„How can I love something that always scared me?“

– GUEST POST: The background story of a Brazilian looner & producer of balloon fetish clips for LATIN DESIRES  –

Hello, first I would like to introduce myself. It´s my first time writing something like that. My name is Willian, I´m 23 years old guy from Brazil, and I’m a Looner as well as a producer of balloon fetish videos. 

My early experience with balloons is a real nightmare. When I was young about 5 to 7 years old and just looked at small 9” balloons, it gave me chills. I was so afraid of balloons that it was almost impossible for me to even stay at a party. With time passing by, I started to try overcome my fear trying to find a way to discover how to take control of myself. I simply underinflated some balloons and left them in my room to make me fell more comfortable with them. Finally, after some time I was able to touch and like balloons. Following this, I learned a little more about myself … I was a Looner. But shit how can I love something that always scared me? Am I normal? Oh My God! If my family see me?

Now, I think that it is one of the most common thoughts for every teenager or adult that find a new perspective on life and personal taste. Back at that time, I didn’t found anyone to speak about it, and this made it even more difficult for me to accept myself. But nevertheless, I did.

“Wait!! How can a Non Popper have one studio that records videos of a woman who is popping balloons?”

Well, when I turned 18 years I started to enjoy watching of those looner models from the past, like Tara Bush, Mausie, and other divas popping big balloons by blowing them up and sitting on them. It makes me think. Dam! They are so brave I can’t even inflate one balloon like that, and this just fascinates me on the one hand.

On the other hand, I started to enjoy taking pictures of nature and animals. And it has turned into my job.

A few years later I woke up with one great idea. Why I don’t call one of my friends and ask to record one video with her like those videos that I like to watch with other women… So, we just tried it and when I saw the result for the first time: BOOM!! I was a producer.


It was one of the greatest things in my life because it gave me the opportunity to meet other looners and to get to know more about what it means to be a balloon fetishist. I always have been a little bit shy to speak with other looners, but after posting the first pictures, I saw how open the community is to chat and to make friends. I learned more about other people and myself. I even date a popular looner girl… but this is something for another post!

Now, I would like to give one free advice to everybody!

Being a looner can be lonely sometimes. Some of us have the habit of closing ourselves to protect us because of shame or just to try to control the situation. This has a high price in the future because you can’t always get what you want. But if you try to open up sometimes, you just might find what you need. Don’t be shy to show this side of you to other people. You never know about the future so think of what the Beatles used to say ones…live and let live!! Ok, I will stop to make references to classic rock lol.

Just be yourself, and the right things in your life will come just like that someday. 

Thanks to ALL.

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  1. Maluneri
    Maluneri says:

    Inspiring read. Thanks for this post. I have a similar backstory about being phobic, though having warmed up now, popping still freaks me out, so I’m really really careful still. Just wondering, how are you around popping these days? Do you use ear protection when recording, or have you been able to get over the fear in other ways?


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