Qualatex 24“ – The Classic

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A short balloon description and what I think of the Qualatex 24″ balloon

The Qualatex 24“ is one of the most well known and popular balloons in the community of balloon enthusiasts.

First I want to give you some backround information about it: this balloon is produced in the USA by the „Pioneer Balloon Company“, who distributes with „Qualatex“ one of the biggest and most popular balloon brands. Because of it´s really great quality a lot of balloon distributors and decorators use Qualatex balloons often and with pleasure.

There is a huge range of types, with different sizes, various colors and several prints.The Qualatex 24“ is a medium sized, pear-shaped balloon, which is available in many beautiful standard and crystal colors and also with different prints.

In my opinion this balloon impresses with it´s nice and huge neck, which easily comes out even without using a special technique. In comparison with other balloons, you can easily blow it up over it´s actual size and it gets bigger and bigger and bigger with every inflatation. I really like the Qualatex 24“ a lot. Because of it´s great quality it´s extremly durable and stable. I already experienced many situations, in which I thought it should pop, but no, it didn´t. You won´t get rid of this balloon easily, if you don´t want to. It sure is a challenge for Poppers and pleasant thing for NonPoppers. Also for people, who aren´t looners, but maybe want to get to know more about the balloon fetish and experience it by themselves, this balloon is a good and secure one to start with.

All in all I, as a looner, want to make the statement that the Qualatex 24“ is the perfect round balloon to ride, provided that you are into medium sized balloons and balloon necks.

But this is just my opinion and what do you think?

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  1. jeff Rodgers
    jeff Rodgers says:

    I have always loved these q24 inch balloon there so damn huggable too and very fun to play with..I also seen a partition about them being stopped I added my name to it..I just don’t know why they stopped them as they were very very popular amongst the looner community as well as myself I loved them

  2. Marc
    Marc says:

    Hi Maggy, there are rumours that qualatex will stop the production of this great balloon. Do you know anything from your suppliers?

  3. antonio
    antonio says:

    hello maggy, it was great, we rode along the qualatex 24, lasted much thanks to your advice, she did not want to pop, but in the end we succeeded

  4. loonerception21
    loonerception21 says:

    I’m sorry, but why would you pop Q24’s, let alone any balloons? I don’t see how it’s very arousing. I find it frightening when a balloon pops. I had a red Q24 that popped whilst I was holding the neck. I screamed the Lord’s name and cried for probably 10 minutes. I don’t see how anyone can pop these balloons and enjoy it…

    • SomeDude
      SomeDude says:

      I feel exactly the same way as you do. I’m a non-popper, and find popping balloons sadistic and cruel. I’ve always found the loud bang frightening, and because of that I’ve always tried to shy away from balloons when other people were around, but on my own I embrace them, and treat them well.

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    These are great loons. I had bought a 1/2 gross (72) bag of white and another bag of purple and completely filled our honeymoon hotel suite with them. Wow was my new bride surprised after the wedding reception!
    The inflating and tying took me something like 4 hrs using an electric pump and NOT EVEN ONE POPPED unexpectedly. Which was a relief for me since I’m still quite phobic even though I totally get off on most anything a woman does with a loon. The plan was to pop any that were left after we had our “fun” and before we checked out the next day. But these proved to be so durable that it was really tough work to pop each one – and so loud that we only popped a few for fear that the hotel staff would knock on our door.
    We ended up just leaving them in the room when we left. We always wondered what the room service lady thought about finding this room completely filled with 50 or 60 of these loons.

    • Maggy BerLoon
      Maggy BerLoon says:

      This sounds like one hell of a fantastic night and congratulations to your wedding! Thank you very much for sharing!!
      I also wonder what the room service lady thought about it, haha 🙂

  6. mark
    mark says:

    First, awesome Blog. It helps new people, like me (non-pop).

    Everywhere i read on the internet they say that the “Q24” is the best to start with. That neck on the “Q24”!!!

    So I decided to order my first pair of those. But i really have no clue on how to inflate them. How do I get a balloon to neck like that? and not pop even when sitting on them?

    I’m kinda looking for some instruction maby a video or something like that.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  7. Rob
    Rob says:

    I like the Q24 a lot. But I don’t see it as a medium sized balloon. I had globofobia and I have still a bit of fear. But I also like popping balloons. The Q24 is a real challenge to blow till pop.
    The Q16 is also a very strong balloon and very fun to play with.

  8. Helium1234
    Helium1234 says:

    Agreed the Q24 is the best, durable and long lasting.. I swear there is one that inflates about 50% more than when it started. THey get HUGE with every inflation. Cant wait to get some more!

  9. JayLooner
    JayLooner says:

    They are awesome balloons… The blow hole stretches and fits tightly over my penis… Can be used as a big bouncy masturbator!!!!

    • jose r gomez
      jose r gomez says:

      I’m looking for a buddy to do this with I ended up buying everything that qualatex had left of the q-24 so if you want to have some fun let me know

  10. Looner Nisden
    Looner Nisden says:

    Bought about 20 of them a while ago. I must say, at first they tend to be a bit stiff (if that makes sense?). Though over time I notice they easily increase in size. I don´t try to sit on them anymore though, because this has been the main cause for them to pop all the time… 7 times already. I especially find the purple ones very pretty to look at, once fully inflated! 🙂

    Btw, very nice blog. Keep on the good work!

    • Jo De Mulder
      Jo De Mulder says:

      That is strange !
      I sat on lots of them and bounce real hard ,they rarely pop on me .
      you must try warming them up first (you say they feel stiff so maybe that is the problem…)

  11. Loonaguy (Paul)
    Loonaguy (Paul) says:

    My all time favourite balloon and for good reason, they have all the qualities I look for in a balloon, my preference is for the crystal colours, but the standard colours are just as nice.
    They get huge and will fully neck every time from first inflation and yet are very resilient even when super tight and you just can’t help but smile when you see them.

  12. Jo De Mulder
    Jo De Mulder says:

    First of all ,thank you for this awesome blog Maggy !!!
    Indeed… this balloon is just amazing ,so strong and a pleasure to play whit .
    i have blown and popped lots of them and i hope they will be whit us for ever .
    Q24″ ROCKS !!!!!


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