Sit To Pop Techniques – my LOONER preferences

Hello, I am a lifelong looner, first-time blogger proud to be submitting my first online blog to the LOONERS UNITED. I have been a passionate viewer of the LOONERS UNITED community for a few years and I love everything about it and I wouldn’t be where I am today confidence wise if it wasn’t for the supportive, open online balloon-lover community. I would love to be able to share my passion for balloons with you and the community.

I like others, love to sit and squish balloons with my body weight until they morph shape and feel tight against my skin. Sitting on balloons is a unique experience that I cherish and will continue to enjoy throughout my life. I hope to hear from other like-minded individuals or from people who are curious about the experience of sitting on balloons to hear your thoughts and opinions.

I only recently started buying higher quality balloons, since then I’ve come to love the 17-inch TUFTEX balloons and 16-inch QUALATEX. I will hope to venture on to 19-inch CATTEX balloons because of their profound necking capability.

With such great passion for balloons and spending my time using my body weight to test their limits, I’ve come to love so many different ways to sit on, bounce and ride these balloons. Depending on the direction of the balloon, neck, and body, where I position myself on the balloon, whether the balloon is over/under inflated, surely affects the experience of sitting on these balloons. I often bounce on balloons with as much control as possible to lengthen their ride time. I’ll often bounce on the same balloon in different positions and directions. I love when I put most of my weight on the balloon’s round body and the neck stretches so long behind me. I love watching the neck of the balloon stretch out and enjoy watching and causing them to reach their bursting point. Depending on how long I wish to ride and bounce on each balloon will affect the size I inflate them to. (I love getting excited after inflating many big balloons and accidentally pumping a balloon to the point of bursting past over inflation). I generally like to have both over and underinflated balloons around when I am having a sit pop session because some will last for a long time while others only a brief time spent bouncing them to their limits.

I usually start with the underinflated balloons which will be more difficult to pop and will require a higher intense bounce pressure in order to burst. Other over-inflated balloons I save for later as they will be easier to pop and morph against my body incredibly for a shorter time span before their loud bang occurs.

Thank you for reading about my love and interest in balloons. I look forward to reading about others passion for balloons. In the meantime, I hope all you loonettes and looners enjoy your time with balloons and to others who’ve ready respectfully with positive curiosity, thank you. I find that sitting on balloons and spending time in a room with balloons is therapeutic for reducing life’s stressors and spending some time having fun.

Happy looning.

Balloons are unearthly magic

Saw your site, saw you take story entries from people. I never, ever talk about this with anyone, so thought it was a good idea to send my thoughts.

Thankfully I found out over the internet that the balloon fetish is surprisingly common in my teenage years, so I’ve spent a lot of time looking at what others have to say.

My main reason for throwing all this out there is to ask a question; from my observations I have always seemed to be an „odd man out“ in terms of that, I prefer only Helium when filling balloons, because my fetish for them revolves almost entirely around them being buoyant. Am I an odd man out in the fetish as I suspected, or are there others out there who share this with me? I’d really like to know. Below, I go into details.

I am a 26-year-old male, living on the East Coast of the US. I have loved and been extremely attracted to balloons ever since I could remember. I „woke up“ in that department pretty early compared to most. Due to being taken on a series of errands to a local community center pool, one day I had the fortune to see a group of truly beautiful girls playing with a gorgeous bouquet of violet helium balloons with star prints on them. That moment profoundly affected me and started my fetish at an extremely early age. From that time onward whenever I so much as saw balloons I would get butterflies in my stomach and was always reminded of feminine softness and fullness by them.

I was also enamored by and obsessed with their buoyancy. I grew up into engineering and trust me when I say usually to make anything fly you need powerful engines, rotors or aerodynamic surfaces, and various systems to control the flight. Airships are equally complicated. The fact that a beautiful soft rubber sphere can float out of your arms up to the ceiling always made me equate balloons to unearthly magic, and I still do to this day. They are pure to me and far from what I call the „heavy stuff“.

Shortly after that first experience, I saw another bouquet of them get let go, and they flew away into the sky. My need to catch them was overpowering. I wondered why anything so beautiful could be let fly away like that, I felt like I was the only one who loved them. I hid my feelings until I was alone, as I was always extremely naturally secretive. This event haunted me then and would stay with me forever.

