Sit To Pop Techniques – my LOONER preferences

Hello, I am a lifelong looner, first-time blogger proud to be submitting my first online blog to the LOONERS UNITED. I have been a passionate viewer of the LOONERS UNITED community for a few years and I love everything about it and I wouldn’t be where I am today confidence wise if it wasn’t for the supportive, open online balloon-lover community. I would love to be able to share my passion for balloons with you and the community.

I like others, love to sit and squish balloons with my body weight until they morph shape and feel tight against my skin. Sitting on balloons is a unique experience that I cherish and will continue to enjoy throughout my life. I hope to hear from other like-minded individuals or from people who are curious about the experience of sitting on balloons to hear your thoughts and opinions.

I only recently started buying higher quality balloons, since then I’ve come to love the 17-inch TUFTEX balloons and 16-inch QUALATEX. I will hope to venture on to 19-inch CATTEX balloons because of their profound necking capability.

With such great passion for balloons and spending my time using my body weight to test their limits, I’ve come to love so many different ways to sit on, bounce and ride these balloons. Depending on the direction of the balloon, neck, and body, where I position myself on the balloon, whether the balloon is over/under inflated, surely affects the experience of sitting on these balloons. I often bounce on balloons with as much control as possible to lengthen their ride time. I’ll often bounce on the same balloon in different positions and directions. I love when I put most of my weight on the balloon’s round body and the neck stretches so long behind me. I love watching the neck of the balloon stretch out and enjoy watching and causing them to reach their bursting point. Depending on how long I wish to ride and bounce on each balloon will affect the size I inflate them to. (I love getting excited after inflating many big balloons and accidentally pumping a balloon to the point of bursting past over inflation). I generally like to have both over and underinflated balloons around when I am having a sit pop session because some will last for a long time while others only a brief time spent bouncing them to their limits.

I usually start with the underinflated balloons which will be more difficult to pop and will require a higher intense bounce pressure in order to burst. Other over-inflated balloons I save for later as they will be easier to pop and morph against my body incredibly for a shorter time span before their loud bang occurs.

Thank you for reading about my love and interest in balloons. I look forward to reading about others passion for balloons. In the meantime, I hope all you loonettes and looners enjoy your time with balloons and to others who’ve ready respectfully with positive curiosity, thank you. I find that sitting on balloons and spending time in a room with balloons is therapeutic for reducing life’s stressors and spending some time having fun.

Happy looning.

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  1. tim parry
    tim parry says:

    hi all i just cant stop thinking about mg girlfriend sitpopping some balloons but i think i might scare her away if i was to ask her what should i do

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    hi all i just cant stop thinking about mg girlfriend sitpopping some balloons but i think i might scare her away if i was to ask her what should i do

  3. Kelaiah Smith
    Kelaiah Smith says:

    Hi my is kelaiah and I am a looner girl! I’ve been this way for as long can remember!!! I really love balloons!!! ❤️☺️

  4. Babied(Internet User Name
    Babied(Internet User Name says:

    In My Opinion; Stretching Into Adult Baby Pink Fleece Diapers, And Matching Footed Pajamas,(2 Pair), And then climbing inside a Pink Climb In balloon, Result In The Achievement Of A Pure Emotional High, which cannot be adequately described here! Just know That The Physical Sensations Experienced, Are Like Heaven On Earth! With Respect; Babied(Internet User Name).

  5. tim
    tim says:

    My girlfriend teases me by putting balloons in my boxer shorts and sitting ontheem until they pop or getting a needle saying that she will pop it I beg her not to its such a turn on please comment back

  6. gonzalo
    gonzalo says:

    I like to start gently at the first also. I inflate my balloons just a little to begin a playing, so as I play little by little with them, i inflate more and more every time to reach my climax at the very edge of popping the balloon. I like to pop the balloon after my playing sessions but, if the loon pops before I need to start all over again.

    I Like also to feel the neck of my overinflated balloons between the skin of my legs, so i prefer longneck balloons like the tuf-tex 17 inch and some of the giant ones.

    I already tried the 36 inch longneck and its very exiting. i recommend you to buy some but, if you don’t have an air pump for those, you will be tired at the moment to play x)


    • jordan
      jordan says:

      I agree the 17 inch tuftex are fun to sit on and their neck shape is beautiful. the 36 inch long neck is a fantastic balloon!


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