A Non Popper´s story


My name is Giovanni, I am French, twenty years old and this is my looner story. I am a nonpopper looner and I am proud to be one and be a member of this wonderful community. My relation with balloons started with the fear like a lot of us. When I was a baby I loved big balloons a lot and there was sometimes someone to blow me one. One day a foreign girl (an invited) blow me a huge crystal blue balloon at a family party: I was in love. But 1 minute after she gave me that big balloon, he popped on me really loudly when I was shocked and I cried.


Later on my childhood, there were some events with my family where there were balloons and my dad or someone else always poped one by blowing balloons sometimes. Every time this happened, I was in an extreme anxiety state (sometimes panic attacks) and this fear of popping a big balloon remained.


But even with the fear of the “ Big Bang” inside of me, I was extremely attracted by big necked ballons. Another day, a girl in my class blow one so big and I found that so attractive and sexy. I just wanted that she gave me the balloon. I always wanted big balloons since those days. I have been a looner all these years but I never asked myself if it was normal or not. I never knew there was a term for that and people with the same interest. I just accepted it and told myself that one day I will get big balloons.


Now I have my own apartment and I can orders balloons, blowing really big and play with them. I JUST LOVE THAT. This fear of them blow up makes this whole experience incredibly exciting. My favorite ones are the TUFTEX 24”.


That’s it about me looner friends. I want to say thanks to Maggy and Jan for  LOONERS UNITED and BALLOONS UNITED. Keep up the amazing job.

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  1. Anderson
    Anderson says:

    I am a non-popper too, I do not like the huge noise when the balloon pop. However I am glad to make my balloons over inflated but not reach the burst point. So I always search popper video on YTB, try to know the limit of all kinds of balloons with out pop my balloon. I love 12” balloons because they are suitable to put in quilt, not too big nor too small. At night, I can touch a balloon with any part of my body under the quilt as my wish. A single balloon usually can sleep with me for more than 10 days before it bursts

  2. wil Blown
    wil Blown says:

    Hi Giovanni,

    Thanks for sharing your story. Though I never had a fear for balloons, I can completely relate to how it feels to have a big wonderful balloon one minute and the next it is gone. For me, this frustration is what has led to my love of balloons.

    My earliest memories are balloon related. I remember my mom buying a huge bouquet of balloons for my 4th birthday party. I was in heaven as they completely filled the ceiling in our living room. And then to my greatest fear, she gave one to each kid that came to the party. They were crystal blue except for one that was green. I was left with one green balloon. I cried for hours.

    I want to have all balloons when I see them. Even as I have gotten older, this has never changed.

    Enjoy your love of balloons. You are lucky to have this fetish.


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