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– About stereotyped thinking within the looner scene and where I find myself in it – 

You can find stereotyped thinking within almost every area of life.

Often this might influence our way of thinking and sadly also our behavior without even noticing it. There are smart labels for almost everything which can cause stereotyped thinking. In principle, I see no problem with this issue, because you can see immediately who got the same interests, hobbies, preferences etc. By this, we feel connected, related, maybe confirmed and we can exchange with each other and so on.

But sadly it happens that there are often conflicts and hostilities between the different groups influenced by intolerance, fears, foolishness and other factors. This is bad and in most cases simply unnecessarily, but all in all it´s not really dramatic. Because conflicts can be dissolved provided that there is the will for self-reflexion. But from my point of view, it´s most problematic if such labels cause that your own horizon remains small and expectations on how to behave are created.

I ask myself where one category ends and another one begins, where is the line to be drawn?

When am I able to call myself a looner, a balloon enthusiast or „just“ a person who likes balloons and do I have the right to judge one or another group? Who makes such rules and guidelines and is this necessary at all? I say NO! Furthermore, I see such categories just as a help of orientation to find themselves.

Life isn´t just black and white, it´s colorful, just like the world of balloons. Of course also in this world, several categories came up over time and that´s okay. For example, if you call yourself a Looner you also start immediately to think about what kind of Looner you are, a Popper, NonPopper or SemiPopper? Honestly, I have to admit that I find it kind of difficult to assign myself to one group and is this even necessary at all?

Since a few years, I call myself a Looner, because I get sexually aroused by the interaction with balloons or they increase my desire.

I use them as a sex toy, include them into my lovemaking and I don´t want to give it up in the future. But this doesn´t mean it has to be like this every time I have sex.

I´m quite jumpy and afraid of the pop, so it has to be obvious that I have to be a NonPopper. Then again I´ve always asked myself, what the special charms are while popping balloons. Of course, I´ve had different assumptions and I already made up my mind about this topic. But is it really the right way to form an opinion just based on assumptions? I thought I have to suck it and see.

My husband and business partner Jan and I made a self-experiment to get to the bottom of this.

I just thought, that whatever will happen, it would enrich me with a new experience, which might help to get to know me and my desires better and of course the „other site“. In addition, we have a lot of balloons, which have accumulated over the years and now their best days are over. But I thought it would be boring and a complete waste to just throw them away, so we used them to make new experiences.
Now imagine a room, which is almost completely filled with balloons, just the sight of this caused an incredible feeling!

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Balloon Pop Experience_02
LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Balloon Pop Experience_03


I admit I was a little bit shy at first and started to pop a few balloons carefully with my hands and every time I got scared by the popping noise. At this time it didn´t feel nice and I was also a little bit worried that the neighbors might call the police because of the loud noise. But then I thought of the amusing reaction this bizarre and funny situation might cause, so the fear went away immediately. More and more I lost my inhibitions and so did Jan, who also started to enjoy this situation.

To watch me interact with the balloons, crossing their limits and also doing this by himself made both of us really feel comfortable.

The tension, the intense pressure, the power game and the bursting let my desire increase enormously. Then it felt like a switch got thrown. I fell into something like a popping ecstasy. I really never expected this to happen and it surprised me a lot.Incredibly thrilling, exciting and satisfying at the same time and not just in a physical sense. Rather it satisfied me that I broadened my mind and I had the courage to do something, which frightened me before.

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Balloon Pop Experience_04
LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Balloon Pop Experience_06
LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Balloon Pop Experience_05


But how do I have to go on now?

Am I a Popper or a SemiPopper and do I really have to make a decision?

Sorry, I don´t want to decide and to say I´m on one or the other site and maybe to restrict my thoughts and behavior by doing so. I just want to do what I want to in that very special moment.

Sadly I´ve noticed way to much discussions, conflicts and hostilities between several groups for example between Poppers and NonPoppers. Often one group tries to convince the other what´s better or if it´s okay to make one´s preferences public or not and so on. So they run in circles over and over again and don´t achieve nothing else than anger, waisted energy and time, which better should have been used for one´s own satisfaction of needs (for example with balloons). Ultimately everyone has the right to make his own decision, right?

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Balloon Pop Experience_07
LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Balloon Pop Experience_08


So my request to you:

Please throw a glance on yourself more than on the judgment of others.

