This is life

I am Timothy, a 22-year-old Scorpio living in  Slovenia. Slovenia is a pristine land at the border of beautiful mountains surrounded by the fearlessness of crooks.

I have a fear of my own that manifested during kindergarten when a yellow stuffed balloon popped on the floor due to sharp edges. I trembled and cried quite a bit, but I didn’t take much of it until years later. There I snubbed a yellow balloon from a cashier and at home,  did my first BTP of a yellow loon when no one was watching. I remember cleaning after the shards. There were so many!

My favorite color at the time was Yellow. My father also listened to the band Yello, so I must have gotten the Yellow fascination with him. The pros of being born in the 90’s generation!

I never liked green balloons though. It was never my favorite color, and they scared me. I also didn’t like the weird smell. Being somewhat allergic to latex this was especially detrimental to my enjoyment. But everyone has their tastes. It’s just not comfortable being green.

Skipping two years ahead of vocational school and some heartbreaks  I lost the will to go on. It was not the school or the heartbreaks that pushed me down. There just wasn’t anything to do, no purpose. My other hobby of playing Yugioh cards required me to be active and adaptive all the time. I even got bored of watching anime.

I tried hitting it up with my favorite toys, but these balloons didn’t last that long. They were 12-inch Belbal advertising balloons that I received for free from a shoe shop just by asking them.

Convenience store Everts balloons were much bigger but they didn’t do the trick because of their disgusting smell. Since then I’ve always order loons from Balloons United and other shops. Ballons United is a favorite of mine especially because I can pick the number of balloons I desire which solved another annoyance with balloons: quantity. Whenever I went to buy balloons, for example, Everts they were always 4 big balloons in a bag: yellow, red, blue, green and nothing more.

What is most in my memory is when my hobby escalated to become sexual. One day when having ordered some balloons I was also browsing Pinterest. Out of boredom, I typed in “Looner Babes,” and a whole world opened to me. So I then later grabbed a blue balloon, blown it up, put on some music and started jacking it as hard as I could.  Although it was one of the happiest moments of my life, it had only just begun.

During that week I probably browsed through almost all of Pinterest. It is a vast world. I quickly found out that the images weren’t pleasing anymore. There was either too much nudity, or there was no pleasure felt. My balloon hobby also started to put pressure on me as I didn’t truly grasp it yet. What put me off most was that everything had to be perfect. If a BTP couldn’t be done at that specific moment in time, It would make me feel worse than better.

Until one day the fear disappeared. By a stroke of luck, I stumble upon a video of a  girl that I would never forget. Brown eyes, brunette, hot legs and a gracious smile that can pierce the heavens of feeble men. She is a piece of work!. To not embarrass anyone(and to keep the treasure for myself!)  I will call her P. I will only give you folks one hint: P is a Latina.

At first, I didn’t pay it much mind. What could one girl do? Make me feel much better? Stop thinking about the past? Make me more open to my classmates or enhance my creativity? I suppose it is all of that. I´d become more complete, and for that, I can only thank her and myself for finding the strength to push on. I probably buy more of her clips not to sound so thirsty LOL.

When my internal state improved so did my enjoyment of the fetish. I no longer feared the green balloons as much.

This is how it all began for me. There is no move than forwards now. This is life.

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