Interview with looner girl Angel Daily

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– The looner girl from Brazil –

Can you please introduce yourself?

Hi, I am Angel Daily, I´m 22 years old, work at a candy store and maybe it’s hard to imagine but I´m single. I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I´m a girl who likes to play video games, animes, cosplay, dancing…. and a woman who knows what she wants….

Are you a Looner?

Yes, I am. I love balloons since I was young. It took a lot of time to understand what I feel and to say that I´m proud of being a Looner!

How did you discover this fetish for yourself?

Well, everything started when I was just a kid. Balloons are something that fascinated me and at the same time, they made me very afraid. So when I was a teenager (13-14 years old) I started to try to lose my fear of balloons by popping small 9″ balloons, but one day I felt one strange itch … you can imagine what happened after this…

Did your former partner know about this and your local community like family and friends? How did they react?

I’m single now, but I tried to tell this to my ex-boyfriend… and he didn`t accept it very well, men are usually not very understandable with women’s desires. But one day I will find someone who will understand and accept this. At the moment only a few friends know about this, but they weren’t surprised because I’ve always been pretty childish with my balloons and teddy bears.

What exactly do you like most about a balloon?

This is not easy to say… I like so many things. But I love the touch, the smell, the colors and the noise that a balloon makes when I scratch it with my nails.

Which is your favorite balloon?

I have tried a lot of balloons but now my favorite balloon is the 40″ Brazilian balloon because it is so soft and strong.

How would you describe the looner community?

Very open. They always try to help everyone and I´ve made really good friends here.

What was your craziest, nicest or most interesting experience with a balloon?

I did a Blow-To-pop with a huge 24″ balloon in public with a lot of people watching me!

Do have other sexual preferences?

I’m bisexual … so beautiful girls can turn me on.

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What is the name of your clip store?

Hotlooners” –

When and how did you start to make clips?

I recorded my first video about 3 – 4 years ago and I started to make videos to earn money to buy big balloons like the 16″ balloons and the Qualatex 24″ balloon because sadly I can’t find balloons like this here in Brazil and the shipping costs are expensive.

Do you just produce looner clips or also clips for other areas?

I have tried new things like inflatables, bags and bubble gum, but all of them in the inflatables area.

Where is your personal limit or how far would you go?

I will never make topless or naked videos!! Never!

Do you have a member pay site or is it also possible to buy just a single clip?

No, I don’t have a member site. I make my videos for fun and it´s hard to have fun when you have the obligation to post something new every week, but I make custom videos if someone asks me.

How are your prices?

I try to make the fairest price possible, but good balloons are really expensive.

What is the average time of a clip and how long does it take to produce it?

It´s hard to tell how long I take to produce them… I can´t say for sure but at last 2 or 3 days.

How do you handle customer requests?

It´s fun, I always learn something new.

What are the most favorite topics?

People always ask me to make a Blow-To-Pop.

What was your craziest experience in this context?

One guy keeps asking me to stay behind clear balloons and act like I´m stuck in the balloons…

Thank you for the interview and keep enjoying your balloons!

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