Infla-fetish, furry fandom and balloons

– GUEST ARTICLE: Attila, a German Looner, gives an insight into his richly facetted life –

Hello, my dearest balloon friends. I´m Attila, and I´m 28 years old man. I live in Eberswalde, which is nearby Berlin, Germany. Maybe my story might sound a little bit odd, but honestly, I suppose that some of you identify with my experiences. When I was about four years old, I had to experience how a truck tire burst, which made a loud noise. Due to this shock, I´m afraid of the bang since this day.

I avoided everything which might explode, as well as balloons.

When I spotted one, I even changed the site of the street. Consequently, I had significant struggles with street festivals or festivities in general. But when I turned 15 years old I found myself in an internship in the social area and had to make preparations for a birthday. So, I had to blow up some balloons. Doing so I experienced for the first time that I´m also able to like balloons, as long as they don´t burst. It started that I developed a so-called “infla-fetish”. This means that I´m not only interested in balloons, but also in pool toys and similar objects.

But – you know how things sometimes go – when you live at your parent´s home you try to hide “weird” fetishes.

After moving to my little place with 24 years, I just couldn´t stop thinking about the fact I´m beeing free now. Nevertheless, nobody knew about my desire. But when it happened that I also found another hobby at the beginning of 2014, which empowered my self-confidence a lot, I told some of my friends about it.

I discovered the Furry Fandom.

To explain it a little: I enjoy it to dress up like an animal, in my case as a dog. There are huge similarities with the Manga/Anime-scene or also the Medieval-Fans. Dressed up we walk through the streets and spread happiness, which gives us a lot of joy in return. But at this point, I have to say that this hobby has nothing to do with a sexual fetish.

Since the end of 2016, I tried to handle my love and desire for balloons in an open way and managed to find some new friends doing so. Today I´m able to say that I like to play with balloons when I´m a Furry when I´m dressed up as a dog, but still, this is not fetish related in this case.

But when I´m just me and being with myself it´s different. I love to muck around with balloons, to blow them up by mouth or to use a pump, I love to feel the latex at my skin and and and. The inflation procedure gives me the most pleasure. I love to see and to feel when balloons develop their shape.

But when a balloon bursts the air isn`t just gone, as well is my lust.

It´s just the fear is still there, but not that strong and present. I would like to consider myself as a NonPopper.  Recently I ordered balloons at BALLOONS UNITED for a little photo shoot, and these pictures were the result. I´m so pleased with the balloons, but also very surprised what kind of balloon shapes and sizes exist. I would love to order more at any time! But not only the shop is interesting, but also the blog where I love to drop by sometimes to read something. Great respect and big thank you to the team of BALLOONS UNITED.

I hope my story is finding some pleasure and interested readers.

Many greetings to all looners,

Yours, Attila.

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  1. Wherein
    Wherein says:

    The fear.

    I had it bad, a real irrational fear that haunted me for decades.
    Balloons were the enemy and were to be avoided at all costs.

    After all the years, my desperation was high and after researching how I might be able to get help I went and hypnotherapy. Three sessions of hypnotherapy and my fear was gone.

    I am now able to go to birthday parties and be a fun Uncle.
    No more freaking out near a balloon, not even when they go bang.
    It’s such a relief

    From what I read, there are a few people whose fettish is based on a childhood fear. I can appreciate that and think that however an irrational fear is dealt with, it’s fantastic. Taking something so debilitating and creating pleasure has to be a win win.

    As someone who has questioned my own circumstances, it was great to find this blog and be reassured by the information and openness.



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