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Hello everyone. I’m a looner, non-popper, I’m in my early twenties and I live somewhere in EU. And I’d like to tell you my story of becoming self-aware and accepting looner. I won’t tell you how to make a great neck (there are dozens of tutorials online on that) or anything technical like this, rather I’ll just tell you about a very “balloonful” journey that is my life. I think that if this piece of writing will just make one young struggling looner even a little happier – that it was worth doing this.

I remember the first time when I was truly amazed by a balloon. It was a primary school, for a science class everyone was supposed to bring a balloon – since we were going to make experiments with electricity (something that is somewhat familiar to every looner). Waiting for the class to begin, I saw my classmate, Ian, inflating a red loon (today I’d say, 12 incher) – probably just to scare girls standing right next to him. Latex orb kept getting bigger and bigger, neck started to develop – but the most beautiful part of this picture was the fact that morning sunlight was pouring through a window and giving an amazing glow to the balloon – it looked truly astonishing. Ian stops blowing, gazed at the balloon for a while, shouted to girls, trying to scare them even more: „Oh no, it looks like it going to pop very loudly!”. I was scared just like them, so when Ian, the class clown, put the nozzle back to his mouth and slowly blew, I said to my friend Nick „Oh man, I didn’t know balloons can be so big”. He barely managed to reply „Yeah…” when the deafening bang made everyone in the hallway jump.

I couldn’t know, that about a decade later not only I will be aware that there are far bigger balloons than 12′ (heck, a 18′ punchball is just 3 feet away from me right now) but also that these childish, colorful pieces of latex will become surprisingly big part of my life. Not dominant, but quite significant.

Just 3 years after seeing that even ordinary balloon can be quite big, I already knew about balloons more than the average person. Watching a lot of YouTube b2p videos (usually skipping the popping part, just wanting to see how big it can get, or how shapes look like) was enough for me to set my first looning goal in life (although, it wasn’t sexual then yet, I was just curious) – blowing up a balloon just like in one of those videos.

When my parents both went on a weekend-long business trip (and with my older brother already in college, few hundreds of miles away) I was home alone – and I found out a few weeks before, that a store a block away from my daily route from school is selling these weird, almost perfectly spherical balloons (I soon learned that those were called punchballs). When the day of completely empty home came, I entered that shop with my heart pounding and my arms sweaty. I stepped to the counter and just said: “three of these, please”. And then came very important lesson for any beginning looner, who buys balloons like that, in ordinary, every-day shop: shop assistants never care why are you buying these and/or what you are going to do with them. Keep that in mind, and just play it cool.

I barely played it cool, but nothing happened, I paid and put three objects of my desire to my bag, then run straight to my home, closing the blinds, locking myself in my room and making sure no-one would disturb me in any way – and that is how my first truly looner experience happened – I began by just inflating this perfectly round balloon and marveled at its size and color. While I was blowing this strange balloon I had a feeling like I never had before. I pressed this, still soft, red orb between my legs, and, well… I will not get into details but after a few minutes of gentle (I always try to stay careful, not to waste loons) rubbing and squeezing I finished my first looning session. And that was very memorable.

My interest in punchballs remained big – at one point I was almost obsessed with an idea of necking a balloon like that. On my quest to reach this goal I accidentally b2p more than once (trust me, it was super loud), rode to pop (and despite popping it was super fun) and even once I ripped the neck from the body (I was so determined to neck that one, that while riding on it I was pulling the neck stronger and stronger, until I tore it off). And it took me more than 5 years of looning to make a stable neck on a punchball. And let that be another lesson for any young looner – it is worth setting some goal in looning because when you reach them it makes the usual pleasure at least twice as big.

