About Anna Pop – in love with the big bang

Find out more about the Loonergirl next door and her life with balloons


Anna (29 years old) lives in Southern Germany. She is married and Looners probably know her best by her artist name „Anna POP“.

Are you a Looner yourself?

In my imagination I am! However, I just take part in stuff that I have fun doing. It’s really cool to stand out, blowing up balloons until they burst and enjoy the fun of that with other girls. Balloons play a huge part in my life and no matter where I may be, I’ll always have some with me.

How did you discover the fetish for yourself?

Well, it’s been a long time ago. It was my little sister’s birthday, and she had some balloons she wanted to use for decoration. I helped her with the decorating, and somehow I found myself enjoying blowing up the balloons until they became really huge and popped. That really gave me an amazing feeling. From then on I did that over and over again simply because I had a lot of fun doing it. A blow to pop really gives somewhat of a thrill, especially doing it in public. In the beginning, I didn’t really know that this could be considered a fetish let alone that something like a balloon fetish even exists.

Now I can’t even imagine living my life without balloons.

Does your partner/your close friends and family know about your fetish and how have they reacted?

He definitely knows and is joining me quite often (…however he’s always behind the camera because I think that this is something only for women. In addition to that, there are only some very close friends who know.

What is it about balloons that you enjoy the most?

Balloons to me have a special kind of aesthetic. Especially if they are blown up or blown up to burst by women (and solely by women!). Furthermore, there are so many different and great balloons. It’s just awesome to discover and try out new balloons.

There is a special kind of excitement when I’m blowing up a balloon also there is some kind of motivation to reaching and exceeding the maximum. Like I said before, I really get a kick out of that. I enjoy blowing up balloons until they become really big and form a really nice neck. That’s when I find balloons truly extremely chic! Ballons that are half-heartedly blown up, limp or even old balloons are definitely not my thing. The latter especially because of the smell that I don’t like. I think you call that ripe.

What is your favorite balloon and why?

Generally, I like balloons from a size of 14“ up to „as big as it gets“. My absolute favorite balloon is the Unique 16“. It is the best to be blown to burst, and the size of the neck is unpredictable.

Another special highlight are our own first Anna Pop balloons. I think that you and Jan still remember the joy of your first own balloons or the feeling you get from your own new prints. It’s something really special. As you know that was a birthday surprise of my husband and Sarah – I was so overwhelmed with happiness that I really only realized it after a couple of days.

What was your craziest, most exciting or most beautiful experience in regards to the balloon fetish?

The craziest experience has to be my public blow to pop at IKEA – that was pure adrenaline and very cool!

There are two more outstanding experiences:

One of them was definitely the combination of my wedding and my kink and the resulting pictures and videos in my wedding dress. The second one was when I met Sarah who became my best friend at Playa de Palma in September 2013.

My worst experience (even if you didn’t ask for it) was an evening when I ran out of balloons. I was at a discotheque where I met a group of four other girls with whom I just blew away the content of my bag. I could go on listing my wonderful experiences and all the girls I/we met…

Where can we find your clips?

You can find my clips at clips4sale.com. That’s where I opened my store „Anna POP“ in 2015. I only do custom clips when the expectations meet and I know, that I’ll enjoy the realization.

When and how did you get the idea of producing clips?

You could say that it just naturally developed. I always enjoyed taking photos or shooting videos of me and my balloons. In the beginning, I made the clips myself without a „cameraman“.

Two years ago I decided to try and sell clips to finance my studies (P.S: I’ll finish studying this year, but Anna POP will stay). Well, and this is how Anna POP was born.

Since then our clips have always developed. Furthermore, my husband is also my cameraman and clip manager. Some time ago we added a tripod and some decent lighting and then an external microphone to our small digital camera. Last autumn we bought a 4K camera.

Nevertheless, we don’t do it all just for the money, but we are lucky to earn something on the side with our „hobby“. We always invest our earnings in new, great balloons, locations or party trips.

Do you only produce Looner videos or are you catering to other fetishes as well?

Our clips are only surrounding balloons.

Last winter me and my friend Sarah visited a BDSM location together. Even though it was interesting and we had a lot of fun shooting videos with cages, a punishing buck, a St. Andrew’s cross, whips and paddles you couldn’t consider this to be „real“ BDSM. We only used the special atmosphere of the location. 

Well, and I like shoes and sexy outfits. Not as a fetish but simply because it looks good.


Is there something you’d really like to try?

Of course! A great location outside in the winter. It was just too cold for that, or it simply didn’t work yet.

What are your boundaries or how far would you go?

Our policy is that we always keep our clothes on in our clips which is, in my opinion, a unique feature compared to all the other studios on c4s. Please don’t get me wrong I don’t mean to depreciate others, but it’s just not my thing. We want to be ourselves with our clips and keep the intimate scenes for us privately.

Are you on your own or are you working with other girls, boys, etc.? If so, tell me more about it!

Most of the times I’m alone with my balloons in my pocket. When I’m out partying I’m always hoping for other girls who are interested in bursting balloons with me. Most of the times I’m making a find!

This is how I met my best friend Sarah a few years ago. We met during our holidays at Ballermann in Mallorca. On our first evening, I just put a balloon in her hand, and she burst it right on the seafront promenade. That was the beginning of a very special friendshipWe’ve had a lot of unforgettable experiences since then – of course including lots of balloons. By now balloons are just as important to Sarah as me, and she is completely involved in the Anna POP studios.

We are on the go together as often as possible looking for open minded girls to have some balloon fun with us. Sadly there is a distance of 500 Kilometers separating us which means that we are often alone with our balloons in our pockets – always ready for a spontaneous B2P.

Back to business, what are your prices?

Normally my clips on c4s correspond to their standard pricing. Exclusive clips can sometimes be a bit more expensive.

How long are your clips and how much time do you usually need to produce them?

I can’t tell you that exactly because we are always working without a script or something which means that the clip lengths are always varying spontaneously from 1 minute to 55 minutes, everything is possible. Concerning custom clips the length is naturally roughly fixed although occurred that Sarah and I produced another full clip more „by accident“.

Since we are actually total amateurs, who are self-taught in video editing I really have no idea how long it always takes us to edit our clips. We rather just deal with it when we find the time to do it.

How do you deal with customer wishes?

We always like to be inspired by our fans and implement their ideas. With custom clips, I always try to realize customer wishes as good as possible. Generally, I only implement customer wishes that I really want to do in the end it’s just my hobby. Because I do not depend on sales, I just do what’s fun to me. Everything else would just be superimposed which is just not my thing.