Balloons are the most beautiful objects I have ever seen. Truthfully I view them as a little bit more than simply an object, an object to me is something inanimate with inanimate attributes. Nothing about balloons seems inanimate to me. They are soft, change shape easily, and move in an entrancing way through the air. I find them to be magic, and I suppose I’ve always anthropomorphized them a little bit in my head. This is because loving balloons to me have always been deeply emotional as well as sexual.

I don’t like popping them for the simple reason that I would never want any beautiful lover to vanish with a bang and be gone. That to me is emotionally distressing and sad, as well as practically wasteful.

Helium-filled balloons are objects of Erotica and Tantalus to me. A Helium filled balloon feels like it isn’t supposed to be held or touched since I first „rescued“ a large one from floating away at a fair when someone let it go. It felt like I had picked a wonderful forbidden fruit. I took it home, locked myself away with it when nobody was home, had the overwhelming urge to just hug it to me, and making love to it gave me my first orgasm.

Most people in their balloon fetish videos leave the Helium-filled balloons up on their ceilings or at the ends of thin ribbons once they have finished filling them. To me, I get the most satisfaction from loving on the buoyant ones. I never wanted to fly away with them as some do, I always wanted to hold them down to me and keep them safe. Although the upward force is negligible, to me the feeling of holding down something soft and buoyant that is trying to escape your grasp and float away feels mind-numbingly pleasurable. It’s like a playful love-game. I like to hold down great clusters of them, not tied to any ribbons, as many as I possibly can and wrestle them with me under heavy blankets and hug them to me. It is challenging, and the challenge of holding so many to me and preventing their escape is singularly the most erotic thing I’ve ever been able to imagine or experience. Going to sleep with them secured under me is like sleeping on a cloud. The ones that neck when they get really, really full have always been my favorite shapes and they feel amazing.

I am a very secretive person and this is the first time I’ve opened up about this in any way, and I, of course, wish to stay anonymous. Due to a messed up early life, I’ve never had the ability to trust anyone enough to get into a relationship, ever.
If I did, I’ve always fantasized having a romantic partner who is herself plump and curvy and buoyant in the air and who would float away if not held down, like a balloon full of helium. Holding down a balloon that wants to float away is hypersensual, so I imagine holding down and pinning and sexing a lover with the same character would be a thousand times more. Sadly, the laws of physics defeat this fantasy, so balloons are the best I can have.

My deepest fantasy is and has always been to have that with a buoyant lover in a room stuffed tight from floor to ceiling with equally buoyant helium balloons.

Wonder how many people this will resonate with.


Living, working and being a Looner

I’m a pretty young guy. At the ripe old age of 22 I have just come out to some close friends about being a looner, and I must say it was an odd experience, and I would like to share it with you.

I hope you don’t mind if I tell you a little about myself first. I am not only currently a student, but also a Cocktail Bartender by night. However, since I was around 16, I have been a looner. I came from a similar place as some people as I was rather scared of balloons as a kid and often hated going to parties as I knew the other kids would just be popping the balloons, where I had no interest in that. I have figured out, like many, that the fear had molded its self into a fetish or kink, whichever term takes your fancy. Either way, by the time I was 16 I was rather aware of what I was into, and after a little bit of research, and experiments, I was happy to be a mostly non-popper. But when I say happy, I mean inside.

I’m sure other people feel similar when it comes to personal, close and sexual things such as this, but I was unbelievably embarrassed, despite no one knowing. For some reason, I thought people could see right through me, and while in secondary school, if there were ever balloons around, despite not showing any sign of my kink, I for some reason thought people could see into my mind and soul and the sexual balloon parties I was having in there.

So for the longest time, I kept it to my self as much as I could, hiding a stash of balloons from my parents, being careful only to use them when I was sure it was safe. But as I turned 18 and could happily go around the internet without feeling any guilt or worry about my search history, I quickly saw that looners are one, not all that uncommon, and two, completely normal, and nothing to be ashamed of being.

It took me a while to open up to my current girlfriend about it, but about a year into our now four-year relationship, she accepted it easily and is more than happy to partake in my fun, as much as I am happy to employ her kinks and interest into our time.

