Lake Ballooning

My approach to balloons is a little special.

I have always fascinated about floating away with balloons and every time I see a helium balloon I dream about it.
But helium is unfortunately really expensive here in Denmark where I live, so it’s an impossible dream.
As I got older balloons still fascinated me and I had to try another way to float with balloons. In water.
The first attempt was not a success.
I tried, for example, to tie a bunch of 24″ balloons to my body and wade into the lake. That resulted with the balloons immediately popping because of the immense pulling in their neck.
There had to be another way.
One day when I was shopping at the local grocery store I saw that they were selling modeling balloons, so I decided to buy a bag.
When I got home, I inflated all 30 balloons and put them in a large bag.
I drove to a local lake.
When I got there, I wrapped one balloon at the time around my body and thighs and twisted the ends of the balloon together like you do when you make a balloon animal.
I was now wearing a suit of balloons, and it felt nice warm and Rubber.
I waded slowly into the lake, and as soon as the balloons touched the water I began to feel their upward buoyancy on my body
Suddenly I was floating with my armpits 30 cm above the water. It felt like I was flying and all the balloons kept me warm.
I got addicted to it and went out a lot of times. I still go out a couple of times a year, but it’s a lot of work to blow up all the balloons and only be able to use them one time.
There had to be a better way.
I saw Maggie sitting on a GL1200 balloon, and I thought that I had to try to float on it.
I bought some GL 1200 balloons and clips.
When I got the balloons, I drove out to the lake and inflated one of them to about half its full size with my scuba tank.
I stepped over the balloon and waded out.
As the water got deeper, the ends of the balloon inflated more while the part between my legs almost got deflated
I was sitting really comfortable and was able to paddle with my arms.
Since this, I have gotten completely addicted to floating on GL 1200 balloons.
I have bought a battery powered pump. It’s a lot easyer than the heavy scuba tank and I can get just the right amount of air in the balloon.
I float on the balloons all year wearing a latex drysuit in the winter and only a pair of briefs in the summer.
I wear a pair of Darkfin gloves to propel me.
I have found out that floating in windy weather is a lot of fun.
I just let the wind take the balloon and me across the lake. It’s really cool to sit on the balloon in the middle of the lake and just letting it take me where it wants to.
The most memorable tour was on a warm night this summer.
It was getting dark as I got to the lake so I decided to go all the way and float nacked.
The temperature was about 20 degrees c.
I was able to inflate the balloon just right with maybe a little too much air in it.
I stepped over the balloon and paddled out to the middle of the lake.
Since there was a little too much air in the balloon, it was a bit hard to keep balanced, but since I was nacked, I could feel every little move of the balloon.
It made it easier to keep balanced and it of course also felt really good.
There was a little wind I just had to close my eyes and imagine I was flying and it totally felt like it in the dark.
One of my friends call what I do “Lake Ballooning”, but as far as I know, I am the only one doing it.
I hope it will give more of you the urge to go out and try it.
I write this under the synonymous Scuba.
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