What are the favorite topics?

Balloon Action is always popular, especially Blow to Pops in public and groups of three or more Women – and at best a combination of both.

What was your weirdest experience in that context?

There were so many of those! I always find it strange that it’s Women who you’d never believe to be blowing up balloons do it best.  Conversely there are those who you believe can do it but in the end, it’s just a pity for the beautiful balloons.

Furthermore I never really understood why people (mostly men) always seem to want to touch the balloon while I’m blowing it up. Especially when you are in a crowd, this can be really annoying. Sometimes people hit my balloons or hold lighters and cigarettes to them intentionally…how funny.

What are your wishes for the Looner community?

My wish is that the community stops trading or just uploading my or other studios’ clips. It’s just unfair to those who value and buy the videos.

Furthermore, I`m always saddened by the fact that there are so few women in the Looner community who openly show themselves. I would be most pleased if more women would be open because I’d like to meet girls who are as much into balloons as me.

Enough with the questions. Any last words? The stage is yours!

Dear Loonergirls out there: be authentic, only do stuff you have fun doing and always put fun first – and stop thinking about what others say or think.

I haven’t lost all hope and look forward to meeting you.

Latex fetish and balloons? Meet Miss Fetilicious!

The professional Belgian latex model Miss Fetilicious talks about her colorful life including balloons and the balloon fetish

It´s fascinating to see that balloons find more and more their way into other fetish areas. The first cross-fetish, which pops into our head might be the latex fetish. Both balloons and latex clothes are made of the same material, so it´s a logical conclusion that this could be a perfect match. The Belgian latex model Miss Fetilicious (28 years) shows us that it´s indeed a great match! For LOONERS UNITED I had the honor to ask her a few interesting questions. But read for yourself what this admirable and inspiring woman has to say. ENJOY!

When and how did you come up with the idea to become a latex model?

I started with latex modeling about four years ago. My boyfriend is a photographer, so it was pretty easy for me to do a lot of photoshoots in a short time. I already had modeling experience but not with latex. My boyfriend introduced me to the latex scene. Once I did more photoshoots in latex, I became more “famous” in the fetish scene. I did a few photoshoots for different latex designers, and that’s how it all started. I was very honored when the first designers asked me to walk in their fashion show! I love it, and I will keep doing it!



Personally, what makes you go crazy about latex? Any tips regarding the handling, preferred shops, etc.?

I like latex because it gives me such a special feeling. I love to be completely covered in latex, from head to toe. It feels like a second skin, and it makes me feel sexy and confident. Also, the smell is very good.

I wash and shine my latex with beGLOSS products. BeGLOSS is less greasy than typical silicon oil. It doesn’t leave any traces on your sofa or car seats. Of course, latex is a delicate product, and you have to be very careful with long nails or metal and stuff. Also, sunlight is not good for latex.

I don’t have one preferred shop for my latex outfits. I order from many different designers. But my favorite designer for catsuits is Fantastic Rubber! It’s the Rolls Royce of the catsuits. They have a very unique pattern, everything is made to measure, and all the catsuits have a neck entry. That means no zipper. I love it!

Of course, there are a lot of nice shops for latex. A few other latex brands that I like are:

ExxEss latex, Westward Bound, DeMasK, Rubbella, Gumique, Latexskin and much more!


How does your day-to-day life look like? Do you even have one?

Usually, my daily life looks quite normal. I work in a flower shop four days a week. The other days I spend on modeling or other latex adventures. But yes, I wear latex very often in my free time. I also like to wear latex in public. I don’t care what people think of me. I want to show the world that latex has nothing to do with sex and it can be worn in public too.

How does your family deal with your passion and profession? 

My whole family knows that I like latex. Not only my parents but also the rest of my family. I wore latex at my cousin’s wedding and also at the big Christmas party with all the family. But of course, I will keep it stylish and not too sexy or too extreme for such occasions. No tight corset or a catsuit, but rather some leggings with a blouse or an elegant dress.

I don’t really know what my family thinks about me because they don’t talk to me about the latex outfits I’m wearing. They probably think I’m weird or crazy, but that’s ok. I don’t really mind.


When did you get in touch with the balloon fetish for the first time? What do you think about it?

I’ve heard about the balloon fetish before and totally understand why people like balloons. It’s a nice material and the special shapes and colors are always fun. A few months ago a fan bought me a nice package with different balloons from BALLOONS UNITED. I was surprised, but I really liked the present! I used some of these balloons during a photoshoot. The fan told me that I also could blow up the balloons and break them. But I didn’t want to waste any balloons so I only used them in my photoshoots. But I’m always open to trying new things.

Lately, you did a photo shoot with balloons. What exactly did you like about it?

That’s right! I’ve done a few shoots with balloons but the last time we had the studio floor completely covered with balloons. The photographer brought some of the smaller balloons but I also brought some bigger balloons from BALLOONS UNITED. I like to play with balloons during the shoot. It gives a playful effect, and the balloons go perfectly together with the latex outfits! I also love to match the colors of the balloons with my outfit. I have balloons in many different colors and it’s nice to combine them with the latex.

Did you ever try to use balloons as a sex toy? If so, please tell me about it.

I’ve never used balloons as a sex toy, but I can imagine that people like it, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Last year at Montreal Fetish Weekend there was a nice lady who brought some very big balloons to the pool party. Maybe you know her. Elle, or better known as “the balloon Mistress”. She put me in a huge balloon and pushed me into the pool. I was floating on the water for about half an hour inside the big balloon. That was a nice experience!



What do you like about balloons? Any particular preferences? Also regarding type, brand, color?

I like balloons because they are so colorful and they feel nice. You have them in so many different colors and shapes, and that’s nice to play. Balloons are the perfect props when it comes to latex photoshoots and videos. I prefer the balloons with special shapes and of course, bigger is always better!

Some of my favorites from BALLOONS UNITED are:

        Climb-in balloons

        Cattex 55 and 72

        Cattex Giant Caterpillar, Duck, Elephant, and Mouse

        Cattex GL500 crystal

        Czermak & Feger Bear, Bonzo, Bunny, Caterpillar, Duck, and Rabbit

        Czermak & Feger Giant Rabbit

        Rifco Arch, Wave, Worker and Giant Pillar

As you can see I like the bigger balloons and special shapes the most, but of course I also like the more normal balloons. I like bright colors more than black or white.

I suppose you get in touch with a lot of different kinks and many inspiring people. What was your most exciting experience? 

