There are news in the balloon wonder land BALLOONS UNITED


– Some informations to keep you updated and a short look into the future of this blog – 

First of all SORRY!

Since it was indeed a little bit quieter here in the blog (than planned) for the last weeks, I have to say: dearest looner and balloon friends, I’m extremely sorry about that! It’s not because I don’t feel like it anymore or I’m running out of topics or something, it’s quite the contrary. I’m really frustrated about the fact, that I didn’t found time to write new blog posts and honestly, I’m having a bad conscience towards you. I would have liked everything to be done immediately and in the best case already yesterday. But you can’t have everything, right!? Those of you, who had a look at BALLOONS UNITED in the last days might already know what’s up in our balloon world…

BIG NEWS at our balloon wonderland – We are moving!!!

Right now I’m working on several things at the same time, and so does Jan. There are some unexpected big changes standing right in front of us: We are moving all our stuff and all our balloons to another nice place. It’s about 550km away from our actual home right now, but nearby homeland and surrounded by nature, a really lovely place to be. Unexpected we managed to find an awesome and unique stay, where we can life and work properly with a lot of space. After 4 years now we say bye bye Berlin and I suppose this won’t be quite easy. But hey, we are not out of the world and I’ll make sure to get my regular dose of Berlin if needed. Honestly the last months wasn’t that easy because it has become very tight at our place to work and life properly. So we need more space to get more and more balloons. Well and sometimes a new opportunity just comes out of nowhere. In such a case you have to make a decision, listen to your stomach and when it feels right to simply do it and wait what will happen next. 

Since the beginning/middle of October our move is certain and the whole thing needed a lot of our attention during the last weeks, as you might imagine. The preparations are in full swing and aren’t finished yet. What this means exactly for BALLOONS UNITED and our shipping, you can read HERE. Of course there have to be some restrictions, but as an excuse for this issue Jan and I have a tiny little surprise for you.


Whatever, what will happen to the blog?!

EY, nothing will happen! Such a question is absolutely unnecessary. Of course, I´ll continue and write new blog posts, but I just can’t exactly tell WHEN and I hope you can be patient and understanding. 

Now we first have to manage our move and bring BALLOONS UNITED and the shipping back to live as fast as we can, so all of you will receive their balloons. And then there is Christmas. If I will find some space to write during the meantime, maybe there will be something new here in the blog, but I won´t make any promises so nobody gets disappointed.


BUT nevertheless you can look forward to the future, because:

There will be new balloon descriptions (starting with the CATTEX 32″ Longneck -> great thing), probably a new interview (maybe more) and maybe 1, 2 guest articles (If someone feels touched and also want to write something, you are welcome! But only serious requests please). 

But now here’s the best thing, because LOONERS UNITED is going to turn 1 year at December 1st and I have a special birthday surprise planned for you!!! I’m sorry, but it’s a little bit too early to tell you more. Nasty and mean me, I know. Don’t worry, during the next days you’ll get to know more and I won’t torture you too long, since the birthday is right in between our moving time ( Nov 21th – Dec 4th). So just wait and see.


Some closing words, but actually I just want to THANK YOU!

Honestly, the last months have already been really exciting. A lot happened and it goes on and on and on. I just can’t believe that LOONERS UNITED will be 1-year-old soon and celebrate its first birthday. That’s so awesome and the reason why I just want to say: THANK YOU!!!

Thank you for supporting Jan and me, for giving me feedback, for enriching me with your ideas and thoughts, for motivating me, for inspiring me and and and. I could continue like this forever, but I don’t want to smooth-talk you. It’s a fact that without you this whole thing would be senseless and I´m feeling so thankful. I love you guys!

Soon a new chapter begins for Jan and me at a new place in a new „town“ (if you can call the tiny place anything like this) and we are really looking forward to it. We are more than just curious, extremely excited and just can’t wait to leave the move (and this stressful time) behind us to let everything go and flow at our new place. Of course, I’ll keep you updated.

Until then ENJOY and because Jan and I don’t have much time for looning, I have an assignment for you: please compensate this for us and have even more fun with balloons!

Kisses, your Maggy

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  1. Maluneri
    Maluneri says:

    550km is a LONG way to move, I moved the same distance myself this year, and know all about it.
    Wish you both a quick and painless move and that everything will work out smoothly. And I’ll see you around when you get back up and kicking 🙂

  2. BalloonBoyUK
    BalloonBoyUK says:

    We completely understand, and there’s no need to apologise for the lack of updates! You and Jan already do a lot more than many other companies, so we all wish you well with your move and look forward to your Birthday Surprise – whatever that may actually be! 🙂


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