A lalalalaLONG -The CATTEX 32“ LONGNECK balloon

The CATTEX LONGNECK makes LOONER dreams come true

Honestly, I planned on writing about another balloon of another brand. There are still so many, which I want to have a greater look at and do some nice reviews. But I just had no other choice than to write about the CATTEX 32“ LONGNECK, because it´s a pretty great balloon.

CATTEX – some general info

CATTEX is an Italian family company, which sells balloons since the year 1962. They offer a huge range of several balloons, starting from small to big, round or figure shaped, one or more colors, with or without a print. The selection is so big so that I will stop at this point. Otherwise, this will be a never ending story.

What distinguishes CATTEX is the openness towards the balloon fetish and their respectful treatment. They manage to put some balloons on the market, which are meant to please the individual needs/wishes of looners. Of course, there is also a business thought behind this, but CATTEX is not a small company and has many many orders to fill. So from this point of view, I´m quite happy about the fact that they spend their time with creating specific items, besides all the other work they have to deal with. Believe me, this doesn´t work just like that.

Now, let´s be honest, which other balloon manufacturers do you know, who confront themselves with our distinct pleasures and puts them first to create balloon types according to that? I can´t think of any right away. So, for my taste QUALATEX and all the other well-known manufacturers could draw some inspiration from that.

But first and foremost, I only want to thank CATTEX for their positive and open handling with this topic. Looner and the balloon fetish are part of our present time, as well as all sexuality in general and according to that all other fetishes, which exist out there. To ignore this and to try to push it away by sticking it in some sort of secret box is quite an old and lame hat now. People have desires, and people have sex in many different ways. Welcome to our more and more sex-positive thinking society, welcome to the 21st century.

Now, before I shift too far away from the actual subject, let´s get back to CATTEX.

Who want some more info about these friendly Italian people, you should read the interview with Danilo Catallo (member of the CATTEX).

CATTEX 32“ – a LONGNECK balloon per excellence

Ok, let´s return to the topic and take a look at the CATTEX 32“ LONGNECK balloon. Its neck is tremendous. It´s not just long but also thick. The material itself is also quite thick and sturdy, just like with all the other balloons of CATTEX, which has this size (or bigger). This balloon can take a lot, but please be aware that, the more often you use it, the more unstable it will get. Of course, it will get bigger with every use, but at some point, there is an end. That´s just how it is with balloons.

How does the inflation work and is there something to keep in mind thereby?

Honestly, the CATTEX 32“ makes the inflation quite easy. The neck and the balloon itself will develop their excellent shape already with the first inflation. That´s why this balloon is well suited for “balloon newbies” from my point of view. Sure, it´s helpful to take advantage of the usual tricks before, and it´s also easier and faster to use a pump rather than the mouth.

To summarize it briefly:

1. The balloon should have room temperature

2. Pre-stretch it a little by pulling it apart with your hands a few times

3. Keep the big balloon chamber closed with one hand and just inflate the neck first. When it´s full let the air flow into the big chamber afterward. Honestly, I suppose it will also work if you do this the other way around.

A comparison with the big brother CATTEX 36“ LONGNECK

Regarding the material and the quality both balloons are the same, just the shape is a little bit different. Both have a big round balloon chamber, one with a diameter of 36″ and the other one with 32“. Both of them are also available without a huge neck, just a quick note on the side. The bigger one (36“) has a thinner and quite shorter neck than the other one. Both balloons are available in several colors, and both are robust and durable. From my point of view, the most significant difference is their inflation behavior. With the small balloon, you should have no problems inflating it correctly, but the bigger one could be a little challenge. Therefore you might need some practice, and you should inflate it sensitively. But that´s how it rolls with unusual balloon shapes and figures. Nobody says it´s always easy to achieve that great shape. But when you manage it, this could be a much better success. My conclusion: both are great balloons, the CATTEX 32“ LONGNECK is just a little bit easier to inflate.

Now let´s talk about the use of this balloon

From the view of a looner, you can make some pretty nice stuff with this beauty. Starting with the sensual inflation, riding, bouncing, several ways of bursting them up to many more options. Finally, it´s up to you, to your own and individual preferences and needs. So listen carefully to your feelings and let off some steam. It´s just that simple.

Do you want to read some more specific suggestions? Ok, fine, I´ll tell you a short personal story then. But before I tell you that much: YES, the story has a happy end, and it´s one of its kind.

At the beginning of this year, Jan and I made a short vacation after quite a long time. Finally, we had plenty of time just for us and for some balloon fun. Because honestly, during our daily life free time often comes off poorly. Of course. I mean, who of you don’t know this problem? So, short breaks from the everyday life are precious.

We are in the Netherlands, in a tiny house at a small lake. It´s winter, and everything outside is frozen and quiet. After a log hot and relaxing bath I go to the living room and see that Jan already made some preparations there. The fireplace is burning, as well as some candles, and some balloons are lying around in the room. Yes, cheesy romance can be nice sometimes. Although this normally isn´t my kind of thing.