That’s a difficult question! I think The Balloon Mistress was one of the most inspiring people I met. She’s so nice, and she always brings cool balloons to the fetish parties. But I also met a guy who has a foot fetish. He gave me the best foot massage ever! And of course, I met a lot of people who like to wear latex, just like me. That’s always nice!



As a woman working in the erotic branch, did you ever had to deal with a challenging situation? Any wishes for society regarding this topic?

People often think that I’m a Mistress and they can easily book me for a session. But I’m not a Mistress. Yes, I am openminded, and I like to play. But not just with every random person who asks me. I play kinky games with my boyfriend and sometimes maybe with friends that I know very well. But don’t call me your Mistress. I get to hear that every day, and it’s getting annoying. I’m not submissive or dominant. I just do what I like. I just do my own thing!

What was your greatest accomplishment so far?

I walked in many different fashion shows for great latex designers. It’s such an honor for me when a designer asks me to walk on their show!

I also got the chance to work with amazing photographers from all over the world.

And of course, it’s amazing how many people are following me on my social media. It’s great to have such amazing fans who support my work! I always read the comments on my pictures.



Do you have specific plans for the future, which you would like to share?

Well, I just bought a house with my boyfriend, and I will definitely make a special latex room where we can play and take pictures and videos. I’m really looking forward to having my own house and playroom!

I’m also writing a book about my fetish life and my passion for latex. I get a lot of questions every day, so I decided to write a book to answer all the questions. The book will also contain a lot of pictures! Some of them are never published before. I started working on the book one year ago, but it already took me more time than I expected. I try to finish it in the following months. There’s also a part about balloons in my book.


Rubber kiss

Miss Fetilicious


HERE you find more info about Miss Fetilicious:

-> Website

-> Instagram

-> Facebook

-> Twitter

-> Fetlife

-> Tumblr 

-> Snapchat: missfetilicious

-> YouTube -> Video: „balloon walk“ in Montreal

About Mistress Couple – She loves balloons and is a professional dominatrix at the oldest BDSM Chateau

Find out more about the lifestyle of the sex-positive dominatrix from New York and why the balloon fetish changed her life in general

I´ve often been asked if it´s possible to combine several fetishes. Yes, yes and again YES is my answer to this question! Of course, this is obviously possible, and if you open up towards this issue, this might get your personal sex life quite going. When you are into predictable sex and routines, hey, that´s just fine, the most important thing is that you are happy. But for a lot of others, this might open up new possibilities and other ways of thinking, no matter whether you are a woman or a man. I think “sex-positive” might be the right keyword at this point.

Currently, the balloon fetish enters other areas of the erotic branches more and more, and a lot of interested, curious and open-minded people are joining us.

Maybe the best example that old stereotyped thinking is out of place in our today´s world of erotic might be the dominatrix “Mistress Couple” (31 years) from New York City. She embodies the sex-positive free spirit of our modern society par excellence.

Since the year 2013, she is the keeper and head mistress of “La Domaine Esemar BDSM Training Chateau” (Albany NY), which is worldwide one of the oldest BDSM chateaus. Imposingly honest she answered us some particular questions for LOONERS UNITED and lo and behold, she is not a looner newcomer. But read for yourself now. ENJOY.



As a dominatrix, do you have a day-to-day life? What does it look like?

My day-to-day life very much depends on who is at the chateau or what events we are hosting that week. Sometimes it means training lifestyle slaves and aspiring Dominants, sometimes it means preparing for a wild fetish party, sometimes it means giving lectures at local universities, counseling couples on their BDSM play, doing one-on-one fetish sessions, and other times, it even involves regular tasks like running errands, cooking, spending time with friends, and relaxing! Amongst everything else that I do, self-care is very important. My favorite way to relax is by mushroom foraging for edible mushrooms like Chanterelles in the woods that surround the chateau.

How did you become a dominatrix in the first place?

I started at La Domaine Esemar in 2010 as a submissive. At the time, I had no idea what BDSM was, or what it meant to be a Dominatrix. I was solely interested in exploring my masochism, and didn’t even realize that I had the capacity for dominance! I remember being so in awe of the Dominants at the first La Domaine party that I attended. They all seemed so power-filled, so sexy, and so unafraid of their sexuality. Even more impressing was their ability to read me. It was like they knew me better than I knew myself (I now know that they were reading my body language and energetic responses). It was incredibly inspiring to witness their power and interact with them. After two years of exploring my submission, I applied for the Dominance Training program at La Domaine and was accepted as a Mistress in Training. 

Over the years I have grown into my dominance. It has taken time, self-examination, and the dispelling of many misconceptions about what I thought it meant to be dominant. To me, one does not have to be cold, cruel, or disconnected in order to display their dominance and self-mastery. If a submissive that I am engaging with craves that I engage in those roles, I will consider it, but they do not have to make up my persona.

I much prefer to be a playful, teasing Domme. I am sensual yet strict, and demand high performance from my submissives. I enjoy having fun when I play, if not, why call it play? My Domme persona has developed over the years and will continue to do so, after all, underneath it all, Dominatrices are still people.


Do you remember the first time you got in touch with the balloon fetish? How did that happen and what were your thoughts?

I remember my first balloon experience very vividly. I was at an NYC Fetish Tribe party when I was about 23 or so, and it was the first one that I had attended alone. I was walking around the party watching the different scenes of people playing while I waited for my friends to show up. Most of the scenes were typical spanking, leading someone around on a leash, rope bondage….etc. but in the middle of the crowd, there was a gentleman (who went by the name BalloonHeadz) in a fire fighter Dalmatian fursuit who was blowing up balloons of all different shapes and sizes. It immediately appealed to my love of the eccentric, and my curiosity got the best of me. I walked up to him and asked him to share or explain his fetish to me. He proceeded to inflate a clear 11″ Qualatex balloon, told me to close my eyes, handed me the balloon, and asked, “What do you feel?” By this point, the club was in full swing, and I felt the vibration of the subwoofers through the balloon, almost like a pulse. I smiled. He smiled. “See… it’s alive,” he said. I will never forget the sparkle in his eye when he said that. He encouraged me to cuddle with, sit on, bounce on, hug, and kiss the balloon, and I did so for an unknown length of time. I was hooked! By the time my friends arrived, I was inside of a 6′ diameter balloon, playing with a handful of other colorful balloons that had been tossed inside with me. They were pretty shocked, but I never turned back! BalloonHeadz and I hung out a lot after that. He donated a variety of shapes and styles of balloons to my newbie stash and fed my fetish for balloons until I could afford to purchase them on my own. We had some epic balloon battles in Central Park too!

