Long, longer, longneck – the looner balloon from Cattex

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– A short balloon description of the Cattex 36″ Longneck balloon and my opinion –

Cattex is a popular balloon brand all over the world and especially in Europe. Based in Italy the family business sells extraordinary balloons since 1962. A big and diverse range of figure balloons and printed round balloons is characteristic for Cattex. But there is also a wide range of non printed balloons, so the selection of different shapes and sizes leaves nothing to be desired.

All balloons are available in various kinds of standard colors, as well as in crystal clear. Other crystal colors are a rarity for Cattex balloons. But more important is the quality of the balloons, which is very reliably, no matter if they are printed or not. In comparison to other balloon brands on the one hand Cattex balloons feel more stronger and on the other also soft and smooth. They are made of 100% natural latex and are in conjunction with sun and moisture biodegradable over a certain period.

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But now we can come to the main topic of this article, the CATTEX LONGNECK balloon. This 36“ balloon is absolutely special because it´s only available since the beginning of 2016 and a brand new design of Cattex. The balloon bulb is round and has a narrow and a wide side. But as you probably can imagine due to the name, this balloon got a really long neck.

The awesome thing is that this one isn´t just available in standard colors like most of the other Cattex balloons, but this time there are also different gentle crystal colors available. The quality is as excellent as with the other figure, airship, and giant balloons. The longneck is a stable and durable balloon.

But honestly, I have to admit that the handling isn´t very simple. You shouldn’t expect that you pump it up and achieve a great shape right away. In this case, it isn´t that easy. But don´t worry, with a few tricks and a little bit of practice it will work. The key word is pre-stretching! First stretch the balloon with your hands a few times, then hold the bulb closed and start inflating and deflating only the neck several times (2-3x). Repeat it again, inflate the neck first and continue by letting the air fill the rest of the balloon. By using this technique you should achieve the nice shape and if not, don´t be sad, because this just can happen from time to time. I also experienced that before. At the latest, the neck should come out when you sit on the balloon.

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Whatever one might do with it I don´t need to explain I suppose. I´m sure every looner can imagine many things and if not, just let the balloon affect you and do the first thing that pops into your head. From my point of view the foremost rule is to just have fun, however you attain it!

Summarized the Cattex longneck is a high-quality balloon, which is very stable and durable. At first it might be a little challenge to reach its nice shape (and sometimes it doesn’t work at all) but the fact that this balloon exists in the first place is much more worth I think!

Because balloons with a huge neck like this one are an absolute rarity and the expense to create a new type of balloon is really big. Started by making the design, producing a template, obtaining the CE-certification which is necessary for the sale in Europe and of course the production itself. The fact that a family company like Cattex makes the huge effort to serve us looners a new sweetie should get nothing more in return then much thankfulness and sympathy. Because it was the high demand of the looner community and not of the decorating industry this was possible in the first place. From my point of view, there´s nothing more to be said then: THANK YOU CATTEX! Thank you for noticing and valuing our balloon wishes and thank you for realizing it. I´m curious what comes next in the future!

Thank you Danilo Catallo from Cattex for a few background information!

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  1. Jordan
    Jordan says:

    Love to sit on these long neck balloons preferably with the neck forward in between my legs . I likely under inflate them slightly to ensure I ride them with a nice bouncing rhythm but the bang isn’t overly loud . They can definitely feel intimidating to pop but I love going into ride mode and enjoying them bounce and stretch until they’re ready to burst

  2. BalloonBoyUK
    BalloonBoyUK says:

    I would be terrified of inflating one of them, if I felt that it was going to pop, whilst I tried inflating the neck to the right size and length! 🙁

  3. jiffy pop
    jiffy pop says:

    Great looking balloons! I think you should do an instructional vBlog on how to properly ‘neck’ a balloon.

  4. Loon Ranger
    Loon Ranger says:

    Is this the first case of a balloon manufacturer designing and producing a product specifically for us looners? It’s fantastic that they would do that for us since it is such a risk like you say. Thank you Cattex!


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