Balloons became a haven of tranquility to me

– GUEST ARTICLE: Lovely Anni allows us to get a glimpse of her relationship towards balloons and the balloon fetish –


I still don’t know if I´m a looner! Why?

My name is Anni, and I’m a 20-year-old girl from Germany. Since I was four years old, I had a fear of balloons… especially when other people are involved. Now I try to face my fears. The start is very difficult, but the efforts will grow and grow. To blow up balloons and pop them with a needle isn’t a problem for me anymore.

I think the rest will be ok, someday.

While I face my fears, I recognize again and again how exciting balloons are.

You can lay down on them, sit on them and you can do a lot of other stuff with balloons. They are nearly attractive to me. To push them to the limits is quite exciting for me, but at the moment I’m still too afraid to do so. Sometimes I just lie on balloons for hours, playing with them or grab them with my long fingernails and of course sometimes I pop one with a needle. Despite the fact that there is nothing sexual for me in balloons, they are quite exciting and charming for me, again and again.

I could also imagine integrating balloons into my relationship because they became a haven of tranquility to me. Just laying relaxed next to them, cuddling them and pop one from time to time. What I like is, when other people blow up balloons. But just to some extent so that I can still enjoy the beautiful shapes and colors.

I recently learned the word balloon fetish and its meaning.

If I had to say that I’m a looner, I would describe myself as a semi popper. That’s because I’m too afraid to pop balloons, except popping them with a needle sometimes.

During the last weeks, I asked my self, if I’m the only one thinking in ways like that. But then I found the blog of BALLOONS UNITED, and I read the article of Willian who is in the same situation like me. He isn’t afraid of balloons anymore, and now he is working with them.  I have a huge amount of respect for this man.  Of course, it’s not my goal to be a producer of fetish videos or something like that, but I want to live without the fear of balloons. Besides this fact, you can discover the nice facts about the little and the great things. 

Of course, I can understand a lot of people, what’s making them so horny for balloons. They are enjoyable soft, will get a nice temperature and nestle to your body. I also understand the poppers more and more! I’m not sexually affected by balloons, but a popping balloon can make you really happy. I’m delighted that I found that peace that I just can enjoy by myself.


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  1. Wil Blown
    Wil Blown says:

    Hi Anni,

    It really doesn’t matter if you have a fetish for balloons or not. What is great is that they make you feel good. Just the fact that you are able to understand our feeling for balloons and to support our community is fantastic.

    How great that you can get enjoyment from such a simple thing! Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with us!

  2. Some Anonymous Dude
    Some Anonymous Dude says:

    That’s great and all, overcoming your fear of balloons and I applaud you for that, but personally popping balloons doesn’t make me happy, rather it makes me quite sad. After having fun with big & beautiful balloons, why would you want to get rid of them? To me it’s basically like murder. That just ends the fun and joy.

  3. lee
    lee says:

    I too had a fear of balloons, but at some point at very young age it turned sort of sexual, I thought I was somehow wrong, untill I revealed to my long time partner who is open minded and reassured me its nothing to be ashamed of. Good to here a women’s view/side. Thanks

  4. Albert
    Albert says:

    Hello Anni great background on your love for balloons I have heard of plenty of people that have had similar experiences as you. I have my background on this blog and balloons for me have always been amazing n now more. I would like to get to know you as friends and just talk balloons

  5. P.O.
    P.O. says:

    “I had a fear of balloons… especially when other people are involved.” I understand the “other people” part entirely. For me as a child, being alone with a balloon was a sweet, nurturing experience that felt at once magical, peaceful and comforting. However, the moment that I encountered balloons in a (usually rowdy or chaotic) public setting like a friend’s birthday party or a school rally, my heart would sink and I would feel an awful, impending dread in my stomach. All of these balloons were going to be massacred, innocent sacrificial victims, indiscriminately destroyed by people who couldn’t understand–and there was nothing I could do! It could be called a combination of fear and something like heartbreak.

    • Alain kess
      Alain kess says:

      Same here my friend, I love to have a lot of balloons around me, I like to play with them and to high them, I don’t like to pop them but I can easily do it if I have to, but if I see a balloon popped by somebody else, I feel something like a phisical pain, it hurt me somehow, expecially if it is made in an “evil” way. It seems like if I would identify myself in the balloon, and I could feel the violence on my person

  6. Alexander
    Alexander says:

    Very happy for you Anni and wishing you all the best as you continue to overcome your fears of balloons popping and continue to enjoy them more and more in the future ahead of you. Congratulations and cheers to you! Cheerio.


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