„Balloon battles“? That sound legendary, please tell me more about it!

The balloon battles were a lot of fun. We’d both show up with an assortment of balloons, tied to strings, and would get points for hitting the other person with our own balloons or popping the other person’s balloons. Usually, we’d lose track of score, and just end up laughing in a heap of popped balloons on the ground.


So let´s get back to your first balloon fetish experience. How was this for you personally? 

It was really amazing. As a visual artist, the colors and shapes appealed to me greatly. As a sensualist, the texture and smell of the latex were intoxicating. As a sadist, the possibility of popping the balloon was enticing. Most importantly, as someone who was a survivor of sexual abuse, the balloon gave me the ability to have intimacy with something without the anxiety and fear produced by the agency of a human being. The fact that I was completely in control of my own sexual experience with the balloon was very healing to me, and a major contributor to my ability to have intercourse with other humans again today.

What do you like about balloons? Any particular preferences? Also regarding type and brand?

What DON’T do I love about balloons? I absolutely love the colors and textures and smells. I love the anticipation of the pop, it’s always a surprise! I recently have been really interested in balloon bondage or balloon clothing made from folding balloons, they’re incredibly versatile and surprisingly immobilizing! Most of all, I love giant balloons. The bigger and bouncier the better! As far as brands go, I’m partial to Qualatex and BALLOONS UNITED! I absolutely love the fun shapes like the ducks and bunnies from BALLOONS UNITED. My new balloon friends go crazy for those!


Personally, what makes you go crazy? Do you have a particular fetish yourself?

I have a variety of kinks, but I like to say that anything eccentric and colorful and strange appeals to me. I absolutely love Vore/Femcan role play, sploshing/ wet and mess play, pony play and other types of pet play. As a Pro Domme, I specialize in impact play using bullwhips, and floggers as well as slave protocol training. But above all, I really enjoy the connection. The types of play and implements are just tools that I use to enhance the connection between myself and whoever I am playing with. At the end of the day, we all want to share our fetishes and kinks in a way where we feel seen and accepted for them, rather than judged. If I can provide that for someone, then I feel that it has been a productive and satisfying fetish session.

I suppose you get in touch with a lot of different kinks and many inspiring people. What was your most exciting experience? Any regrets so far? Something you want to try in the future?

Schwanendreher is the mid-German word for the person who cooks a swan by turning it on a spit. In the fetish world, it is the world for role play of a ritualistic cannibal act involving the roasting of another human being. Other terms for it are “Dolcett” and “Chef” fantasies. Since my very first visit to La Domaine Esemar, I have been fascinated with the Schwanendreher fetish. During my tour of the grounds, I was perplexed and aroused when I saw the giant metal spit near the fire pit in the backyard of the chateau. Did they really cook people here? I listened to previous Head Master R and Mistress Collette’s accounts of previous roasts in lust and awe.

Eventually, I got to participate in the roasting of 2 victims and even being the victim myself! If you’re curious to know more about this, find me on Fetlife or check out the blog page on my website! Each of the roasts was incredibly unique erotic experiences. I am hoping to host another roast as a theatrical ritual next summer. It’s becoming one of the majorly popular events that we do at La Domaine! This year we are not having one (due to lack of a victim!), and I have heard plenty of complaints from our constituents.

As a woman working in the erotic branch, did you ever had to deal with a challenging situation? Any wishes for society regarding this topic?

Doing sessions with conservative clients has been a challenge for me since Donald Trump has taken office. On the one hand, I do not want to be sexualized by people who are voting to take away my rights. On the other hand, taking their money and redistributing it to queer people of color, especially my fellow sex workers, and others who are suffering because of this administration seems like a more effective form of resistance than refusing the sessions. It’s a double edged sword. 

Above all, my career as a dominatrix has allowed me to embrace my belief in female supremacy.  I am a feminist, I support the fall of the white male patriarchy and the underlying misogyny and bigotry that comes with it.

Do you have specific plans for the future, which you would like to share?

There’s too much excitement in my life to plan ahead any more than a week at a time. I do have a few writing and film projects in the works as well as hopes to do my first European tour, so stay tuned!

About Valentin – The man behind ExoticLoonz & ThirtyThreeRooms

– Looner, producer, cameraman, visionary. The godfather of balloon fetish videos gives away some private details –

Could you please introduce yourself a little bit?

I’m Valentin, 33years straight male from Saint-Petersburg, Russia (sounds like profile info from dating site huh?). Occupation – art director in an advertising company. Looner. The guy behind the camera in ExoticLoonz and ThirtyThreeRooms.

Please tell us something about yourself as a looner. Your story, preferences, etc.

Most looners have the same background, so I’m not sure that my (rather typical) story worth much attention. Felt attraction for balloons since childhood, treated myself weird until I found looners online blahblahblah. No curious inception, no painful experience. I always kept my secret and no one beyond the looner community knows about it.

I’m semi-popper. Riding and sitpopping 24+inch loons – best stuff ever. My favorite balloons are crystal Cattex 32’’ Longnecks and Cattex Giant Dolls. Damn, they are good!

I’m a bit into inflatables too but only into specific popping scenes.

How long are you and Oxana a couple now? How did you meet in the first place?

It will be 12 years soon. We graduated from the same high school but didn’t know each other. We got acquainted on the graduates’ annular meeting.  For me, it was love at first sight. But it took time to prove Oxana that I’m her Mr. Right

How did you confess to Oxana that you’re a looner?

Honestly, I didn’t intend to do it. I got used to keeping this in secret, and I thought that I would never tell it to anyone.

But one day after many years of our relations with Oxana I suddenly thought – why the hell I should hide this from her? What could go wrong if I tell the truth? And I told her everything. About me, about fetish, about community. Can’t remember another time when I was so nervous. Oxana was shocked but (thank God) in a positive way. She couldn’t believe that I didn’t make it up and balloon fetish actually existed, so I showed her some clips. It was incredible how quickly she accepted this part of my life. Next day our bedroom was filled with balloons, and we opened a new page in our relations.

A lot of people ask me how to say to the GF/wife/crush that you’re a looner. As you see, my experience is irrelevant. All I can say is you should be confident about your partner and her attitude to things like this.

How did you start producing looner content?

Believe it or not, it was Oxana who offered to make a balloon photoset. Only for me, of course. It was just a first week after I confessed her about my fetish, I felt like daydreaming because everything that I even didn’t dare to dream about came to life right at that moment. And Oxana enjoyed the unexpected way to manipulate me and wanted to try everything I like about balloons. For the first time in my life I bought big balloons (it was Gemar 27’’), they looked so huge. And we made a photoset. It was fantastic.

