friends and family react when you tell them what you’re doing?

Well, there are really like two reactions. Some people are like oh wow that sounds like fun ya know. That’s different but it sounds like fun. Other people are like hmmmmm is that a thing. Like what do you do with…….why??? So people are like mostly confused or they’re like oh that’s cool.

How would you describe your interactions with the balloon community?

They have all been really nice. Like they’re very friendly. Very nice people. Ya know. And it’s interesting. I find it very interesting how passionate everyone is. I think it’s great ya know that everybody is really into this. So yeah, it’s cool.

What are some of your craziest experiences on a balloon shoot?

Well today it’s been really windy so it’s been interesting like trying to control and corral the balloons while we’re shooting outside. But one of my earlier balloon shoots I was shooting for Dave for Balloon Angels and I walked down into the basement. We were going to do sets down there and it was all set up and I was blown away. I had never seen … it was like floor to ceiling balloons. I had never seen so many balloons in my entire life. I was totally blown away. And there were huge ones. There were like five foot balloons down there. Like I had to get my phone and like I had to take pictures of this. This is crazy. This is amazing!

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Tell us about your clips for sale store.

Its Clips For Sale store number 69103 and it’s called Paige’s Fetish Variety Show. And the kind of name tells you there is not just one thing. It’s a good bit of variety. There is a lot of balloon stuff cause like I said I’ve been getting a lot of balloon request the past couple of years. So yay for that!! But it also is, ya know, there are ideas and requests people send in, custom orders and then things that I think hey, this might be interesting.

Do you have a limit of what you will or won’t do?

Uh, I don’t do like any boy-girl sexual work. Just not my thing. Um and I don’t do things like I don’t do smoking. I know smoking is very popular but I’ve never been a smoker. I’m just not good at it. And so it’s like…yuk.

So if someone wanted a custom request from you what would they do?

It kind of depends on . If it’s a balloon request honestly the best thing to do is to get in touch with me through Balloon Angels because we work together a lot and Dave knows a lot of logistics about shooting balloon stuff. If it’s anything else you can email me at and that’s the best way to get in touch with me.

Would you consider yourself a popper or a non-popper?

So as to whether I’m a popper or a non-popper, it’s kinda hard to say.  I mean I love balloons. They’re so fun to play with and to just like hug and squeeze and play with. They’re so pretty.  And sometimes after a balloon shoot, a stray balloon will just float around my house for weeks just there being happy.   

But, the popping….it can be fun too. I like to do it playfully, though. Like I don’t like being mean about the popping.    We’re all playing together. It’s fun popping.

What’s Your Favorite Kind of Balloon?

Well, like I said I really love the fact that there are bright, pretty colors and they look like pretty jewels or something and like the bigger ones like 16 or 18 inch something like that. Those are nice and yeah and they’re happy.

What’s your favorite method of popping?

Oooh. I think I like squeeze pops the most. Cause like you really get your hands on it there you know and it’s like you can draw it out.

What was one of your most fun shoots?

Ooohh. We did this one set where I got to wear a Belle costume like from the movie. I love costumes they’re so much fun. And so I got to do this whole setup, it was a really pretty set like helium balloons and everything. It was really pretty and then at the end, we did a big balloon drop and that was a lot of fun. The balloons were coming down. That was cool. I liked it. And it was fun to come and do the whole set up beforehand

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

I would just like to say thank you because it’s so much fun. The balloon shoots  I really love them. And it’s all because of you that I get to do these things and play with all these huge beautiful sets and all these different kinds of balloons! And then, you know, on top of that ya’ll have such nice comments on line and leave such nice notes and reviews and everything and I really appreciate it so much! I love that you enjoy the work that we do and I love, you know, bringing your fantasies to life. I love being able to do that and so, yeah, just definitely keep it coming.

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  1. A Loon in the Dark
    A Loon in the Dark says:

    Do Balloon Angels have a website? The only thing I can find is their YouTube channel which hasn’t updated in 3 years. I’ve seen some great photos of Paige in various forums but no official sites.

  2. BalloonBoy
    BalloonBoy says:

    Excellent interview! Nice to Paige enjoying her work, and great to see Tara and Jacqueline are still working at Balloon Angels too! 🙂

    I just wish I had the money to come partake in one of your lovely non-popping, helium shoots! That would be my idea of heaven, and I would die a very happy chappy!

    • BalloonBoy
      BalloonBoy says:

      I think it means that Paige doesn’t like popping balloons, and that she feels it’s like being mean to the balloons. (Mean, as in rude, unfair and harsh!). Hope that makes sense now.

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous says:

      I think it might mean that she likes to be more sensual with the popping or gentle might be another word. She doesn’t like being rough or aggressive when popping them, like she said she enjoys making the act of popping last longer which is why she favors nail popping. Just a guess.

      • Maggy BerLoon
        Maggy BerLoon says:

        I think that Paige is a very sweet, kind and playful person, who behave that way also while popping balloons. I don´t see her as an dominant, harsch or maybe aggressive person/popper.
        But that´s just my impression 😉

  3. jo de mulder
    jo de mulder says:

    AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you Erin and David <3
    the clips you all make are amazing ,keep up the good work 🙂
    lots of love from Belgium xxx

  4. Morten Andersen
    Morten Andersen says:

    What a nice interview with Paige! She seems so relaxed and down to earth. She sounds exactly how I imagine her 🙂

  5. Maluneri
    Maluneri says:

    Been reading this blog for a few weeks now.
    Love these interviews. Paige seems like such a nice girl too, I’ll have to check out her store later.


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