Before I moved to college, I was still forced to buy my balloons in stores around town. It doesn’t mean I was limited to punchballs and some small ovals, oh no. My other challenge was to properly inflate a mouse (or a mouse-head) balloon. At the beginning, after seeing this on YouTube, I thought it works like any other balloon – just keep blowing and at some point it will get the right shape. On the other hand, being terrified of popping (yeah, I am a non-popper, who still likes to make loons big and tight) I couldn’t force myself to blow after the main part of the mouse was already very tight. That brings us to another tip for some new looners: do your research.

Jan and Maggy are among the most experienced people in the looning world, and they already are sharing their knowledge on this blog and through inflating tutorials. And whatever question about looning you may have it either has already been answered somewhere on the Internet or you can find some helpful looner on social media. Anyway – don’t be afraid to look for answers and tips.

And again – it took me many hours of looning to inflate a mouse with its ears – I gotta tell you, it is very cool to play with.

I mentioned social media – I was surprised that one of the most vivid looner communities grew in a quite unusual place – Instagram. Yeah, there are famous YouTube channels or Facebook groups, but I found that if you are just looking for someone to chat on a looner (or any related) topic, then slipping into Dms on Insta may be an option for you. For more looner content just take to Twitter, Tumblr, and DeviantArt (although, on these two and on Insta you may stumble upon some NSFW content, so watch out if that’s something you’d rather avoid). What is also important, is that you can keep complete anonymity, so that your online persona will be almost not tied to whoever you are in real life – and that may help you open to the community, like so many looners before.

Getting on social media and meeting looners was very important to me in terms of accepting who I am, but maybe the even bigger thing was going to college and living alone. The apartment is small (about 30 sq meters) but it is more than enough for any crazy looner fun. I started getting bigger balloons, 16, 18 inchers, even 24. I don’t have to deflate them anytime I go to school – it is wonderful. Whenever I want, however, I want and for how long I want – I can have my looner fun, with no risk of being heard (I don’t pop, so the only sounds my neighbors hear only if I get carried away).

What is most important for me right now, it that I still have some goal, some challenges with my looning (some fantasies). I am both glad and a little sad that I am not a beginning looner anymore. There was a unique feeling while discovering new things about balloons and myself, but on the other hand, now my looning brings me more pleasure than ever. And I know that there are still new things to try. Aside from a hundred things you can do having another looner to play with, I still look forward to riding a balloon bigger than 24′, or (I haven’t written it earlier, but I am a man) having some very obvious fun with a GEO, or playing some more with my beloved prints (I don’t know why, but whenever I see a 16′ or 17′ smiley it just makes me instantly happier). Or maybe having my first airship or giant doll and bouncing it.

These are not my only goals in life, but being a looner is an important part of who I am and these plans are part of my future – and with my experience in trying new looner things, I know that whenever I get this giant doll or a GEO, or a cheerfully winking smiley it will be great.

That is what looning is all about -finding out what would you like to do with a balloon and simply doing it – even if it is only for your pleasure, don’t feel bad or embarrassed about it. You deserve it, no matter who you are: a teen who is excited because you made your first b2p and you don’t know what’s next (trust me, there is a long and wonderful road filled with magnificent balloons and hours of fun) or are you a pro, who makes perfect necks and always gets the right size. If you can and want, just grab a balloon you like and give yourself what you desire.

One last thing – if you are a looner, then don’t forget that you know more about balloons than anyone around you. So, when it comes to organizing a party use that knowledge. Relax, there is no need for you to come out to anyone, just casually mention that having balloons it a good idea – and then show them some 24 inchers – seeing balloon this big may blow (pun intended) some minds.

Thanks to all the great looners who supported and talked to me,

Thanks to Maggy and Jan for all the great work they do,

Keep on blowing, keep on riding, keep on looning everyone!

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  1. Willblown
    Willblown says:

    Thanks for your story!

    As an older looner I can assure you that balloons never get old. Each time is magic. You may become more refined in your tastes for brands, sizes and colors but the excitement only gets better

    I wish I had known about this community much earlier. I spent too many years being ashamed instead of just enjoying.

    You still have lots to discover as I do too!


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