When I started to offer imported balloons to Russian looners (it was 2005), I asked Oxana to make some product photos. We did several shoots with Qualatex 24’’, Belbal 14’’ and some others. It was regular product pictures, but I got A LOT of positive feedback about them. Looners from all over the word asked me to make more photos with Oxana.

Of course, it was flattering for both of us, so we started making various photo shoots and posted them on my VK page. Good times, I still treat some of that sets as pure gems. Oxana somehow felt the nature of fetish from the very beginning, and it was very deep understanding of what we all expect to see from a looner picture. All I need to do is to build the set and to turn on the camera – and here comes the masterpiece.

The idea to make a looner clip was as obvious as spontaneous. No preparations, no discussions, no plot – it was like “okay, let’s try it, should be fun”. And it was fun, and the feedback was so inspiring that we decided to make looner videos. So that’s how ExoticLoonz appeared.

Is there a story behind the name ExoticLoonz?

First, it was the name of my online balloon store. For me (and for many Russian looners) all balloons over 14’’ were exotic, so that was what I used to offer. After I had posted the first pictures of Oxana with balloons, a lot of people joined my VK group only to see new photos. So when it was time to name our studio I didn’t hesitate much. It caused some inconvenience much late, but at that moment I couldn´t imagine our looner video production will become that serious.

Why did you decide to stop making clips as ExoticLoonz?

You know, we did well with ExoticLoonz. Our c4s store always was in Top 3. For the three years that EL was online, we filmed nearly 300 regular and custom clips. Many studios and models tried to copy our style and ideas.

So if everything goes well why the hell we closed our store?

Simply, Because one day we both realized that we slipped off-course. Remember I said that the time when we did only free photosets was good days? Pure fun and creativity, new ideas for every set and no commerce at all. And after three years we turned into commercial fetish studio that makes two updates a week and has number “5” in titles of some popular series like “Full Contact”.

It was evident that we reached the limits of what we could make in our flat and our c4s. We reached the boundaries of ExoticLoonz. We didn’t do anything new and just repeated our old ideas.

Of course, you can say “So what? Some studios shoot commercial clips with the same scripts in one room for years and seem to have profit”. No, we’re not going to be like that guys. Because it’s so so SO FUCKING BORING.

You see, producing looner content is not what we do for the living. It’s kind of a family hobby. We do it to feed our passion for the beauty of balloon fetish, to discover the hidden sides of it, to broaden the boundaries of emotions that get transmitted with fetish videos or pictures.

We don’t have the clear understanding how it should be done best, will it work and will our fans appreciate the results or not. So we’re destined to break into the dark fields, to permanently try new approaches and create something far beyond regular commercial stuff. And this is what we like to do.

So that’s the basic idea of ThirtyThreeRooms?

Pretty much yes. We wanted to make a concept of the looner site that won’t limit us in our experiments. New cozy location for every Room, unlimited about of balloons, helium, custom made inflatables, a huge variety of shooting costumes and a lot of photography gear. Damn, I have to carry 100+ kg of stuff to every shooting! But now we can shoot nearly everything that we could imagine.

Of course regarding “cost efficiency” TTR is an insane thing. If we would have an accountant, he’d be like “you’re going to spend $1500+ on a single shooting?? Are you nuts? You’ll never make any profit off it” Fuck that. It will be fun! We will rent the penthouse, fill it with huge branded balloons to the ceiling, set the strobes, put on latex catsuit, turn on the sprinklers and shoot this session with five cameras in slow motion JUST BECAUSE WE WANT IT!

That’s what TTR about.

It’s a lab, testing facility for our vision of looner content. And when we shoot one Room we have no idea what the next Room will be like.

Even though this concept sounded way too unusual, you and Jan believed in TTR from the very beginning. I guess it’s because you two are as crazy as we are. Thank you for your huge and versatile support. Together we will bring to life even more awesome projects!

Are you going to do any joint shootings with other studios/models?

I think it is inevitable though we don’t have any individual plans or suitable candidates for now. You see, our vision and approach are pretty uncommon so we should find a like-minded person first.

I´m sure a lot of men and women would also enjoy seeing men performing in looner clips. Do you ever think about doing this? Maybe yourself?

Well, actually when I open FB feed I see dozens of guys posting videos of their balloon fun. Same on Youtube. Half of the Instagram content tagged as #looner are male…  So the 5-10% of looners who are females or gay should be overwhelmed with this stuff…not to mention what will happen if they ask looner guys to send them their private looner videos. So I’m pretty sure that the world will survive without another boy on a balloon filming himself.

Honestly, I did film several episodes of my private balloon fun. Was curious how does it look like from aside. I got the answer – it looks awful. And I don’t want to produce anything I treat as awful.

Oxana is an excellent and well known Looner model, how does it feel like being her husband? Do you get jealous at some point?

It may sound weird, but the fact that my wife is a well-known model of my fetish doesn’t bring much to my attitude to her. I always adored Oxana, her beauty and grace, her kindness, sharp mind and sense of humor. And her great work as a model is just a reflection of her versatile perfection.

Do I get jealous? Sometimes I do. She has a lot of fans, not all of them a tactful and polite. But we trust each other on 110%, so we don’t have any problems with it.

Does your and Oxana’s primary occupation help you with making looner clips?

It helps a lot! As a nurse, Oxana has a great patience to shoot the most complicated sessions and strong fingers to tie a lot of balloons

And my work is just the same as I do in TTR – to create a concept, a complete vision of what you want to show and bring it to life. Of course, the designing, editing, and photography skills are very useful too.

Tell us a little bit about the Russian looner community?

Russian looner community is tiny. I suppose 200-300 persons or so (according to the number of active members of local looner sites).  We have an old school online forum and several VK groups.  Many more aged looners that remember USSR are nostalgic for old Soviet balloons (bakovka), you might saw them in BalloonHeart videos – those incredibly soft and fragile ones with gentle crystal colors. Too bad that these loons were discontinued long time ago…

Our society is pretty much conservative, so most of our looners hide their fetish from everyone, even from friends and relatives. But it seems to be common for all looners.

To summarize it, how would you describe the balloon fetish community in general from your point of view? Did you notice any changes during the past years? What are your wishes for the future?

Most of the looners are passive consumers. But I’m glad to see that people are becoming more active now than in the past. More posts, discussions, more content, more new studios. Community lives when something happens in it, so I wish more people will contribute certain content.

