Balloons are unearthly magic

Saw your site, saw you take story entries from people. I never, ever talk about this with anyone, so thought it was a good idea to send my thoughts.

Thankfully I found out over the internet that the balloon fetish is surprisingly common in my teenage years, so I’ve spent a lot of time looking at what others have to say.

My main reason for throwing all this out there is to ask a question; from my observations I have always seemed to be an “odd man out” in terms of that, I prefer only Helium when filling balloons, because my fetish for them revolves almost entirely around them being buoyant. Am I an odd man out in the fetish as I suspected, or are there others out there who share this with me? I’d really like to know. Below, I go into details.

I am a 26-year-old male, living on the East Coast of the US. I have loved and been extremely attracted to balloons ever since I could remember. I “woke up” in that department pretty early compared to most. Due to being taken on a series of errands to a local community center pool, one day I had the fortune to see a group of truly beautiful girls playing with a gorgeous bouquet of violet helium balloons with star prints on them. That moment profoundly affected me and started my fetish at an extremely early age. From that time onward whenever I so much as saw balloons I would get butterflies in my stomach and was always reminded of feminine softness and fullness by them.

I was also enamored by and obsessed with their buoyancy. I grew up into engineering and trust me when I say usually to make anything fly you need powerful engines, rotors or aerodynamic surfaces, and various systems to control the flight. Airships are equally complicated. The fact that a beautiful soft rubber sphere can float out of your arms up to the ceiling always made me equate balloons to unearthly magic, and I still do to this day. They are pure to me and far from what I call the “heavy stuff”.

Shortly after that first experience, I saw another bouquet of them get let go, and they flew away into the sky. My need to catch them was overpowering. I wondered why anything so beautiful could be let fly away like that, I felt like I was the only one who loved them. I hid my feelings until I was alone, as I was always extremely naturally secretive. This event haunted me then and would stay with me forever.

Balloons are the most beautiful objects I have ever seen. Truthfully I view them as a little bit more than simply an object, an object to me is something inanimate with inanimate attributes. Nothing about balloons seems inanimate to me. They are soft, change shape easily, and move in an entrancing way through the air. I find them to be magic, and I suppose I’ve always anthropomorphized them a little bit in my head. This is because loving balloons to me have always been deeply emotional as well as sexual.

I don’t like popping them for the simple reason that I would never want any beautiful lover to vanish with a bang and be gone. That to me is emotionally distressing and sad, as well as practically wasteful.

Helium-filled balloons are objects of Erotica and Tantalus to me. A Helium filled balloon feels like it isn’t supposed to be held or touched since I first “rescued” a large one from floating away at a fair when someone let it go. It felt like I had picked a wonderful forbidden fruit. I took it home, locked myself away with it when nobody was home, had the overwhelming urge to just hug it to me, and making love to it gave me my first orgasm.

Most people in their balloon fetish videos leave the Helium-filled balloons up on their ceilings or at the ends of thin ribbons once they have finished filling them. To me, I get the most satisfaction from loving on the buoyant ones. I never wanted to fly away with them as some do, I always wanted to hold them down to me and keep them safe. Although the upward force is negligible, to me the feeling of holding down something soft and buoyant that is trying to escape your grasp and float away feels mind-numbingly pleasurable. It’s like a playful love-game. I like to hold down great clusters of them, not tied to any ribbons, as many as I possibly can and wrestle them with me under heavy blankets and hug them to me. It is challenging, and the challenge of holding so many to me and preventing their escape is singularly the most erotic thing I’ve ever been able to imagine or experience. Going to sleep with them secured under me is like sleeping on a cloud. The ones that neck when they get really, really full have always been my favorite shapes and they feel amazing.

I am a very secretive person and this is the first time I’ve opened up about this in any way, and I, of course, wish to stay anonymous. Due to a messed up early life, I’ve never had the ability to trust anyone enough to get into a relationship, ever.
If I did, I’ve always fantasized having a romantic partner who is herself plump and curvy and buoyant in the air and who would float away if not held down, like a balloon full of helium. Holding down a balloon that wants to float away is hypersensual, so I imagine holding down and pinning and sexing a lover with the same character would be a thousand times more. Sadly, the laws of physics defeat this fantasy, so balloons are the best I can have.

My deepest fantasy is and has always been to have that with a buoyant lover in a room stuffed tight from floor to ceiling with equally buoyant helium balloons.

Wonder how many people this will resonate with.


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  1. DR Electric
    DR Electric says:

    …fascinating. I recall in my childhood a similar fantasy with balloons only non erotic. Balloons were something I collected, a companion, something to cling to in the absence of parental care. They brought colour and fun to my existence and had loads of fun inhaling them. I bought my first giant balloon in the 70s and it’s one of my fondest memories. Now in my forties and working as a psychologist and having high functioning autism I notice that many children with autism have an affinity for balloons. Could this be a reader like yourself.

  2. jim
    jim says:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of balloon lovers! You are by no means alone in your love for balloons or your love for helium balloons. I have learned over the years that there are many different ways to enjoy balloons and there are definitely people out there who have the same tastes as you do.

    I too rescued a big pink balloon at a county fair brought it home and had my first orgasm. I also love helium though they are really a treat for me. My wife supports my fetish and will participate every so often. The longer you are in the community, the more you will find out that your love of balloons is shared by thousands, tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of others.

    I remember the moment I discovered I wasn’t alone. It changed my life.

    So welcome to the party! Enjoy.

    • Article Author
      Article Author says:

      That is heartening, thank you. There is nothing like the delicate wanting to escape of Helium. How to branch out a bit more in the community?

  3. Craig
    Craig says:

    Yes I love helium balloons as well. I have my own helium tank and love to blow them up real big. I especially love the belbal 250 Balloons with helium. I blow them up huge.


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