About Anna Pop – in love with the big bang

Find out more about the Loonergirl next door and her life with balloons


Anna (29 years old) lives in Southern Germany. She is married and Looners probably know her best by her artist name „Anna POP“.

Are you a Looner yourself?

In my imagination I am! However, I just take part in stuff that I have fun doing. It’s really cool to stand out, blowing up balloons until they burst and enjoy the fun of that with other girls. Balloons play a huge part in my life and no matter where I may be, I’ll always have some with me.

How did you discover the fetish for yourself?

Well, it’s been a long time ago. It was my little sister’s birthday, and she had some balloons she wanted to use for decoration. I helped her with the decorating, and somehow I found myself enjoying blowing up the balloons until they became really huge and popped. That really gave me an amazing feeling. From then on I did that over and over again simply because I had a lot of fun doing it. A blow to pop really gives somewhat of a thrill, especially doing it in public. In the beginning, I didn’t really know that this could be considered a fetish let alone that something like a balloon fetish even exists.

Now I can’t even imagine living my life without balloons.

Does your partner/your close friends and family know about your fetish and how have they reacted?

He definitely knows and is joining me quite often (…however he’s always behind the camera because I think that this is something only for women. In addition to that, there are only some very close friends who know.

What is it about balloons that you enjoy the most?

Balloons to me have a special kind of aesthetic. Especially if they are blown up or blown up to burst by women (and solely by women!). Furthermore, there are so many different and great balloons. It’s just awesome to discover and try out new balloons.

There is a special kind of excitement when I’m blowing up a balloon also there is some kind of motivation to reaching and exceeding the maximum. Like I said before, I really get a kick out of that. I enjoy blowing up balloons until they become really big and form a really nice neck. That’s when I find balloons truly extremely chic! Ballons that are half-heartedly blown up, limp or even old balloons are definitely not my thing. The latter especially because of the smell that I don’t like. I think you call that ripe.

What is your favorite balloon and why?

Generally, I like balloons from a size of 14“ up to „as big as it gets“. My absolute favorite balloon is the Unique 16“. It is the best to be blown to burst, and the size of the neck is unpredictable.

Another special highlight are our own first Anna Pop balloons. I think that you and Jan still remember the joy of your first own balloons or the feeling you get from your own new prints. It’s something really special. As you know that was a birthday surprise of my husband and Sarah – I was so overwhelmed with happiness that I really only realized it after a couple of days.

What was your craziest, most exciting or most beautiful experience in regards to the balloon fetish?

The craziest experience has to be my public blow to pop at IKEA – that was pure adrenaline and very cool!

There are two more outstanding experiences:

One of them was definitely the combination of my wedding and my kink and the resulting pictures and videos in my wedding dress. The second one was when I met Sarah who became my best friend at Playa de Palma in September 2013.

My worst experience (even if you didn’t ask for it) was an evening when I ran out of balloons. I was at a discotheque where I met a group of four other girls with whom I just blew away the content of my bag. I could go on listing my wonderful experiences and all the girls I/we met…

Where can we find your clips?

You can find my clips at clips4sale.com. That’s where I opened my store „Anna POP“ in 2015. I only do custom clips when the expectations meet and I know, that I’ll enjoy the realization.

When and how did you get the idea of producing clips?

You could say that it just naturally developed. I always enjoyed taking photos or shooting videos of me and my balloons. In the beginning, I made the clips myself without a „cameraman“.

Two years ago I decided to try and sell clips to finance my studies (P.S: I’ll finish studying this year, but Anna POP will stay). Well, and this is how Anna POP was born.

Since then our clips have always developed. Furthermore, my husband is also my cameraman and clip manager. Some time ago we added a tripod and some decent lighting and then an external microphone to our small digital camera. Last autumn we bought a 4K camera.

Nevertheless, we don’t do it all just for the money, but we are lucky to earn something on the side with our „hobby“. We always invest our earnings in new, great balloons, locations or party trips.

Do you only produce Looner videos or are you catering to other fetishes as well?

Our clips are only surrounding balloons.

Last winter me and my friend Sarah visited a BDSM location together. Even though it was interesting and we had a lot of fun shooting videos with cages, a punishing buck, a St. Andrew’s cross, whips and paddles you couldn’t consider this to be „real“ BDSM. We only used the special atmosphere of the location. 

Well, and I like shoes and sexy outfits. Not as a fetish but simply because it looks good.


Is there something you’d really like to try?