At first, Jan and I make ourselves comfortable right next to the fireplace. We are chatting around, laughing and just chilling. The fire has such a calming effect. I have to say, to own a fireplace is quite nice.

It doesn’t take much time to heat up the sexual tension between us, and the CATTEX 32“ Longneck is just in the right place for this. I sit down on the large neck and let my body rest on the round balloon. The pressure and increasing tension beneath me let me and my pussy enter full anticipation. I start rubbing myself on the balloon. I can´t help myself. It´s just an unstoppable reflex. Jan observes me the whole time while I let myself go. Suddenly, the entire balloon is starting to vibrate. Due to my tunnel vision, I didn’t notice Jan getting a vibrator. He put it right between me and the balloon. I hardly can describe this intense feeling, but it almost let me slip to another dimension. It´s getting better. This was just the foreplay or let´s say, thanks, mother nature who enable us, women, to enjoy multiple orgasms.

Jan takes his place behind me, and together we get started. The swinging effect is enormous and intensifies every single move. Jan bums me forward, and the balloon presses me back more intense, faster, harder. The balloon is like a rubber band, which you try to pull apart, but it always gets back to its actual size. I can feel the soft and moist heat paired with a firm and intense pressure underneath me. And there is always this slight fear, the thrill that the balloon doesn’t endure our actions. This tension almost tears me apart and increases my lust to the immeasurable. But it’s not the balloon, which explodes, it´s me. Let´s just say, happy end galore.

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  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    My wife and I have used the Geo blossoms and doughnuts for sex before by me inserting my “member” through them and entering her with it around me. It’s a blast and a great way to tease her by not going all the way in lol.

  2. Michael
    Michael says:

    Hi, Maggy. This is in response to your comments about the Cattex 32” Longneck. I agree. Darn right. Yes, indeed. You betcha. And any other affirmative you need. My first sight of it came in Misslooner’s video of her b2p of an orange one. I was stunned by the size of it – the neck along was nearly as big as she is. ‘But,’ I told myself, ‘she’s a rather small woman.’ Then I saw an online photo of another one. Now, unless all the women in the world are as small as Misslooner, that thing is positively gigantic. I suspect we have here a worthy replacement for the much-lamented, late Q24!

  3. Roxie
    Roxie says:

    Im a Stripper out in Las Vegas. I thought if there would be a fun way to make a dress out of 24 inch or big 36 ” balloons. I would wear it for one of my dances on stage. 🙂 Nice and Tight

  4. Roxie
    Roxie says:

    I hope I don’t sound stupid. When I have fun with my big 36 inch balloons i also have Cartoon sound effects playing on my phone very loud from YouTube. Its so much fun listening to the Bawong boing bouncing sound when im having my naughty time with my Balloons. 😉

      • Roxie
        Roxie says:

        If you want to check out the cartoon sound effect that i have playing on YouTube when im in the mood its called ” Wacky Cartoon Music w/ Boing and Stretchy sfx. Also theres other one that drives me crazy its called 10 minutes of Bawong. OMG that one will put me in the mood. Lol 😉

    • furryfox1994
      furryfox1994 says:

      Hi Roxie, I don’t know if you’ll see this but I also get extremely aroused from those cartoon sound effects. I would very much like to talk more with you about it! Is there any way I can contact you?

  5. Loonaguy
    Loonaguy says:

    Another idea to try involving balloons and vibrators is using geos both donuts and blossoms will work.
    Take a fresh geo balloon and first stretch the center hole gently with your fingers, then inflate till it’s firm but with some give to it, next carefully insert your chosen vibrator through the center hole, (some lubrication may be required) turn the balloon side on, so that it easily fits between your legs in contact with genitals and turn on the vibrator. Play around with the settings to find your preference and experiment with using the smooth edge of the balloon and the knot, the latter more so for girls, but both would be pleasant for either sex.

    Happy Looning 😉

  6. Maggy BerLoon
    Maggy BerLoon says:

    I can just give this right back to you: Thank you for sharing your passionate story and balloon experience with us and for giving me some inspiration! I´ll definitely try the mouse balloon 😉

    • Bustr
      Bustr says:

      I have also used a large wand vibrator on a geo, but on the outside with the tip of my cock in the hole. It feels awesome!

  7. Bustr
    Bustr says:

    Pressing a vibrator against a balloon is simply awesome! I love to straddle a balloon and use a large wand vibrator that plugs into the wall. Being a guy, I sit on the round part of the balloon and lay my cock against the neck. I usually place the vibrator head near my cock on the balloon neck. The smaller the balloon, the stronger the vibration. Anyone who hasn’t tried this please know in advance that the vibrator and balloon together will be very loud! As far as balloon play with my wife, we like to place a 16 inch mouse ear balloon underneath her bottom while she lies on her back. This raises her up at an angle that feels wonderful to us and I can grind the balloon as well. Thank you for sharing your passionate story and balloon experience with us!


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