As I said, I’m now 22, and my girlfriend has been the only person to know about my kink. Well on a rather late night at work in my bar, two of my co-workers and best friends and I were sat around until the early hours of the morning have a lovely, deep talk. Somehow we got onto the topics of kinks, both of them, my friend, let’s call him H, and my other friend, let’s call he S. Either way, they were both being somewhat coy about the topic.

Now, this is where I will admit, I had had a fair few pints. I’m a bartender and I finished early. It would be weird if I didn’t drink and watch my co-workers continue working.

But I decided it was about time that I was a bit more open with these close friends of mine, and disclosed the fact that I have a balloon kink. Now, this took some time for me to work up to, as I was sure they would see me differently, not only because it is a slightly odd kink for most people. But like the title says, living, working, and being a looner.

You see, I was almost sure my friends would double take and think a fair bit less of mine, mainly because I opted in to do all the decorations in the bar a few months back. We have a fair few bookings for birthdays and the such, and being a lover of balloons, it got under my skin the high quality bar I work in, would stick up some tacky little balloons here and there and call it done. So I offered to start doing the balloons for the bar, stating that I had become somewhat interested in them and had been practicing decorations as a potential second job.

They believed this, and despite my doubt of people being able to see through me keeping in, I did just that. I get a lot of my balloons off this cheap import website, all the ones I use in the war anyway. They’re good enough, about 12″, poker dots mainly. But I did start to learn how to make decorations, some pretty damn good ones if I say so myself.

Now at first, I was somewhat worried, I had offered to work with something that for a long time had turned me on if used in a sexual way. But it quickly became clear to me, that I could clearly separate working with balloons, and enjoying them sexually.

I expressed this profusely to both H and S. A fair few times, S had helped me pop the balloons after a shift with a booking, and though it annoyed me to waste so many loons, again the separation of work and play came in. So after I built up, and told them time and time again that working with balloons is not sexual for me in any way what so ever, I told them.

Their reactions surprised me. H double took before laughing slightly and asking me why I thought it would bother up. S was curious and even asked for links and the such. Their reactions were comforting in a way I didn’t expect. Knowing these people would think any different of me knowing after finishing a shift with me, I could be back home riding a 36″.

What was more of a surprise to me, was the genuine weight I felt a lift from my shoulders. You hear the saying time and time, but I felt like I actually felt it. When I told them and they accepted me, I felt lighter, like I didn’t have to stay on my toes in deep convocations, or miss tells stories to avoid balloons if they were involved.

A few days later on I was working alone with S and she was happily joking with me about it, and even started tagging me in Instagram accounts she thought I would like.

So there we have it. To wrap this up, all I would like to say is, don’t be scared of being you. You don’t have to tell anyone if you don’t like, but I hope you don’t feel like you can’t tell anyone. After all, there is a huge and growing online community for people with this kink and fetish.

Thanks for reading.


Lake Ballooning

My approach to balloons is a little special.