Of course! A great location outside in the winter. It was just too cold for that, or it simply didn’t work yet.

What are your boundaries or how far would you go?

Our policy is that we always keep our clothes on in our clips which is, in my opinion, a unique feature compared to all the other studios on c4s. Please don’t get me wrong I don’t mean to depreciate others, but it’s just not my thing. We want to be ourselves with our clips and keep the intimate scenes for us privately.

Are you on your own or are you working with other girls, boys, etc.? If so, tell me more about it!

Most of the times I’m alone with my balloons in my pocket. When I’m out partying I’m always hoping for other girls who are interested in bursting balloons with me. Most of the times I’m making a find!

This is how I met my best friend Sarah a few years ago. We met during our holidays at Ballermann in Mallorca. On our first evening, I just put a balloon in her hand, and she burst it right on the seafront promenade. That was the beginning of a very special friendshipWe’ve had a lot of unforgettable experiences since then – of course including lots of balloons. By now balloons are just as important to Sarah as me, and she is completely involved in the Anna POP studios.

We are on the go together as often as possible looking for open minded girls to have some balloon fun with us. Sadly there is a distance of 500 Kilometers separating us which means that we are often alone with our balloons in our pockets – always ready for a spontaneous B2P.

Back to business, what are your prices?

Normally my clips on c4s correspond to their standard pricing. Exclusive clips can sometimes be a bit more expensive.

How long are your clips and how much time do you usually need to produce them?

I can’t tell you that exactly because we are always working without a script or something which means that the clip lengths are always varying spontaneously from 1 minute to 55 minutes, everything is possible. Concerning custom clips the length is naturally roughly fixed although occurred that Sarah and I produced another full clip more „by accident“.

Since we are actually total amateurs, who are self-taught in video editing I really have no idea how long it always takes us to edit our clips. We rather just deal with it when we find the time to do it.

How do you deal with customer wishes?

We always like to be inspired by our fans and implement their ideas. With custom clips, I always try to realize customer wishes as good as possible. Generally, I only implement customer wishes that I really want to do in the end it’s just my hobby. Because I do not depend on sales, I just do what’s fun to me. Everything else would just be superimposed which is just not my thing.

What are the favorite topics?

Balloon Action is always popular, especially Blow to Pops in public and groups of three or more Women – and at best a combination of both.

What was your weirdest experience in that context?

There were so many of those! I always find it strange that it’s Women who you’d never believe to be blowing up balloons do it best.  Conversely there are those who you believe can do it but in the end, it’s just a pity for the beautiful balloons.

Furthermore I never really understood why people (mostly men) always seem to want to touch the balloon while I’m blowing it up. Especially when you are in a crowd, this can be really annoying. Sometimes people hit my balloons or hold lighters and cigarettes to them intentionally…how funny.

What are your wishes for the Looner community?

My wish is that the community stops trading or just uploading my or other studios’ clips. It’s just unfair to those who value and buy the videos.

Furthermore, I`m always saddened by the fact that there are so few women in the Looner community who openly show themselves. I would be most pleased if more women would be open because I’d like to meet girls who are as much into balloons as me.

Enough with the questions. Any last words? The stage is yours!

Dear Loonergirls out there: be authentic, only do stuff you have fun doing and always put fun first – and stop thinking about what others say or think.

I haven’t lost all hope and look forward to meeting you.

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  1. Gena
    Gena says:

    I’m so happy to read more about women in the community….I always enjoy reading each other’s perspective on how their relationship with balloons is like.

  2. PO
    PO says:

    I definitely agree that there is a special aesthetic intrinsic to the experience of watching a beautiful woman blow up a big balloon. In fashion, advertising and performing arts, there does seem to be a special association between women and balloons, going back 100 years, and I can understand why your husband would see the experience as uniquely feminine. There is just something about a good balloon, I believe, that is deeply evocative of feminine symbolism: its round shape and swelling body is reminiscent of all sorts of a woman’s bodily forms, and suggests fertility; its soft yet firm touch a familiar, perhaps vaguely maternal intimacy; and in terms of cultural associations, those bright beautiful colors evoke the vibrant hues of womens’ clothing and accessories (especially crystal and jewel balloons remind me of my partner’s gemstone jewelry which she collects; coincidentally, those have become her favorite kind of balloons). I also agree with you that a beautiful natural setting like a snowy landscape would be wonderful–the primeval stillness of nature can really heighten the aesthetic beauty of a balloon blowing; a sublime, understated eroticism. Thank you for your article!


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