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Hi everybody! Some of you might already know me, others will get to know me now. I´m Maggy, looner, owner of BALLOONS UNITED and from now on also a blogger.

There are many different topics that I´ve got on my mind and a lot of things I often get asked about. That´s why I decided to make a blog, to talk about all of this and also to let you take part in my looner life. There already is some content available, which might interest you, for example have a look at „WikiLoons“. Other articles will follow from time to time.

If you’re even interested in participating in my project, you are warmly invited to do so! No matter if you leave me a comment, a question, a topic proposal or just a note, I´m happy about every kind of feedback. Or are you even interested to publish your own article at my blog, then just write me at info@looners-united.com.

I´m really excited and looking forward to it. Now have fun with my blog!

Yours, Maggy BerLoon


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  1. denis
    denis says:

    sorry guys, unfortunately I love ballons, really, really, really, … sorry to read those story about burst and pop. I never, never ever pop or burst a ballon.

    For me, they are something very special that cause me a special felling. I really love them. I love to blow and keep them as much as possible. Never pop. Never burst.

    Fire !!! Jesus, call the firemen !!! Ballon are made to give us good sensation …

    I understand all of you … I if could … I would “save” all these ballons for me …


  2. antonio
    antonio says:

    hello maggie, congratulations for your blog, i’m happy that you’re comfortable in your chair ball, i use the front of the computer, sitting on my SA24, comfortable and strong, i’m a looner italian and happy to be so, all the best for your blog, you’re amazing, i always follow, soon

  3. Roberto
    Roberto says:

    Hi…very happy to find this place, so I’d like to share how I became a looner. As many others, everything started at a birthday party being a little kid. Don’t know why, but I always felt afraid of balloons. The image of that moment is my aunt, a very sexy girl (with long hair and big breasts), taking an uninflated balloon and starting to blow it. She held it hidden between her hands, and it started to grow slowly, Altough I felt fear, I immediately was very attracted to her and the red balloon. It was bigger and bigger; she graciously moved her hands arround it, kind of caressing it. Slowly the neck started to appear. I was terrified because of the explosion that it was going to make. The balloon was huge and the neck very long. It was red, shiny and very tight. She made the knot and holded it. To my increasingly terror, she took a matchbox from the table. While holding the balloon and the box with one hand, she lit a match. She surrounded the balloon with the flame, but she didn’t burst it. I always recall that sensation of terror…and atraction!. It was a kind of pleasure, I think now, a sexual pleasure, altough my age. Then she lit another match and burst the balloon. The explosion was very loud….and the balloon had dissappeared. I never understood that this moment was the starting point of my future looner life, since some years ago, when I found the “looners world” in the web. Even today, I recall that moment, and feel the necesity to inflate balloons the way she did (which makes me have an erection), light some matches and masturbate. Sometimes I burst one, if possible, because of the noise). Maggy and Jan; thanks a lot for the blog and for your work!. I’d love to meet you and attend a looners party someday….but I know it’s only a dream.
    My best wishes to you!!!

    • maggyberloon
      maggyberloon says:

      Hi Rob, thank you very much for your nice feedback and also for sharing your Looner-Story with us! Keep on enjoying 😉

    • Anthony
      Anthony says:

      I also like popping balloons with fire. Was at a party and after it finished a pretty girl came outside with a big bunch of balloons I was nervous as I didn’t like popping them at the time. She had a big box of matches and lit a few before she started bursting all the balloons. Then she took a couple of uninflated balloons and blew them up and popped those with matches as well.
      Now I love popping balloons with fire

  4. antonio
    antonio says:

    salve maggy…complimenti per il tuo blog…sono felice che sei molto comoda sulla tua sedia pallone, anch’io la uso davanti al pc…seduto sul mio Q24..è magnifico..confortevole e forte…sono un looner italiano e felicissimo di esserlo..tanti auguri x il vostro blog, siete meravigliosi..vi seguo sempre….a presto

  5. cavitt
    cavitt says:

    You are off to a great start. I am in my 80’s it all started with me btwn 3&4 precisely as you explained ,thought I would grow out of it ,dosnt look that way.

  6. Perchedon Theloon
    Perchedon Theloon says:

    Hi Maggy! Congrats on starting a blog and providing content for the community, this is definitely needed! From time to time, I write looner stories over on deviantart. Look for an email from me with a link to my stories. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store.

  7. kyleloon
    kyleloon says:

    Congrats! Love u r expanding your interest for looner community! Hope can watch and read more about our expierences and storys about our loved fetish. Thks maggie

  8. KittyKat
    KittyKat says:

    Congratulations on your new venture Maggy! By the way is that a executive office chair you have there? Bet it’s comfortable.

  9. KERO
    KERO says:

    Don’t forget to speak about looners who love their balloons; who like hug and kiss them with love; who could never pop them whatever the may (blow to pop, sit to pop, ride to pop, etc) !

    • maggyberloon
      maggyberloon says:

      I try to speak about every “type of looner” in an equal and respectful way Kero. Just have a look at WIKILOONS, this maybe might interest you.

  10. Loonaguy (Paul)
    Loonaguy (Paul) says:

    You have my congratulations and full support, I can’t think of anyone better to start such a blog

    Thank you 🙂 x

  11. Jo De Mulder
    Jo De Mulder says:

    What an awesome idea !!!!
    This blog is perfect to show the world that balloon fetish is as normal as other sexual interests .
    i am so happy to be part in it and tell others my ideas and experiances .
    way to go Maggy ,lots of succes whit it ,i love it 🙂

    • maggyberloon
      maggyberloon says:

      Thank you very much for this great feedback Jo! I´m happy you like it and I totally agree with you “that balloon fetish is as normal as other sexual interests”!


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