Cattex Giant Doll – Come play with me, dolly!

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– A short description of the Cattex Giant Doll balloon –

Another popular balloon brand is called „Cattex“, which is sold by an Italian distributor for over 50 years now. They offer a wide range of different and extraordinary balloons. Above all the huge bandwidth of figure balloons as well as printed round balloons stick out of their assortment.

All balloons are available in different standard colors, but the assortment of crystal colors leaves a little to be desired at the moment. Currently, you mostly get only crystal clear balloons and no other crystal colors. But nevertheless, the selection of balloons is really huge and of high quality.

The Cattex Giant Doll belongs to the group of big figure shaped balloons and has a height of 67“. The name and the shape evoke the association of a puppet because the balloon got two chambers like a head and a big belly/body. Personally, I always see more of a bowling pin in this balloon. It´s available in different standard colors, crystal clear and also with various prints on it with topics like Halloween or Christmas for example. So if you search an extraordinary decoration for your party this balloon is always a real eye-catcher.

For the inflation, you should better use a pump or you need to have extremely strong lungs. To get a nice shape, the balloon should always be inflated from the rearmost end towards the mouthpiece. It´s helpful to hold the bigger chamber (belly/body) closed with your hands to make sure the air only fills the upper smaller chamber (head) first. If this chamber is completely inflated, let the air also fill the rest of the balloon.

Besides some other balloons, the Giant Doll is one of my absolute favorites. Not only because I think that this balloon is a really cool, wicked and unique party decoration, but you can also use this one as a really great sex toy. Especially for two people. If you let some air escape after inflating it real tight, the balloon gets really strong and durable.

Just imagine one person is lying on the balloon with the face down and the other one comes from behind – doggy style. Barely any other balloon causes such a swinging and bouncy effect like this dolly! Due to this fact, every move feels like getting even more intense and also the speed can raise because of this. Of course, airship balloons are also wonderfully suitable for this purpose, but from my point of view, the resting comfort of the Cattex Giant Doll is delightful caused by the size and the arched shape.

So if you ever wanted to have sex on top of a balloon you should definitely try this one!

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  1. Dollfine
    Dollfine says:

    Hi Maggy!

    Thanks for your reply. So far my doll balloon still hasn’t popped, even though I put it through a lot more stress!

    Tip to get them even bigger: use the boiling water technique, as described in the comment section of another blog post. Boil some water, put in in a bowl and put the balloon into it for about 5 minutes. The results are absolutely amazing! The balloon will get A LOT bigger and softer without popping. Seriously, I think the body of my doll balloon is at least about 1,5 (if not more) as big as the original size on the pictures. It’s also starting to lose its original “doll shape”, as the body has become really fat (more like a bowling pin than an actual doll). The latex is thinner, but it still manages to hold my full weight and has room for a lot more air! The fun continues… 🙂

    • Dollfine
      Dollfine says:

      Update: After using this boiling technique a few times, the body of my doll balloon became almost twice its original size. It was still very soft and strong, but also very transparent. It became even too big and squishy for me to lay/ride/bounce on. So I decided to use my pump to inflate it as tight as possible. Guess what? It became incredibly big first and then… BOOM!!! Lol, this balloon went through so much already. I didn’t really intend to pop it at that moment, but because of that it felt all the more satisfying 🙂

      Those dolls are tough as hell. Awesome balloons!

  2. Loonaguy
    Loonaguy says:

    Hi Maggy,
    I’ve been curious about these balloons for some time now and have some in my collection, but still haven’t gotten round to trying them yet, I know I know I’m slacking 😛 lol.
    However with this article come review you’ve convinced me I have to try them soon and once I do I’ll post my thoughts here.

    Thanks once again for everything you do for us 🙂 x

  3. Dollfine
    Dollfine says:

    I can’t believe I am the first one to reply on this. Recently, I bought a few of these dolls on your site. Man, they are so soft and strong and so much fun!

    I am more or less a semi-popper myself: I really like to test balloons way beyond their supposed limits. I used to be afraid of the bang, but now it is more of a curiosity of how much a balloon can take. Therefore, I never really pop on purpose (it feels like a waste for me, especially for the more expensive balloons), but when it explodes it really excites me in a positive way. So my style is that whenever I have a new balloon, I gradually increase the level of abuse on it (bouncing, overinflation etc.) until it explodes, which really feels like an accomplishment to me 🙂

    The moral of this story? These dolls are indestructable. I’ve inflated them really tight, bounced on them hard and still they last. I haven’t tried them with two persons like you suggested, I’ll probably check it out. Man, I really want to pop one of them but I don’t want to cheat. So many struggles for one balloon 😛

    So my question to you is, Maggie: I know you are more of a non-popper, but have you ever managed to pop one of these dolls? And how tight do you inflate them usually? It may be a stupid question, but I am really curious how much they can take 😉

    And by the way, could you do an article on the Belbal B350? It is really one of my favorite balloons and deserves more love, I think. Even though it’s a bit expensive, it is also incredibly strong and durable. Love these loons!

    Your site and blog are awesome! Those dolls are awesome, so go try them out yourselves 🙂

    • Maggy BerLoon
      Maggy BerLoon says:

      First: THANK YOU Dollfine 🙂

      Usually I inflate the Cattex Giant Doll real tight and let some air escape afterwards, so the balloon becomes even more durable. Honestly I just popped an old one ones by using a pin, didn´t managed it to pop it in another way…

      For sure I´ll write an article about the Belbal B350 in the future. You are so right, it´s an awesome balloon!!


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