Be honest with yourself, be proud of who you are and love yourself. Don´t try to convince others that your views are the better ones or expect that others conform to you. Rather be happy of the differences and appreciate them, even though they might uncertain you. Try to see the differences as an enrichment, which can make your own life more colorful, if you want it to. Maybe you´ll get to know yourself, your wishes, your desires and dislikes etc. a little bit better and discover new things.

We don’t regret the things that we’ve done but the things that we haven’t. Free yourself and live your life however you want to and enjoy it to the fullest irrespective of any expectations, categories, and boxes.

For more openness – tolerance – sexual freedom & a respectful treatment!

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  1. Helen
    Helen says:

    I am a defintely popper, I haver two fetishes… balloons and boots kneehigh boots and wellies) and my favourite way to pop is stomping the balloons with the heels,squeezing and rubbing till they burst …. I love to see the pieces around the room and the power to break those balloons with my boots! I love the words burst and pop… sorry but I am a popper!

  2. Floatygoaty
    Floatygoaty says:

    I very much enjoyed this blog post so far. I agree that treating each other with respect and let others live their lives is a mandatory need for any group. Particularly enjoying being part of this group 🙂 (looners that is)

    Hi there,
    I’m a long time looner, now reaching my mid 30’s. I don’t comment online as a general rule, which is why I’m a bit uneasy writing this. But the topic at hand made my ears perk up and I feel I can contribute something, which hasn’t been said yet and is an important issue for us balloon lovers in general because we are such a small group.
    Maggie, you’ve said, that we shouldn’t label each others desires. That the world isn’t black and white. I agree with the latter. The world is a big, sometimes scary place. But more often than not, we can enjoy facets of it and it’s the variety which makes it a unique and wonderful experience.
    But I want to make a point regarding understanding each other and how we live together: It requires labels in life to be able to treat the things we can not see with respect and be aware of the others limits!

    Sure, we are all a hotpot of varying desires and fears but we are not and cannot be all the same (and shouldn’t be, am I right?). But some things are more obvious than others. For example: I understood myself as a non-popper all my life. Inflating big balloons, feeling their soft skin is my biggest joy. I inflate them to their full capacity only the first time. Every following inflation they are soft and squishy and enveloping, when hugged. Still big of course, but just not inflated to the limit. Huge, soft, colorful bodies of light wobbling nature. They will stay soft for years before they get to old. Of course balloons pop. But in my case, this has always been ruining the magic. Spoiling the fun. I don’t get excited, but sad. It isn’t as thrilling as it is a void, an empty spot where once something wonderful has been. Sharing these, my desires and fantasies has always been a sensitive subject. Particularly in this small group of balloon lovers. The difference between poppers and non-poppers has always been important for me. First, to subsume simple important points of my desires into one word, without the need to explain it all over again to everyone I meet. Second, to find others with the same relationship to balloons as me, especially in this small group of balloon enthusiasts where poppers also share and care about their stuff. And third, to find pictures, forums and videos of the same people.
    I do not intend to restrict people who enjoy to pop balloons, even far from it (go nuts, guys ‘n gals! Have fun in your way! 😀 ). But please be aware of the non-poppers label! Use it where it applies and don’t suggest popping balloons in comments, if it is labeled non-popper. We all need to stick together and need to respect each others differences to stay together. We are a small group. But together, we can bring unique joy into the world!

    Yours sincerely,

    • Maggy BerLoon
      Maggy BerLoon says:

      Hey Floatygoaty,
      I´m sorry that it took me so long to react (we moved our office/warehouse and our home to another place during the last weeks, so we were extremely busy)

      I enjoyed reading your comment, and I appreciate it a lot! It´s a useful addition, and I agree with you. Especially with the sentence: “It requires labels in life to be able to treat the things we can not see with respect and be aware of the others limits!” and that labels are helpful to get in touch with other people who have similar interests. You are so right with that!

      Unfortunately, I experienced individuals with quite a restricted attitude. They stuck to their label real strict, which might be a problem to make new experiences. Sometimes this also leads to conflicts between the several groups. This issue I can´t ignore, and I stand up against it.
      Because I think labels can change more or less during a lifetime, but therefor you need to have an open mind. It´s also important to have empathy so we can try to understand others and to respect them.
      It´s like you´ve said: “We all need to stick together and need to respect each other’s differences to stay together. We are a small group. But together, we can bring unique joy into the world!

