Flower power with the Qualatex Geo Blossom 16“ and a donut of the different kind

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Geo Blossom_01
LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Geo Donut_01

– A short balloon description of the Qualatex Geo Blossom & Geo Donut balloons and my opinion –

Qualatex is maybe one of the biggest and most established balloon brands worldwide. This might not just only been caused by many different balloon distributors and decorators, it´s also very popular in the looner community. Because of various locations and resellers Qualatex is spread all around the globe. But the origin is in the USA, where the „Pioneer Balloon Company“ produces these diverse balloons.

The range of different Qualatex balloons is really huge and multifaceted. As far as I know they are made of natural rubber latex, which is 100% biodegradable. Especially the color spectrum of standard colors is enormous, but there are also different kinds of crystal colors available but not for every balloon. For example, the Qualatex 24“ balloon is recently only available in many standard colors and only just in three crystal color (black, clear and yellow). But this shouldn’t make this balloon brand less popular because the quality and durability are outstanding (according to the manufacturer min 2 years, but experiences show that you can easily store these balloons way longer). Furthermore, there are various designs, figures, and sizes. There just happens to be something for everyone, started at small balloons, over middle-sized ones to giant and also figure shaped balloons.

But now let’s have a look at the actual topic, the Geo Blossom, and the Geo Donut. These middle sized balloons might be the fanciest special shaped ones Qualatex has got to offer. Nowhere else I have spotted such beautiful flower- and donut balloons. In total, they reach a size about 16 inches and are mostly available in different shiny crystal colors. The easy handling of these balloons is really outstanding. Because in comparison to most figure balloons, these ones build up their shapes really easy at the first inflation even without preparatory work like pre-stretching or something. Of course it´s always good to stretch the balloon a little before inflating it, but in this case, it´s not absolutely necessary. This uncomplicated handling and their unique design really make them something special. I don´t know anything comparable.

As I shortly mentioned before the quality of these Qualatex balloons is really good and high class. The material feels tight and soft at the same time. If you know the Tuftex and Unique I think that Qualatex balloons find themselves in middle between those two other brands. The quality consisting of stability and durability is indescribably good. That leads to the fact that they don´t lose their shape over a long time while being inflated if you closed them tight before of course. Furthermore, you can inflate them easily with helium.

If you now combine all items of the Geo Blossom and the Geo Donut many different applications arise.

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Geo Blossom_02
LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Baking Donuts_02
LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Geo Donut_02

I personally use these exceptional special shaped balloons as an extraordinary decoration, sometimes just for myself in private and also for different kinds of events and parties. If you like to take pictures you can also use this special kind of flowers and donuts as extravagant and funny props, which is also a common use for me. From my point of the view they are just really nice to look at and a great eye-catcher, which cause a good mood. They are also a matchless gift and made a lot faces smile in the past.

As I told you before these balloons are extremely durable and you can sit on them without any problems or do with them whatever you like to. For example, you can use them as seat cushions if your tailbone is injured (no kidding, I made this experience before) or satisfy some other needs, of course, no matter if they are mental or physical. The phantasy and creativity of people who just like balloons and looners shouldn´t be set any boundaries.

I mean, flower and donut balloons: how extraordinary is that! And then the handling is extremely easy on top.

In addition to this these balloons got a hole in the middle… come on, what else should I say then: “Have fun“!

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LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Baking Donuts_01
LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Geo Donut_03
8 replies
  1. SMB
    SMB says:

    I love them both, i guess the person who invented them was also a looner. I can’t compare anything to the feeling when it’s around my privates, it gives loads of unlimited joy. I’m a nonpopper and i find them pretty easy to pop accidentally during inflation. May you could give some advice on inflating them please. I always start on the top left corner of the flower shaped ones, then proceeding anti-clockwise.

  2. Loon Ranger
    Loon Ranger says:

    I would say Qualatex balloons are on the firmer end of the spectrum, I think Tuftex are half way between Qualatex and Unique in terms of firmness/softness but I only have limited experience with Tuftex balloons so far

    • Maggy BerLoon
      Maggy BerLoon says:

      I´ll also write about Tuftex balloons in the future, but you should definitely try them 😉 The latex of these ballon´s is very thick, so they are also really stable and durable. Qualatex and Unique balloons have a much more soft feel. So it depends on your own taste, what you like more…but the best way is to try them all, so you can make your decision!

  3. BallooBoyUK
    BallooBoyUK says:

    I once saw a very naughty balloon-fetish clip, that featured lady blow-to-pop one of the Geo Donuts around a man’s private parts! I winced, not just at the balloon popping (and the bang it made – me being a non-popper, I really loathe load “bangs”!), but also winced at how painful that must have felt! Definitely not something I would want to have done to me. That said, I know they do feel very tight, when placed around a man’s privates, and do feel very nice, even when only inflated to about half their full size! P.S. I’ve also heard they make for comfortable head protectors, when oral sex is being given. The giver’s head can safely bump into the cushion of the inflated balloon! 😉

  4. Loonatic
    Loonatic says:

    I love your balloon reviews! Especially when you give little tips on ways to use them for just everyday use and… ahem.. other ways as well. My wife and I both love taking your advice and using it to decorate our home with balloons and enjoy ourselves and passion for balloons together.

  5. Val Efremov
    Val Efremov says:

    I was always curious how there balloons are made. I found the patent for their molds still not entirely understand the process.


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