Latex fetish and balloons? Meet Miss Fetilicious!

The professional Belgian latex model Miss Fetilicious talks about her colorful life including balloons and the balloon fetish

It´s fascinating to see that balloons find more and more their way into other fetish areas. The first cross-fetish, which pops into our head might be the latex fetish. Both balloons and latex clothes are made of the same material, so it´s a logical conclusion that this could be a perfect match. The Belgian latex model Miss Fetilicious (28 years) shows us that it´s indeed a great match! For LOONERS UNITED I had the honor to ask her a few interesting questions. But read for yourself what this admirable and inspiring woman has to say. ENJOY!

When and how did you come up with the idea to become a latex model?

I started with latex modeling about four years ago. My boyfriend is a photographer, so it was pretty easy for me to do a lot of photoshoots in a short time. I already had modeling experience but not with latex. My boyfriend introduced me to the latex scene. Once I did more photoshoots in latex, I became more “famous” in the fetish scene. I did a few photoshoots for different latex designers, and that’s how it all started. I was very honored when the first designers asked me to walk in their fashion show! I love it, and I will keep doing it!



Personally, what makes you go crazy about latex? Any tips regarding the handling, preferred shops, etc.?

I like latex because it gives me such a special feeling. I love to be completely covered in latex, from head to toe. It feels like a second skin, and it makes me feel sexy and confident. Also, the smell is very good.

I wash and shine my latex with beGLOSS products. BeGLOSS is less greasy than typical silicon oil. It doesn’t leave any traces on your sofa or car seats. Of course, latex is a delicate product, and you have to be very careful with long nails or metal and stuff. Also, sunlight is not good for latex.

I don’t have one preferred shop for my latex outfits. I order from many different designers. But my favorite designer for catsuits is Fantastic Rubber! It’s the Rolls Royce of the catsuits. They have a very unique pattern, everything is made to measure, and all the catsuits have a neck entry. That means no zipper. I love it!

Of course, there are a lot of nice shops for latex. A few other latex brands that I like are:

ExxEss latex, Westward Bound, DeMasK, Rubbella, Gumique, Latexskin and much more!


How does your day-to-day life look like? Do you even have one?

Usually, my daily life looks quite normal. I work in a flower shop four days a week. The other days I spend on modeling or other latex adventures. But yes, I wear latex very often in my free time. I also like to wear latex in public. I don’t care what people think of me. I want to show the world that latex has nothing to do with sex and it can be worn in public too.

How does your family deal with your passion and profession? 

My whole family knows that I like latex. Not only my parents but also the rest of my family. I wore latex at my cousin’s wedding and also at the big Christmas party with all the family. But of course, I will keep it stylish and not too sexy or too extreme for such occasions. No tight corset or a catsuit, but rather some leggings with a blouse or an elegant dress.

I don’t really know what my family thinks about me because they don’t talk to me about the latex outfits I’m wearing. They probably think I’m weird or crazy, but that’s ok. I don’t really mind.


When did you get in touch with the balloon fetish for the first time? What do you think about it?

I’ve heard about the balloon fetish before and totally understand why people like balloons. It’s a nice material and the special shapes and colors are always fun. A few months ago a fan bought me a nice package with different balloons from BALLOONS UNITED. I was surprised, but I really liked the present! I used some of these balloons during a photoshoot. The fan told me that I also could blow up the balloons and break them. But I didn’t want to waste any balloons so I only used them in my photoshoots. But I’m always open to trying new things.

Lately, you did a photo shoot with balloons. What exactly did you like about it?

That’s right! I’ve done a few shoots with balloons but the last time we had the studio floor completely covered with balloons. The photographer brought some of the smaller balloons but I also brought some bigger balloons from BALLOONS UNITED. I like to play with balloons during the shoot. It gives a playful effect, and the balloons go perfectly together with the latex outfits! I also love to match the colors of the balloons with my outfit. I have balloons in many different colors and it’s nice to combine them with the latex.

Did you ever try to use balloons as a sex toy? If so, please tell me about it.

I’ve never used balloons as a sex toy, but I can imagine that people like it, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Last year at Montreal Fetish Weekend there was a nice lady who brought some very big balloons to the pool party. Maybe you know her. Elle, or better known as “the balloon Mistress”. She put me in a huge balloon and pushed me into the pool. I was floating on the water for about half an hour inside the big balloon. That was a nice experience!



What do you like about balloons? Any particular preferences? Also regarding type, brand, color?

I like balloons because they are so colorful and they feel nice. You have them in so many different colors and shapes, and that’s nice to play. Balloons are the perfect props when it comes to latex photoshoots and videos. I prefer the balloons with special shapes and of course, bigger is always better!

Some of my favorites from BALLOONS UNITED are:

        Climb-in balloons

        Cattex 55 and 72

        Cattex Giant Caterpillar, Duck, Elephant, and Mouse

        Cattex GL500 crystal

        Czermak & Feger Bear, Bonzo, Bunny, Caterpillar, Duck, and Rabbit

        Czermak & Feger Giant Rabbit

        Rifco Arch, Wave, Worker and Giant Pillar

As you can see I like the bigger balloons and special shapes the most, but of course I also like the more normal balloons. I like bright colors more than black or white.

I suppose you get in touch with a lot of different kinks and many inspiring people. What was your most exciting experience? 

That’s a difficult question! I think The Balloon Mistress was one of the most inspiring people I met. She’s so nice, and she always brings cool balloons to the fetish parties. But I also met a guy who has a foot fetish. He gave me the best foot massage ever! And of course, I met a lot of people who like to wear latex, just like me. That’s always nice!



As a woman working in the erotic branch, did you ever had to deal with a challenging situation? Any wishes for society regarding this topic?

People often think that I’m a Mistress and they can easily book me for a session. But I’m not a Mistress. Yes, I am openminded, and I like to play. But not just with every random person who asks me. I play kinky games with my boyfriend and sometimes maybe with friends that I know very well. But don’t call me your Mistress. I get to hear that every day, and it’s getting annoying. I’m not submissive or dominant. I just do what I like. I just do my own thing!

What was your greatest accomplishment so far?

I walked in many different fashion shows for great latex designers. It’s such an honor for me when a designer asks me to walk on their show!

I also got the chance to work with amazing photographers from all over the world.

And of course, it’s amazing how many people are following me on my social media. It’s great to have such amazing fans who support my work! I always read the comments on my pictures.



Do you have specific plans for the future, which you would like to share?

Well, I just bought a house with my boyfriend, and I will definitely make a special latex room where we can play and take pictures and videos. I’m really looking forward to having my own house and playroom!

I’m also writing a book about my fetish life and my passion for latex. I get a lot of questions every day, so I decided to write a book to answer all the questions. The book will also contain a lot of pictures! Some of them are never published before. I started working on the book one year ago, but it already took me more time than I expected. I try to finish it in the following months. There’s also a part about balloons in my book.


Rubber kiss

Miss Fetilicious


HERE you find more info about Miss Fetilicious:

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-> Snapchat: missfetilicious

-> YouTube -> Video: „balloon walk“ in Montreal

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