  3. Scuba
    Scuba says:

    I don´t know what category I am. I realy like being lifted by the balloons. I do that in different ways. I lie on them and inflate them,but I reasonly have found out that wrapping about 30 modeling balloons around my torso and tighs and then wade slowly out into a lake gives me a feeling almost like flying. I realy love that feeling and the feeling of the rubber on my body while foating. Another thing I have been doing is climbing into a pair of 72″ balloons leg first and pulling the neck of the balloons up to my belly. Then inflating them until my feet is lifted from the ground inside the bolloons. I get the best resolt whit 2 balloons inflated inside eathother. My biggest dream is to be lifted by a cloutser of helium balloons. What category would you put me in?

    • Maggy BerLoon
      Maggy BerLoon says:

      Hey, thank you for your comment and for describing your way of enjoying balloons 😉 From my point of view (such detailed) categories are unnecessary and I prefer not to put you in one.

      “So free yourself and live your life however you want to and enjoy it to the fullest irrespective of any expectations, categories and boxes”

      Nice greetings, Maggy 🙂

  4. Dave
    Dave says:

    This is a good analysis, ma’am. We should put all aside to accept others for who they are. I am glad that there is at least someone who understands from each side of the coin.

    As a full non-popper, I also know that this may be seen as labeling and stereotyping. We use these to simplify our lives. However, it is good to know where one is at on the spectrum, and to have the integrity to be and stay true to who they are (“keeping it real”). This lets the other side to be aware so as to use the proper usage of respect. I am a full non-popper because I personally see it as a waste over the long run (just like buying pyrotechnics for something that is destroyed as soon as it is used), the noise is over the dB threshold of what our ears can take (it is rare that a couple balloon folks have gotten hearing loss), and that destroying beauty and destroying what you love does not make any sense (beauty is in the eye of the beholder). I agree that we buy them and we choose to do what we want. Yet, we need to live more comfortably knowing that all can be tolerated and accepted for who they are without fear of others trying to conform the other person to their side.

    I was in the phobia stage since I was five until my 20s; during that time, no one cannot be classified as the two groups during the phobia stage because peace of mind is needed. Once a person gets out of the phobia stage can one be confident knowing where they stand. Is there supposed to be a “requirement” of knowing as opined in your article? I agree, of course not. Yet, it is good to know where one stands for respect reasons. Fetishes grow out of phobias in most cases from earlier ages, which is how we came to be today.

    A popper should not pop around a non-popper as a general rule for complete tolerance and respect. However, this is simply not the case in the real world. I have been there, heard, and seen stories where non-poppers have been hurt by poppers, and I feel for each of them. I was hurt by a few, and I cannot stand for such an injustice, which is why I advocate as I do. In November 2013, I had a balloon person who deceived me by claiming that they are a non-popper, but have popped by “cleaning up”. This showed their true identity and a lack of integrity because the person was not true to who they are. I was so heartbroken that the friendship was ceased due to integrity and trust issues. I heard how some poppers tied up non-poppers at gatherings, or where non-poppers are not fully respected at events. It sure is exactly true that both sides do not need to convince the other side that the other side is better, nor have them conform to the other side. I get the cold shoulder treatment from poppers who tell me how to use my balloons (I have screenshots, e-mails, messenger logs, etc. to prove it). This is a result of selfishness for the “daily fill” of pictures and videos, and cruelty. The sad part is that it is real; we need to have those who do such stop their nonsense, and have them realize about tolerance and respect. It is all about the fun, but not about the disrespect and hurt that one may go through. In my view, non-poppers are the black sheep of the balloon community, and we tend to get ousted just for being different, not following the “in-crowd”, or giving in to peer pressure.

    By the way, logically speaking (and using a truth table), there is no logic behind classifying one as a “semi-popper” or a “popping non-popper”–this label is highly contradictory–because we either pop on purpose or we do not pop on purpose. Accidents do not make a non-popper a popper. Also, the degree of which a person pops does not constitute one to be less/more of a popper; it simply does not make any sense. Saying such is like being the weather, meaning that it is highly difficult to trust such a person based on the wavering emotions and passions. Yes, we live within the colorful spectrum. However, there are clearly two sides without a true gray matter as I have physically experienced and learned in the logic realm. Using logic instead of our emotions to say that there is a gray matter does not provide true balance. The two groups coexist for a reason because of the true balance of our world.