I have always fascinated about floating away with balloons and every time I see a helium balloon I dream about it.
But helium is unfortunately really expensive here in Denmark where I live, so it’s an impossible dream.
As I got older balloons still fascinated me and I had to try another way to float with balloons. In water.
The first attempt was not a success.
I tried, for example, to tie a bunch of 24″ balloons to my body and wade into the lake. That resulted with the balloons immediately popping because of the immense pulling in their neck.
There had to be another way.
One day when I was shopping at the local grocery store I saw that they were selling modeling balloons, so I decided to buy a bag.
When I got home, I inflated all 30 balloons and put them in a large bag.
I drove to a local lake.
When I got there, I wrapped one balloon at the time around my body and thighs and twisted the ends of the balloon together like you do when you make a balloon animal.
I was now wearing a suit of balloons, and it felt nice warm and Rubber.
I waded slowly into the lake, and as soon as the balloons touched the water I began to feel their upward buoyancy on my body
Suddenly I was floating with my armpits 30 cm above the water. It felt like I was flying and all the balloons kept me warm.
I got addicted to it and went out a lot of times. I still go out a couple of times a year, but it’s a lot of work to blow up all the balloons and only be able to use them one time.
There had to be a better way.
I saw Maggie sitting on a GL1200 balloon, and I thought that I had to try to float on it.
I bought some GL 1200 balloons and clips.
When I got the balloons, I drove out to the lake and inflated one of them to about half its full size with my scuba tank.
I stepped over the balloon and waded out.
As the water got deeper, the ends of the balloon inflated more while the part between my legs almost got deflated
I was sitting really comfortable and was able to paddle with my arms.
Since this, I have gotten completely addicted to floating on GL 1200 balloons.
I have bought a battery powered pump. It’s a lot easyer than the heavy scuba tank and I can get just the right amount of air in the balloon.
I float on the balloons all year wearing a latex drysuit in the winter and only a pair of briefs in the summer.
I wear a pair of Darkfin gloves to propel me.
I have found out that floating in windy weather is a lot of fun.
I just let the wind take the balloon and me across the lake. It’s really cool to sit on the balloon in the middle of the lake and just letting it take me where it wants to.
The most memorable tour was on a warm night this summer.
It was getting dark as I got to the lake so I decided to go all the way and float nacked.
The temperature was about 20 degrees c.
I was able to inflate the balloon just right with maybe a little too much air in it.
I stepped over the balloon and paddled out to the middle of the lake.
Since there was a little too much air in the balloon, it was a bit hard to keep balanced, but since I was nacked, I could feel every little move of the balloon.
It made it easier to keep balanced and it of course also felt really good.
There was a little wind I just had to close my eyes and imagine I was flying and it totally felt like it in the dark.
One of my friends call what I do „Lake Ballooning“, but as far as I know, I am the only one doing it.
I hope it will give more of you the urge to go out and try it.
I write this under the synonymous Scuba.

A Non Popper´s story


My name is Giovanni, I am French, twenty years old and this is my looner story. I am a nonpopper looner and I am proud to be one and be a member of this wonderful community. My relation with balloons started with the fear like a lot of us. When I was a baby I loved big balloons a lot and there was sometimes someone to blow me one. One day a foreign girl (an invited) blow me a huge crystal blue balloon at a family party: I was in love. But 1 minute after she gave me that big balloon, he popped on me really loudly when I was shocked and I cried.


Later on my childhood, there were some events with my family where there were balloons and my dad or someone else always poped one by blowing balloons sometimes. Every time this happened, I was in an extreme anxiety state (sometimes panic attacks) and this fear of popping a big balloon remained.


But even with the fear of the “ Big Bang” inside of me, I was extremely attracted by big necked ballons. Another day, a girl in my class blow one so big and I found that so attractive and sexy. I just wanted that she gave me the balloon. I always wanted big balloons since those days. I have been a looner all these years but I never asked myself if it was normal or not. I never knew there was a term for that and people with the same interest. I just accepted it and told myself that one day I will get big balloons.


Now I have my own apartment and I can orders balloons, blowing really big and play with them. I JUST LOVE THAT. This fear of them blow up makes this whole experience incredibly exciting. My favorite ones are the TUFTEX 24”.


That’s it about me looner friends. I want to say thanks to Maggy and Jan for  LOONERS UNITED and BALLOONS UNITED. Keep up the amazing job.

From phobia to philia…

When I was a child I was terrified of balloons popping. I have three early traumatic memories (that probably happened between the ages of 3-5) of balloons popping but can’t remember the chronological order they happened in, but I think they were the formative experiences for my phobia at that age. One memory is of going to a friend’s birthday party and seeing a clown jumping around on a bouncy castle that was absolutely laden with balloons, and he was jumping on them to pop them and picking them up and popping them with his hands. I freaked out and cried and had to be taken home. Looking back on that it is surprising I didn’t also develop coulrophobia (fear of clowns) at the same time lol. Another memory is of being in front of the fireplace sitting on a yellow balloon and it suddenly popping and scaring me badly, and the other memory is of looking out of my living room window and seeing a blue balloon stuck in a bush, I ran out to retrieve it but it popped as I was trying to pull it out (makes me wonder how it got in there in the first place lol).

