Belbal 14“ – a balloon for decoration and advertising with a big bang

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– A short description of the Belbal 14“ balloon –

The Belgian balloons are made by the company Belbal since over 30 years now. These balloons are attractive for their high quality and the huge range of different sizes and and colors. Due to its strong latex compound the Belbal balloons are really tight and stable. Aside from the usual use of non printed balloons for professional decorations, Belbal balloons are often applied to advertising and promotion as well. By now this balloon became a standard for this usage in Europe.

Especially the Belbal 14“ balloon is established as a popular advertising balloon in many companies. In comparison to the bigger Belbal B250 and B350 the 14“ balloon convinces with the same great quality but a very low price.

It´s a classic balloon shape and easy to describe: a pear-shaped bulb with a beautiful long neck. It´s remarkable that the neck fully inflates by the first inflation even without any special treatment or pre-stretching. After multiple inflations, the Belbal 14“ can reach impressive sizes. This balloon is available in numerous color shades and of course also in standard and crystal colors. Due to its high-quality Belbal balloons can hold their shape and stability over a long period of time.

I´ve made the experience that the Belbal 14“ is even used in completely different areas: because of its reliability and the low risk of unintentional popping this balloon is also used for therapeutic treatments, such as improving the motoric skills in speech therapy.

From a Looners point of view, it´s a perfect balloon for those who prefer smaller ones. Although I´m not a real Popper it happens that balloons can pop from time to time. And this one makes a real loud and whipping bang! Due to the firm latex compound, it´s really strong and not quite easy to pop on purpose in comparison to other balloons of similar size. But since this is a rather small balloon it’s not impossible of course. On the contrary, I think that the combination of stubbornness and loud bang gives an extra thrill to the act of bursting. The Belbal 14“ is the perfect choice for passionate poppers not least because of its reasonable price.

In my imagination a Blow-To-Pop with this balloon can be really exciting and satisfying. Personally I like to use Belbal 14“ balloons for different decorations (no matter if inside or outside) and I enjoy the great and beautiful colors of these balloons. My popular choice is definitely the color teal.

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  1. Lily
    Lily says:

    This Ballons are Awesome, mostly for riding and making fetishes. BUT this AWESOME company should make mylar/foil:Airwalker balloons or balloon animals(such as big horses or zebras too). BEST BALLON WEBSITE EVAH

  2. LMS
    LMS says:

    Absolutely love the belbal 14″! They stretch very good already at first inflation, and gets to great sizes! Especially the black ones gets pretty big, and has a nice touch to it.
    However, I got a bit disappointed when finding a couple of the “fuck you”-printed balloons had a small hole in them. But I guess they could be used for btp 🙂
    Anyways a great balloon, that reaches tremendous shape and size after a couple inflations!

    • Maggy BerLoon
      Maggy BerLoon says:

      Yeah, I´m glad you love them 😉 I also like them very much!!

      A hole is shit, but sadly this can happen from time to time…don´t hesitate to write us at and send us a picture, if something like this happens, so you get your money back. Or you will get a balloon extra with your next order, but please write us in such a case!

      • LMS
        LMS says:

        Yeah, they’re great
        I’ve already put them to good use through btp, so there’s no issues or worries from my part. I know that’s a thing that may happen sometimes.
        It’s a bit like fireworks, sometimes the product explodes in the tube, or even malfunction I a way that it doesn’t fire 🙂
        So no problems from my side, as said – they’re still good for quick popping.

  3. Loonaguy (Paul)
    Loonaguy (Paul) says:

    I’ve had limited experience with these so far, which I plan on changing, but very happy with the few I have used, I think also they are a great balloon for non-poppers who love necking, because as you say they neck easily and due to their resilient nature can be well trusted.

  4. Rob
    Rob says:

    Very nice description. I like the balloon because it is very strong. You feel who tight it is when blown big and very thrilling if blown till pop. With the printed balloons you can see who stretched the balloon is when inflating.


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