    Hopefully, this in-depth insight will make things more understandable. I also want peace as well, and our community would be a lot better if folks fully respect and understand one another. Happy balloon fun!

    • Maggy BerLoon
      Maggy BerLoon says:

      Thank you for your detailed comment and sharing your personal sights. I appreciate and respect that!

      But from my point of view there isn´t just “black and white” in our “colorful world”. There is also grey, yellow, green, blue, violett, orange, pink…and so on 😉 and this doesn´t have anything to do with integrity. Life doesn´t mean to stand still, people can change. make new experiences etc. but the most important thing is, that everybody should decide for their own. Live and let live filled with an open mind and respect! Then it shouldn´t be that important for oneself what others do or think, enjoy your life just like the way you want to without stereotyped thinking.

      Just like you said Dave “Happy balloon fun” for EVERYONE!

      If you got the impression, that others don´t respect you, just avoid them…your life, your choices 😉

  5. Ph0b1a
    Ph0b1a says:

    What would you say about inflatable poppers? I have a massive intolerance to them sadly because they seem to often pop inflatables that are extremely hard to find/rare or limited. Sadly the old Rifco GL1200s and Tilly balloons getting popped may get the same feelings out of some looners I think because they are irreplaceable. Though this is a lot worse with inflatables it seems, with all the toys (usually considered custom or semi-custom toys) that exist that seem to get popped. A lot of these toys are inflatables people like me will never have…which (at least to me personally) is something that is actually unbearable. Would you consider this intolerance bad? (Again, these inflatables aren’t like balloons where for every one that gets popped, tons more of the same exact ones are almost always made.)

    As for balloon popping, I’ll admit that I enjoy the thought of pushing balloons past their limit and popping them. I’ll definitely admit to enjoying the rush of excitement there, even if it is really scary lol. Though the actually “pop” isn’t something I enjoy…as when it’s all over it really doesn’t seem totally worth it to me. (I’m very limited on being able to buy new balloons. Very likely that the next time I buy new balloons will definitely not be within this year. So popping them is sort of difficult and sad.) Though the actual rush from the anticipation is nice. Just the actual outcome that I don’t enjoy.

    • Maggy BerLoon
      Maggy BerLoon says:

      Honestly I don´t like it very much when inflatables get popped, because the appreciation of an expensive object gets lost and it can pollute our environment. A lot of balloons are made of natural latex, which is 100 % biodegradable, but the material of inflatables isn´t…

      But all in all I think everybody should decide on their own and do what they want to. That´s just my opinion 😉

      • Ph0b1a
        Ph0b1a says:

        Alright. Also nice to know that balloons can actually biodegrade. I didn’t really know that before. 🙂

        I have some other stuff I want to say, though I don’t know if I really should so I just won’t lol. Thanks for replying 🙂

  6. Will
    Will says:

    Great post Maggy,

    For years I thought I was alone and a bit of a freak. But I discovered I am not and am not. Who am I to judge others and let’s be honest, you would think we would put our passion for balloons as a community before the labels. But people will always label themselves and others.
    I am a popping non popper. Rarely do I pop but it’s the popping that does it for me. Sometimes I do pop.

    For our community to have conflict over how we enjoy our balloons is a bit silly. I say, do what makes you feel good -pop or don’t pop.
    I just love the fact that we have a large and growing community of balloon people. Wish I had known this when I was younger and spent so much time being ashamed or terrified that someone would find out. A lot of wasted, negative energy and a lot of denied pleasure.
    Thanks Maggy!

  7. tony
    tony says:

    i used t have a phobia about balloons .When people were popping them i used to hide however enjoyed looking at the broken shards of latex
    during my time with balloons when living at my parents it was a non popping thing as your going thru sexual body changes

    it was not till we were house sitting a girl i was dating told her about my balloon thing she said she loves popping them. We had a room with about 20 balloons which she loved popping and watching how excited i got and making me self stimulate as she was still a virgin

    we went thru a stage of non popping but enjoy it from time to time

  8. jo de mulder
    jo de mulder says:

    I had my share of bad reactions abouth popping my loons .
    The only thing i always answer is “my balloons ,my rules” ,i payed for them and that is who i am .
    Everybody loves their loons the way they want ,not judging others .
    And from time to time i don’t pop them at all ,it is all abouth the moment and desire you have when playing… sometimes it feels good to just keep a tight balloon close and feel/see/smell it ,other times i go crazy and balloon pieces fly every where !!!!
    just love your loons the way you want… there are plenty in the world for every kind of looner !