I think, the greatest luck of all looners is to have such an amazing and passionate guys like Jan and you on our side. You two do the hell of work – supply looners with great balloons, produce nice content and introduce our fetish to the world. If one percent of all looners were at least half as active and productive as you, the balloon fetish would become the world’s most famous kink in no time. Way to go!

THANK YOU VAL. Thank you for your openness and for your kind words. Have fun with your „family hobby“ and keep on experimenting! – Maggy BerLoon

Interview with the producer of the looner studio Italoon

LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Italoon_01

– Ciao bella! An Italian institution for looner clips –

Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Andrea Bini ( a male name in Italy), I’m 46 years old and I live in Livorno, in Tuscany, Italy. I’m a self-employed electrical installer and I have a wife. Together we live in the same house but we are in fact separated.

Are you a Looner?

Yes I’m a looner (popper)

How did you discover this fetish for yourself?

When I was a child I was scared about the balloons popping noises. I guess it’s because of a big explosion caused by a firework bomb launched from someone outside and entering the window of my bedroom in the 31 December 1973 that burned a part of the room. Well, this fear is gradually involved in the excitement of watching females who are playing and popping balloons.

Does your partner know about this and your local community like family and friends? How did they react?

Yes, my wife knows, my family not properly but they suspect something.

What exactly do you like most about a balloon?

Women who love popping balloons make me crazy, but I don’t use balloons during sex.

LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Italoon_02
LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Italoon_03
LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Italoon_04

Which is your favorite balloon?

I especially love helium bouquets.

How would you describe the looner community?

The looner community is my second family and an essential part of my life!

What was your craziest, nicest or most interesting experience with a balloon?

Years ago, before I started to produce balloon clips, I found myself in the company of a girl who was part of the group of my friends. She started to inflate balloons to decorate the house for a New Year’s Eve celebration. Well, she liked to make some burst by overinflation and even stomping balloons on the floor while we were preparing them for the party. She didn´t suspect me having this fetish and it was a great day.

Do have other sexual preferences?

My fetish is about balloons, inflatables popping and fireworks lighting by women.

What is the name of your clip store?

My Clips4Sale store number is 47601 and it´s called „Italian balloon girls“.

When and how did you start to make clips?

13 years ago I asked my neighbor Daniela if she can help me popping balloons for a site that I wanted to start. I explained her everything about the balloon fetish and then she said „YES“. So I designed the first web page of italoon.org and we filmed like 20 outdoor clips to start. This was the beginning of a long story…

Do you just produce looner clips or also clips for other areas?

I produce clips with balloons, pool toys, and fireworks.

Who are your models?

I worked with over 40 models since I started in December 2002. At the moment I work with 15 models. Most of my balloon girls are also models for other photographers and a few of them are sexy porn stars.

Where is the limit or how far would your models go?

It depends, some of them make dressed clips, some bare clips and a few erotic clips like women kiss, hug or lick each other. I don’t make masturbation or male/female porn clips.

LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Italoon_05
LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Italoon_06
LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Italoon_07

Does your partner knows about your work and your local community like family and friends? How do they handle it?

My ex-wife is not happy about it, but she knows. My family and friends don’t know about it.

Do you have a member pay site or is it also possible to buy just a single clip?

I’ve got a member pay site www.italoon.org and a specific version for mobile/tablet www.andrea918.wix.com/italoon

What are your prices?

The prices are similar to other balloon websites: 30 days membership for €23 then €21 recurring and special discounts for 60 and 90 days subscriptions. I also accept balloon orders instead of payment if someone wants to join but don’t have a credit card.

What is the average time of a clip and how long does it take to produce it?

I produce clips which can have a length up from 5 minutes to 20 minutes and full movies in DVD/DiVX 60/90 minutes long. I spend a lot of time to edit the clips with attention before I put them online.

How do you handle customer requests?

I listen to every request and if it’s possible I try to satisfy everyone. But I only do custom clips if the model requested agrees with the content of the customer´s request.

What are the most favorite topics?

I love topics which describe real life experiences/situations with balloons, especially if they are unexpected.

LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Italoon_08

LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Italoon_09
LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Italoon_10

Video interview with custom fetish model Paige Erin Turner

LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Page Erin Turner_01

– Southern state charm with the BALLOON ANGELS – 

Today I present you BALLOON ANGELS, a custom studio from the USA. David, the photographer and editor, was so kind to interview Paige Erin Turner for us, who is a popular looner and fetish model. But now comes the really great thing: it´s not just a written interview, David also made a short videoclip!

David, thank you very much! Could you first tell us some hard facts about you and your work?

Balloon Angels was founded around 2007 by balloon and wrestling model Tara Bush. During the early years Tara was the main model working for Balloon Angels with me serving as her primary photographer/editor. Over the years multiple models have joined Tara in working with Balloon Angels and most of them continue to do so to this day. Tara still works behind the scenes as an advisor and periodically still provides custom balloon shoots for long time fans. I provide most of the videography and editing for Balloon Angels and serves as the project manager for most sets. Each of the models however also produce balloon material outside of Balloon Angels.

LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Page Erin Turner_02

In general the Balloon Angel models are both highly experienced in working with balloons and enjoy what they do as well. Included in the Balloon Angel’s stable of models are Kobe Lee, Galas, Paige Erin Turner, Jacquelyn Velvets and other guest stars who appear from time to time. Often the models are heavily involved in building sets, communicating with fans and offering their own creative input into their productions.

When working under the Balloon Angel umbrella most efforts are focused on custom requests and shoots specifically designed for a particular fan. This enables the girls to concentrate of fulfilling a particular fantasy for an individual and making the experience personal in nature.

LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Page Erin Turner_03

During shoots the girls may also produce clips for their own web site or clips4sale offerings. Shoots generally take place in studios in the Atlanta area, but at times they also take place on locations throughout the US. Depending on demand, shoots may last for hours or even over the course of several days.

Paige has been heavily involved with Balloon Angels for over five years and is one of their more popular models. Bringing a fun, country fresh attitude to the set has been her trademark over the years. Highly popular with her fans, she is heavily involved in contributing her ideas to custom shoots and introducing her own personality to everything from building sets to how she performs in front of the camera. In addition to using the studios in Atlanta, Paige also offers her Tennessee country home as a backdrop to many of her sets.

That´s where we are today, but get to know more in the interview with Paige now!

Transcription of the interview:

Paige, tell us a little about yourself and how you began working with balloons.

