“Balloons are a big part of my life”

– GUEST POST: The background story of a looner from the USA –  

Hey everyone!

Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Albert, I’m 25 years old, and I have been a looner for 12 years now. I´m from a small town in New Mexico in the USA. My fetish started when I was about 13 years old. Everything started when some high school cheerleaders let me indulge in the balloon clean up after a pep rally. They had popped balloons on me by grinding their bodies against the balloons, and for me, this was an amazing experience that jump-started me loving balloons in a passionate way. I was not only one cheerleader but the whole squad trying new positions on me with balloons, and it was an amazing and crazy event that happened to me. Even if these were normal 12″ balloons bought at our local Wal-Mart, but having different ladies who rubbed, bumped and squeezed them into my crotch area was an amazing feeling and became a huge turn on for me. To feel that static electricity and smoothness of the balloons rubbing me in all the right places had me in an orgasmic state.

I’ve tried a lot of different things with balloons but my favorite thing is when I put them between my legs, and then I bounce and play roughly with them. Little 12″ balloons were fun, but now that I’ve gotten older I’ve been able to enjoy different sizes and shapes of balloons. My favorites are UNIQUE 16″, TUFTEX 17″ and QUALATEX 24″.

I’ve always wanted to stress and see how much a balloon can take after that first exciting balloon experience. Afterward, I discovered the neck of the balloon which I absolutely love. I think necking the balloon shows you how much a balloon can take before it completely explodes to balloon shreddings. It’s an amazing feeling having a nice big balloon with a large neck that allows you to ride and bounce it without popping it right away.

The strange thing is, I never seemed uneasy when it came to balloons in the past even when it came to playing bouncing/riding and squeezing them. I have grown comfortable with the whole fetish thing and wouldn’t have it any other way. Although I’m sure, I’m not the only looner who has had a few weird looks from people who think it´s strange in some way. But I don´t care because, in all reality, balloons are a big part of my life. Maybe other looner will say the same, for me balloons impacted the life of mine in a surprising and amazing way! I’ve met a whole community, made new friends and got the opportunity to share similar experiences with others! 

Now, I’m married to an amazing woman who accepts my fetish, and I’m so grateful she allows me to have my balloons when things get hot and heavy between us. She likes how balloons turn me on and to see how I do crazy stuff like to pressure them to new lengths!

I´ve recently been experiencing this with a QUALATEX 24″ THE LOONER balloon. I’ve popped a few testing their limits! But I also have one I’ve baked and blew up plenty of times! Now I’ve got this monster to 36″ at least, and it can still take abuse!

I’ve placed plenty of orders through BALLOONS UNITED and Jan and Maggy are fantastic and always willing to help a fellow looner. I hope to hear and see more of people’s stories of how they became looner! I love to meet new people who share this fetish and enjoy the simple things in life. In this, I hope you all enjoy my experiences, and background story. Feel free to contact me if you would like to share stories or similar interests.



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  1. Tom Flack
    Tom Flack says:

    I’ve loved balloons all my life and I now have a partner who tolerates my balloon fetish but at least allows me to have a balloon room where I keep over 30 big balloons crammed in there !
    The feel of them all pressing up against me drives me wild with passion and I end up bursting some erotically !
    Basically though I’m a non popper and enjoy keeping special big ones blown up for me by my friends . Having said that I do occasionally love to see them burst any old lying around as this quite excites me too !

  2. mauroballoon
    mauroballoon says:

    hi im manny im a 36 years old gay masculine latino , i live in maryland washington dc area, my fetish for balloons started when i was 14 i guess ( but i was attracted for them since 6 ) one day i was in my country peru walking in an avenue called avenida brasil over there it was like 2 blocks full of little party stores most of them with piñatas hanging outside and some old balloons too, but one in special had a huge blue balloon really well inflated by mouth ( not helium) hanging outside and it took my attention big time!! i was young and got a strong erection to see what it was rare to see in my country a not average 12″ balloons it was big compared it was like a 17″ overinflated just awesome, and when i see inside the little dark store a man on his 50’s kinda chubby latino saw me watching the big balloon and ask me you like it ? and i felt butterflies in my stomach and say kinda shy yes ! come on in he said and i did and he said i will blow up another one wanna help me out with a third one? i almost cum lol i said yes and he said ok but is lunch time i will close that way we can inflate without interruption ao he close the little store , it was kind of dark with many party stuff around it was just perfect ambiance and he started with the first blow fuoosssss it was powerful he started blow and blow and blow and getting bigger and bigger i could see he was really really erected and so me too he hugged the big balloon and blow blow blow blow he was watching me straight to my eyes touching his penis he asked me to start inflating my big balloon so i started but at the fourth fuossssss y cum a lot in my pants then he did too well thats how i started with what i call a blessed fetish, thanks for reading

  3. Baltimore Looner
    Baltimore Looner says:

    I’d say my fetish with balloons started when I was 10. I had gotten some large balloons from a fair. They rested on the ceiling in my room. I watched them at night float there. In the morning, most were on the floor. I picked one of them up intent on bursting it. I couldn’t find a pin so I decided to use my body. When I sat on it though, something quite different happen. I experienced a jolt and an erection so intense that I decided against bursting it. From that day forward, I was hooked. I have kept my fetish relatively secret. I only told one other person, my ex, who indugled in my fantasy of having sex on big balloons. She was great. It was a great time. I am a non popper, however I don’t mind seeing a pretty woman pop a big balloon from time to time!

    • AdministratorLooner
      AdministratorLooner says:

      I have the same feeling for balloons as Baltimore Looner. The point is that with me, I have a fear on balloons. I can’t stand the popping sound and that breakers my heart.

  4. Dave
    Dave says:

    I love ORANGE balloons only and never burst them. My mission is to protect them. I sleep with them every night and I ve now got my girlfriend into it. She now understand s the attraction. Believe me, I have over 20,000 ORANGE balloons and I ve had some of them for over 25 yrs and because they are stored in a dark dry place they have not degraded at all, now send me some Orange balloon s .

    • Albert
      Albert says:

      I love all colors but I’m really fond of purples, burgundy, and oranges. I like to make them when they are transparent they get that pretty crystal color. I personally like Unique 16″ I love the necks they get.

  5. Andrew Griffiths
    Andrew Griffiths says:

    Your story is a bit different from mine. As with Loon Ranger, I started with a dual fascination with them. I liked them, but was afraid of them bursting.
    From about 8 to 15, balloon play – when I had the opportunity – was my own personal adventure.
    Puberty – at 12 or 13 – heightened and “para-sexualised” the experience. When I finally overcame my nervousness – at about 15 – it was like a rite of passage.
    Since then, I’ve been hooked.

  6. Loon Ranger
    Loon Ranger says:

    It sounds like you were never afraid of balloons popping, that’s interesting. The vast majority of looners I’ve spoken with (as well as myself) say their fetish developed from a phobia. Were you never afraid of popping?


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