Living, working and being a Looner

I’m a pretty young guy. At the ripe old age of 22 I have just come out to some close friends about being a looner, and I must say it was an odd experience, and I would like to share it with you.

I hope you don’t mind if I tell you a little about myself first. I am not only currently a student, but also a Cocktail Bartender by night. However, since I was around 16, I have been a looner. I came from a similar place as some people as I was rather scared of balloons as a kid and often hated going to parties as I knew the other kids would just be popping the balloons, where I had no interest in that. I have figured out, like many, that the fear had molded its self into a fetish or kink, whichever term takes your fancy. Either way, by the time I was 16 I was rather aware of what I was into, and after a little bit of research, and experiments, I was happy to be a mostly non-popper. But when I say happy, I mean inside.

I’m sure other people feel similar when it comes to personal, close and sexual things such as this, but I was unbelievably embarrassed, despite no one knowing. For some reason, I thought people could see right through me, and while in secondary school, if there were ever balloons around, despite not showing any sign of my kink, I for some reason thought people could see into my mind and soul and the sexual balloon parties I was having in there.

So for the longest time, I kept it to my self as much as I could, hiding a stash of balloons from my parents, being careful only to use them when I was sure it was safe. But as I turned 18 and could happily go around the internet without feeling any guilt or worry about my search history, I quickly saw that looners are one, not all that uncommon, and two, completely normal, and nothing to be ashamed of being.

It took me a while to open up to my current girlfriend about it, but about a year into our now four-year relationship, she accepted it easily and is more than happy to partake in my fun, as much as I am happy to employ her kinks and interest into our time.

As I said, I’m now 22, and my girlfriend has been the only person to know about my kink. Well on a rather late night at work in my bar, two of my co-workers and best friends and I were sat around until the early hours of the morning have a lovely, deep talk. Somehow we got onto the topics of kinks, both of them, my friend, let’s call him H, and my other friend, let’s call he S. Either way, they were both being somewhat coy about the topic.

Now, this is where I will admit, I had had a fair few pints. I’m a bartender and I finished early. It would be weird if I didn’t drink and watch my co-workers continue working.

But I decided it was about time that I was a bit more open with these close friends of mine, and disclosed the fact that I have a balloon kink. Now, this took some time for me to work up to, as I was sure they would see me differently, not only because it is a slightly odd kink for most people. But like the title says, living, working, and being a looner.

You see, I was almost sure my friends would double take and think a fair bit less of mine, mainly because I opted in to do all the decorations in the bar a few months back. We have a fair few bookings for birthdays and the such, and being a lover of balloons, it got under my skin the high quality bar I work in, would stick up some tacky little balloons here and there and call it done. So I offered to start doing the balloons for the bar, stating that I had become somewhat interested in them and had been practicing decorations as a potential second job.

They believed this, and despite my doubt of people being able to see through me keeping in, I did just that. I get a lot of my balloons off this cheap import website, all the ones I use in the war anyway. They’re good enough, about 12″, poker dots mainly. But I did start to learn how to make decorations, some pretty damn good ones if I say so myself.

Now at first, I was somewhat worried, I had offered to work with something that for a long time had turned me on if used in a sexual way. But it quickly became clear to me, that I could clearly separate working with balloons, and enjoying them sexually.

I expressed this profusely to both H and S. A fair few times, S had helped me pop the balloons after a shift with a booking, and though it annoyed me to waste so many loons, again the separation of work and play came in. So after I built up, and told them time and time again that working with balloons is not sexual for me in any way what so ever, I told them.

Their reactions surprised me. H double took before laughing slightly and asking me why I thought it would bother up. S was curious and even asked for links and the such. Their reactions were comforting in a way I didn’t expect. Knowing these people would think any different of me knowing after finishing a shift with me, I could be back home riding a 36″.

What was more of a surprise to me, was the genuine weight I felt a lift from my shoulders. You hear the saying time and time, but I felt like I actually felt it. When I told them and they accepted me, I felt lighter, like I didn’t have to stay on my toes in deep convocations, or miss tells stories to avoid balloons if they were involved.

A few days later on I was working alone with S and she was happily joking with me about it, and even started tagging me in Instagram accounts she thought I would like.

So there we have it. To wrap this up, all I would like to say is, don’t be scared of being you. You don’t have to tell anyone if you don’t like, but I hope you don’t feel like you can’t tell anyone. After all, there is a huge and growing online community for people with this kink and fetish.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. donnie
    donnie says:

    being 56,and still an unmaried virgin; I need to (literally) drain my lonelness tension this is where cuddling, hugging kissing(I am not a popper) that way i dont bother uninterested ladies-I

  2. Dave
    Dave says:

    Hey dear looners,

    I’m a looner who discovered this amazing fetish during his puberty while discovering his sexuality and personal sexual preferences. I have never ever shared this secret with anybody, nowadays I’m in relationship with the woman of my life (3 years almost) but I haven’t shared this with her yet. Our relationship knows their differences and moments of pure love and intimacy. But still I haven’t found the courage to share this most intimate personal secret with her. I wish and hope to share the rest of my life with this amazing woman and build a future for the rest of my days. Otherwise I’ve seen relationships of good friends go to hell, not expecting this at all. Broken relationships bring out the worst in people unfortunately. Some of these ex-girlfriends brought up my friend’s deepest secrets to harm and hurt them. Some of these broken relationships i never imagined possible but nowadays some of them are like water and fire, using everything they know about the other one to harm and hurt him, specifically in their further professional and love life. So dear looners, what is your honest opinion in this? In a few weeks it’s my girlfriend’s bday and I planning a big quarantine party (with only our 2, thanks covid19 :p ). I have ordered some decorations and ofcourse some lovely balloons 🙂 I’m really thinking to use this special occasion
    to share my deepest secret with her but I on the other hand I’m really scared of the fact that if we ever break up (which I really hope will never ever happen ofcourse), my secret will be used against me in my professional (I occupy a leadership function in a big enterprise and I’m willing to reach promotions and climb up the career ladder) and love life. I really would love to tell her but I don’t want this beautiful and in fact very innocent secret to be used against me in my further professional work life and/or unknown future personal life. Anybody ever struggled with these similar feelings?? Please share your opinion and life experiences with me so I can make the right decision in this matter! Thank you all! Really would appreciate your opinion on this!

  3. Greene
    Greene says:

    hey this is Jay Looner i want to know if i can apply for a Job from yall guys i live and sleep balloons i put sperm on my balloons i squeeze and pinch my balloons but i am not a poper though i get turned on by squeezeing huging tightly and i sit on my balloons but i still will not pop my balloons i get off just fine with out poping my balloons so about tht applying for tht Jobs u can get in touch with me by email or cell phone my cell phone number is 828-305-3632

  4. Jako Tako
    Jako Tako says:

    Really good story 🙂 I feel embarrassed about my balloon fetish and I want to change it but I still don’t know how. I can’t separate my sexuality from simple fascination of balloons.
    Reading stories helped me a little bit, but it needs time I think 🙂
    Thanks for sharing with your experiences 🙂

  5. Sandor
    Sandor says:

    Hi Luke!
    Ich bin jetzt 41 und musste über 20 Jahre mein Looner dasein verbergen aber nach meiner Trennung hab ich gesagt egal ich Leb nur einmal! Meine jetzige Partnerin akzeptiert meinen kleinen Fetisch und wir sind beide sehr zufrieden damit! Also genieße Dein Leben.!

    LG Sandor

  6. Tony
    Tony says:

    This was really good. I love reading all of these that are posted it makes me feel way better about my self everyday that i read one.


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