Hi. I’m Paige Erin Turner and I’ve been building this beautiful set with these BALLOONS UNITED balloons. They’re so pretty. I love this purple color. And I just wanted to tell you a little about myself. I’m from Tennessee and I first did my very first balloon shoot probably like about eight years ago. It’s been a while. And I did a few balloon shoots initially and then…I do a lot of request work so I didn’t get balloon requests for a while and then suddenly about two years ago I started getting so many balloon requests. I was very happy about it. So I’ve done a lot of balloon stuff since then.

LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Page Erin Turner_04

So what do you like the most about shooting with balloons?

It’s just so fun. Like it’s like the balloons are happy and bright and colorful and I just get to laugh and giggle and be silly and enjoy myself!

How do your friends and family react when you tell them what you’re doing?

Well, there are really like two reactions. Some people are like oh wow that sounds like fun ya know. That’s different but it sounds like fun. Other people are like hmmmmm is that a thing. Like what do you do with…….why??? So people are like mostly confused or they’re like oh that’s cool.

How would you describe your interactions with the balloon community?

They have all been really nice. Like they’re very friendly. Very nice people. Ya know. And it’s interesting. I find it very interesting how passionate everyone is. I think it’s great ya know that everybody is really into this. So yeah, it’s cool.

What are some of your craziest experiences on a balloon shoot?

Well today it’s been really windy so it’s been interesting like trying to control and corral the balloons while we’re shooting outside. But one of my earlier balloon shoots I was shooting for Dave for Balloon Angels and I walked down into the basement. We were going to do sets down there and it was all set up and I was blown away. I had never seen … it was like floor to ceiling balloons. I had never seen so many balloons in my entire life. I was totally blown away. And there were huge ones. There were like five foot balloons down there. Like I had to get my phone and like I had to take pictures of this. This is crazy. This is amazing!

LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Page Erin Turner_05

LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Page Erin Turner_06

Tell us about your clips for sale store.

Its Clips For Sale store number 69103 and it’s called Paige’s Fetish Variety Show. And the kind of name tells you there is not just one thing. It’s a good bit of variety. There is a lot of balloon stuff cause like I said I’ve been getting a lot of balloon request the past couple of years. So yay for that!! But it also is, ya know, there are ideas and requests people send in, custom orders and then things that I think hey, this might be interesting.

Do you have a limit of what you will or won’t do?

Uh, I don’t do like any boy-girl sexual work. Just not my thing. Um and I don’t do things like I don’t do smoking. I know smoking is very popular but I’ve never been a smoker. I’m just not good at it. And so it’s like…yuk.

So if someone wanted a custom request from you what would they do?

It kind of depends on . If it’s a balloon request honestly the best thing to do is to get in touch with me through Balloon Angels because we work together a lot and Dave knows a lot of logistics about shooting balloon stuff. If it’s anything else you can email me at paigeerinturner@outlook.com and that’s the best way to get in touch with me.

Would you consider yourself a popper or a non-popper?

So as to whether I’m a popper or a non-popper, it’s kinda hard to say.  I mean I love balloons. They’re so fun to play with and to just like hug and squeeze and play with. They’re so pretty.  And sometimes after a balloon shoot, a stray balloon will just float around my house for weeks just there being happy.   

But, the popping….it can be fun too. I like to do it playfully, though. Like I don’t like being mean about the popping.    We’re all playing together. It’s fun popping.

What’s Your Favorite Kind of Balloon?

Well, like I said I really love the fact that there are bright, pretty colors and they look like pretty jewels or something and like the bigger ones like 16 or 18 inch something like that. Those are nice and yeah and they’re happy.

What’s your favorite method of popping?

Oooh. I think I like squeeze pops the most. Cause like you really get your hands on it there you know and it’s like you can draw it out.

What was one of your most fun shoots?

Ooohh. We did this one set where I got to wear a Belle costume like from the movie. I love costumes they’re so much fun. And so I got to do this whole setup, it was a really pretty set like helium balloons and everything. It was really pretty and then at the end, we did a big balloon drop and that was a lot of fun. The balloons were coming down. That was cool. I liked it. And it was fun to come and do the whole set up beforehand

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

I would just like to say thank you because it’s so much fun. The balloon shoots  I really love them. And it’s all because of you that I get to do these things and play with all these huge beautiful sets and all these different kinds of balloons! And then, you know, on top of that ya’ll have such nice comments on line and leave such nice notes and reviews and everything and I really appreciate it so much! I love that you enjoy the work that we do and I love, you know, bringing your fantasies to life. I love being able to do that and so, yeah, just definitely keep it coming.

LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Page Erin Turner_07

LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Page Erin Turner_08

Interview with looner girl Oxana

LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Oxana_01

– From Russia with love – 

Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Oxana Efremova, I’m from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Occupation – medical ward nurse. Married.

Are you a Looner?

I don’t know if I can call myself a looner or not. Just like you Maggy, I don’t have “inherent” fetish for balloons. However, I love balloons and assume that playing with them is arousing.

How did you discover this fetish for yourself?

I discovered it from my husband Valentin. In that time we were not married yet but had been dating for five years or so. I had no clue that he had some special sexual preferences. One evening we were laying on the couch and Val said: “Do you want to know my biggest secret?” Of course, I said yes 🙂 And he said: “I have a fetish for balloons”.

Fist I didn’t believe him. I thought it was a joke and there was no fetish like that 🙂 But next day he showed me looner videos, our local looner community in VK (he appeared to be a prominent member of it)…wow, it was such a revelation. I was shocked, in a good way, because I was introduced to a huge part of my beloved one’s life I hadn’t known before…and I found it amazing ’cause I was always curious about kinky things that make people excited. Some of them may be disgusting, but balloons and inflatables…I guess it’s the most lovely, innocent and cute fetish in the world :)) I fall in love with it at the first sight.

Next day I asked Val to get the largest balloon available. And that’s it 🙂

LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Oxana_02
LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Oxana_03
LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Oxana_04


Does your local community like family and friends know about it? How did they react?

I keep it in private. The only one who knows (except Val) is my twin sister. I know her very well and I was 100% sure that won’t judge me.

What exactly do you like most about a balloon?