Because of this, any parties I attended as a child where balloons were present, I would be covering my ears the whole time in case they got popped and I wouldn’t enjoy myself. Of course, other kids would notice this and mock me for it or pop them near me to try to get a reaction from me. So I pretty much just stopped going to any parties unless I was told up front that there would be no balloons. I remember once when one of my cousins was having a birthday party and she told me there would be no balloons just so I would go to it. Of course, when I got there, there were balloons all over the floor and lots of rough play going on with them. Within minutes one popped and I was out of there immediately lol. I was often teased for my fear by friends and family, I specifically remember an aunt who used to love blowing up balloons and putting them behind her back and telling me she had a pin in the other hand just to see my reaction. So I never trusted other people around balloons at that age, it seemed that most kids just wanted to pop them, and especially if they saw the kind of effect it had on me, so I would try to hide my emotions around balloons in public but it was difficult.

Because of the high potential of popping in public/around other people I almost saw balloons as evil, but on my own with no one else around, I found them fascinating. I loved playing with them but I would never dare blow them up very big at all, I liked to keep them at „safe“ sizes, very underinflated! I used to test my bravery with them by putting them inside my sweater and laying on them and seeing how much weight I could put on them. They never popped when I did this but from as early as I can remember it would give me an erection, which I had absolutely no understanding of at the time (I actually associated it with fear in my mind, like it’s the body’s natural reaction to being scared of something). Every once in a while I would take a pin and try to pop one whilst using my other hand and a shoulder to cover my ears, and over time I reached a stage where I could easily pop small balloons with a pin without covering my ears, but I knew it was because of the control; with the pin I had complete control of knowing exactly when the balloon was going to pop and I could prepare myself for it. I knew the next step was getting comfortable with balloons popping when I wasn’t expecting it.

Then one day when I was 11, towards the end of primary school, I decided I just had to get over my fear of balloons before I got to secondary school or the other kids would surely end up finding out about it and make my life a living hell. So I took an orange balloon (every looner remembers the color of their „first“ balloon right? lol), blew it up as big as I dared, I remember it had a neck, tied it, put it up my sweater, wrapped my arms around it and lay on it squeezing hard and wriggling around on top of it trying to get it to pop. I remember shaking hard, from fear I assumed at the time, just waiting for the balloon to pop when the next thing I knew I was having my first ever orgasm! That was the day it became sexual for me, the day I became a looner, and the day my phobia changed or at least started to develop, into a fetish. And the rest, as they say, is history.

I still have some fear of popping but it fluctuates and never gets as bad as it used to when I was phobic, but at the same time, it will probably never go away 100%. Sometimes the fear is what drives the fun, with the adrenaline and the shaking and the fast heartbeat, but other times it can be so blocking and frustrating and really get in the way. But for me personally, the fear is like the grain of sand in an oyster that begins the formation of a pearl (or the fetish), which is of course much larger and more predominant than the grain of sand, yet could not exist without it.

L.R, 31 years old, England UK

Looner Advice

Hello everyone. I’m a looner, non-popper, I’m in my early twenties and I live somewhere in EU. And I’d like to tell you my story of becoming self-aware and accepting looner. I won’t tell you how to make a great neck (there are dozens of tutorials online on that) or anything technical like this, rather I’ll just tell you about a very “balloonful” journey that is my life. I think that if this piece of writing will just make one young struggling looner even a little happier – that it was worth doing this.

I remember the first time when I was truly amazed by a balloon. It was a primary school, for a science class everyone was supposed to bring a balloon – since we were going to make experiments with electricity (something that is somewhat familiar to every looner). Waiting for the class to begin, I saw my classmate, Ian, inflating a red loon (today I’d say, 12 incher) – probably just to scare girls standing right next to him. Latex orb kept getting bigger and bigger, neck started to develop – but the most beautiful part of this picture was the fact that morning sunlight was pouring through a window and giving an amazing glow to the balloon – it looked truly astonishing. Ian stops blowing, gazed at the balloon for a while, shouted to girls, trying to scare them even more: „Oh no, it looks like it going to pop very loudly!”. I was scared just like them, so when Ian, the class clown, put the nozzle back to his mouth and slowly blew, I said to my friend Nick „Oh man, I didn’t know balloons can be so big”. He barely managed to reply „Yeah…” when the deafening bang made everyone in the hallway jump.

I couldn’t know, that about a decade later not only I will be aware that there are far bigger balloons than 12′ (heck, a 18′ punchball is just 3 feet away from me right now) but also that these childish, colorful pieces of latex will become surprisingly big part of my life. Not dominant, but quite significant.