  9. PlasticBagCollector (Gaven)
    PlasticBagCollector (Gaven) says:

    A great article Maggy. I found this very interesting to read.
    I’m not a loner, but found your article relevant to myself. You speak of sexual arousal, your balloons as sextoys and include them in sexual play. I can relate to this, as I enjoy plastic bags. For me it’s the shiny, smooth feel as well as the colours. In my younger years, it was primarily the Sportsgirl bags of the 1980s and 90s. It’s not quite as easy now with degradable bags. Favourites now include Bed Bath n Table & their Melbourne superstore, The Works. My wife refuses to take part and will avoid he bedroom if I’m having a play. I’ve always been somewhat ridiculed by those who know, and have never really had any understanding.
    I do enjoy the photos of large balloons being ridden. I can understand the perspective of balloonsensei_nyc with the comment of not seeing the sense of popping a perfectly good balloon. Whilst I’ve NEVER tried it, I believe I’d likely enjoy riding some colourful huge balloons!
    Thank you for your contribution.

    • Maggy BerLoon
      Maggy BerLoon says:

      I´m sorry you had such a rough time with something that just should bring pleasure in the first place. I hope this will change in future or you manage to just deal with it and give a f*** what others think 😉 Keep on enjoying and thank you for telling your story!

  10. Loonaguy (Paul)
    Loonaguy (Paul) says:

    This may well be your finest blog post to date and I really must commend you for writing it and for tackling this subject.

    I also hate stereotypes, which is why I find such pleasure in having this fetish, when my outward appearance is the last thing that would suggest I have it and that isn’t to say that we should look a certain way to have certain feelings, because that is very naive, it’s our differences that make us interesting and attractive to each other.

    I accepted a long time ago that this fetish isn’t going anywhere and that I’m happiest as a looner who doesn’t pop purposely. I have experimented with popping in the past to see if I liked it, but it was never enjoyable or pleasurable to me and accidental pops I’m normally indifferent to, but I’ve never felt the same desire from popping that I get from not popping.

    I do identify myself as a non-popper, not as a label for myself, but in the descriptive sense. I don’t believe we should be pigeonholed by our preferences and we aren’t meant to like everything, because then we’d be pretty much carbon copies of each other, but just because I don’t like something doesn’t make me superior or inferior to the next person and judging people for what they like is a slippery slope, because it opens us up to being judged also.

    Non-popper, Popper, Semi-popper or any variation thereof who cares and why should it matter right, what’s important is that we all love balloons in our own way, that’s what unites us and what brought us all here.

  11. Loonermetsfrancowell
    Loonermetsfrancowell says:

    I Love your entry, I started with a fear of balloons. Now It’s different I enjoy to pop them, the only thing that I’m not able to do is a blow to pop. Your expierence is inspiring me to change that, I mean that If I can do a blow to pop I will overcome my phobia. So I would like to thank you about this awesome entry, me and my wife are afraid of popping but somehow when the pop occurrs It feels a Excitement for the two of us.

    I am a looner and I love balloons.

    Best Wishes from Mexico.

  12. balloonsensei_nyc
    balloonsensei_nyc says:

    well done Maggy! In my younger days I hated the sound but loved the sensations involved with popping. That was some time before I knew there was a special interest. As time progressed, I came to loooove the sound. For some time I had hearing issues and had to wear earplugs. I really took away from the pleasure. But now its back to normal…let me HEAR it!
    Not all nonpoppers are phobic. They just dont see the sense in breaking a perfectly good balloon. They can do what ever they like with theirs. As can I. Just dont speak badly of the others.

  13. dontpopme
    dontpopme says:

    Being a stereotype is one thing, but more often than so associating with being a nonpopper usually (I stress USUALLY) means that the person is phobic like me. So when I refer to myself as a nonpopper, and when some of my friends to, it is usually to let people know that popping balloons around us or asking us to pop balloons isn’t cool.

    It’s not our choice to be phobic, but this is a great article about the stereotype. Keep it up, Maggie! 🙂


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