Oh, I thought about this a lot so my answer is complicated 🙂 The best thing about balloons is their latent and metaphorical sexuality that can only be seen from the right angle. Expanding balloon is like ongoing excitement of sex, squeaky sounds are like passionate breath of your lover… and of course the burst is like orgasm. You can be tender with the loon and have a long play with it even without popping or you may go crazy and have insane popping session. Just like sex 🙂

Well actually it took time (and dozens of balloons) to realize that sensual side of balloons. Of course physical sences came first – the touch of tight surface, the pleasure of sitting on a balloon that is ready to burst under you…I also love the scent of latex. Not all, some balloons smells like chimney. But the scent of GL’s or Olympics is sooo great…I’d love to make a perfume with this odour 🙂

LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Oxana_5
LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Oxana_06


Which is your favorite balloon?

I love big bouncy balloons and the ones with the big necks. I guess Giant Dolls, RCR 20×32” and Cattex 32” Longnecks are the best ever!

How would you describe the looner community?

In short – 90% passive and reserved observers, 9% active public members and 1% brainless guys who send you pics of their dicks over balloons.

What was your craziest, nicest or most interesting experience with a balloon?

The most interesting experience – cooperative shootings with Alissa and her girls. We should definitely do it one more time.

The nicest one – meeting my fan in Greece who brought me 100 helium filled balloons 🙂 They hardly fit my room but it was very pleasant.

The craziest experience is to private to share 😉

LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Oxana_07
LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Oxana_08
LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Oxana_09


Do have other sexual preferences?

Vinyl toys / Inflatables

What is the name of your clip store?


When and how did you start to make clips?

We shot our first clip in late 2012. We used to make several photo shoots with balloons before but it was the first balloon video. I felt soooo stupid and clumsy…but then I got huge positive feedback and it inspired me to shoot more.

Do you just produce looner clips or also clips for other areas?

I also shoot clips with inflatables and plastic bags. Sure, it’s much better for business to make clips for many types of sexual preferences…but it’s just boring for me. I have several clips about foot fetish and object crush but it’s mostly for fun.

Where is your personal limit or how far would you go?

My rules are simple – no nudity, no vulgarity, and covered eyes. And I never shoot anything that I find humiliating.

Do you have a member pay site or is it also possible to buy just a single clip?

I don’t have pay site and I don’t want to run it. Since shooting clips is my hobby and art I don’t want to be obliged to make 2 updates a week or something like that. It kills all the pleasure. I used to have a Clips4Sale store but I closed it too. People can get any clip directly from me and pay via PayPal or get a wholesale clip lot in my Ebay store.

How are your prices?

Talking about money is boring.

That is the average time of a clip and how long does it take to produce it?

I don’t know the average time of my clips. Seriously, I don’t care how long or short it will be – it all depends on action. The clip should be exciting till the last second, running time is not the point. Some clips are shot in 1 hour, some take several days for planning, obtaining outfit and accessories, setting, shooting, editing etc. We usually shoot 1-2 clips per session.

How do you handle customer requests?

I do take requests but I’m very picky about them. If I find a request amusing, fitting my rules and if I have time for that I take it. But actually, it’s less than 5% of all incoming requests.

What are the most favorite topics?

Blowing to pop is the most popular topic. But when people ask for custom clip they request something special that they like most – outfit, shooting style etc.

What was your craziest experience in this context?

I receive a lot of crazy requests, most of them are not even related to balloon fetish. Something like to learn to play trombone and make a clip playing guy’s favorite song. He was ready to pay for the lessons and the instrument. Or to make a clip about stuck between couch pillows and waving dirty bare feet during it …omg.

Thank you for the interview and keep enjoying your balloons!

LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Oxana_10
LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Oxana_11

Interview with looner girl Angel Daily

LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Angel Daily_02

– The looner girl from Brazil –

Can you please introduce yourself?

Hi, I am Angel Daily, I´m 22 years old, work at a candy store and maybe it’s hard to imagine but I´m single. I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I´m a girl who likes to play video games, animes, cosplay, dancing…. and a woman who knows what she wants….

Are you a Looner?

Yes, I am. I love balloons since I was young. It took a lot of time to understand what I feel and to say that I´m proud of being a Looner!

How did you discover this fetish for yourself?

Well, everything started when I was just a kid. Balloons are something that fascinated me and at the same time, they made me very afraid. So when I was a teenager (13-14 years old) I started to try to lose my fear of balloons by popping small 9″ balloons, but one day I felt one strange itch … you can imagine what happened after this…

Did your former partner know about this and your local community like family and friends? How did they react?

I’m single now, but I tried to tell this to my ex-boyfriend… and he didn`t accept it very well, men are usually not very understandable with women’s desires. But one day I will find someone who will understand and accept this. At the moment only a few friends know about this, but they weren’t surprised because I’ve always been pretty childish with my balloons and teddy bears.

What exactly do you like most about a balloon?

This is not easy to say… I like so many things. But I love the touch, the smell, the colors and the noise that a balloon makes when I scratch it with my nails.

Which is your favorite balloon?

I have tried a lot of balloons but now my favorite balloon is the 40″ Brazilian balloon because it is so soft and strong.

How would you describe the looner community?

Very open. They always try to help everyone and I´ve made really good friends here.

What was your craziest, nicest or most interesting experience with a balloon?

I did a Blow-To-pop with a huge 24″ balloon in public with a lot of people watching me!

Do have other sexual preferences?

I’m bisexual … so beautiful girls can turn me on.

LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Angel Daily_01
LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Angel Daily_05


What is the name of your clip store?

Hotlooners” – clips4sale.com/80267

When and how did you start to make clips?

I recorded my first video about 3 – 4 years ago and I started to make videos to earn money to buy big balloons like the 16″ balloons and the Qualatex 24″ balloon because sadly I can’t find balloons like this here in Brazil and the shipping costs are expensive.

Do you just produce looner clips or also clips for other areas?

I have tried new things like inflatables, bags and bubble gum, but all of them in the inflatables area.

Where is your personal limit or how far would you go?

I will never make topless or naked videos!! Never!

Do you have a member pay site or is it also possible to buy just a single clip?

No, I don’t have a member site. I make my videos for fun and it´s hard to have fun when you have the obligation to post something new every week, but I make custom videos if someone asks me.

How are your prices?

I try to make the fairest price possible, but good balloons are really expensive.

What is the average time of a clip and how long does it take to produce it?

It´s hard to tell how long I take to produce them… I can´t say for sure but at last 2 or 3 days.

How do you handle customer requests?

It´s fun, I always learn something new.

What are the most favorite topics?

People always ask me to make a Blow-To-Pop.

What was your craziest experience in this context?

One guy keeps asking me to stay behind clear balloons and act like I´m stuck in the balloons…

Thank you for the interview and keep enjoying your balloons!

LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Angel Daily_04
LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Angel Daily_03