Just 3 years after seeing that even ordinary balloon can be quite big, I already knew about balloons more than the average person. Watching a lot of YouTube b2p videos (usually skipping the popping part, just wanting to see how big it can get, or how shapes look like) was enough for me to set my first looning goal in life (although, it wasn’t sexual then yet, I was just curious) – blowing up a balloon just like in one of those videos.

When my parents both went on a weekend-long business trip (and with my older brother already in college, few hundreds of miles away) I was home alone – and I found out a few weeks before, that a store a block away from my daily route from school is selling these weird, almost perfectly spherical balloons (I soon learned that those were called punchballs). When the day of completely empty home came, I entered that shop with my heart pounding and my arms sweaty. I stepped to the counter and just said: “three of these, please”. And then came very important lesson for any beginning looner, who buys balloons like that, in ordinary, every-day shop: shop assistants never care why are you buying these and/or what you are going to do with them. Keep that in mind, and just play it cool.

I barely played it cool, but nothing happened, I paid and put three objects of my desire to my bag, then run straight to my home, closing the blinds, locking myself in my room and making sure no-one would disturb me in any way – and that is how my first truly looner experience happened – I began by just inflating this perfectly round balloon and marveled at its size and color. While I was blowing this strange balloon I had a feeling like I never had before. I pressed this, still soft, red orb between my legs, and, well… I will not get into details but after a few minutes of gentle (I always try to stay careful, not to waste loons) rubbing and squeezing I finished my first looning session. And that was very memorable.

My interest in punchballs remained big – at one point I was almost obsessed with an idea of necking a balloon like that. On my quest to reach this goal I accidentally b2p more than once (trust me, it was super loud), rode to pop (and despite popping it was super fun) and even once I ripped the neck from the body (I was so determined to neck that one, that while riding on it I was pulling the neck stronger and stronger, until I tore it off). And it took me more than 5 years of looning to make a stable neck on a punchball. And let that be another lesson for any young looner – it is worth setting some goal in looning because when you reach them it makes the usual pleasure at least twice as big.

Before I moved to college, I was still forced to buy my balloons in stores around town. It doesn’t mean I was limited to punchballs and some small ovals, oh no. My other challenge was to properly inflate a mouse (or a mouse-head) balloon. At the beginning, after seeing this on YouTube, I thought it works like any other balloon – just keep blowing and at some point it will get the right shape. On the other hand, being terrified of popping (yeah, I am a non-popper, who still likes to make loons big and tight) I couldn’t force myself to blow after the main part of the mouse was already very tight. That brings us to another tip for some new looners: do your research.

Jan and Maggy are among the most experienced people in the looning world, and they already are sharing their knowledge on this blog and through inflating tutorials. And whatever question about looning you may have it either has already been answered somewhere on the Internet or you can find some helpful looner on social media. Anyway – don’t be afraid to look for answers and tips.

And again – it took me many hours of looning to inflate a mouse with its ears – I gotta tell you, it is very cool to play with.

I mentioned social media – I was surprised that one of the most vivid looner communities grew in a quite unusual place – Instagram. Yeah, there are famous YouTube channels or Facebook groups, but I found that if you are just looking for someone to chat on a looner (or any related) topic, then slipping into Dms on Insta may be an option for you. For more looner content just take to Twitter, Tumblr, and DeviantArt (although, on these two and on Insta you may stumble upon some NSFW content, so watch out if that’s something you’d rather avoid). What is also important, is that you can keep complete anonymity, so that your online persona will be almost not tied to whoever you are in real life – and that may help you open to the community, like so many looners before.

Getting on social media and meeting looners was very important to me in terms of accepting who I am, but maybe the even bigger thing was going to college and living alone. The apartment is small (about 30 sq meters) but it is more than enough for any crazy looner fun. I started getting bigger balloons, 16, 18 inchers, even 24. I don’t have to deflate them anytime I go to school – it is wonderful. Whenever I want, however, I want and for how long I want – I can have my looner fun, with no risk of being heard (I don’t pop, so the only sounds my neighbors hear only if I get carried away).

What is most important for me right now, it that I still have some goal, some challenges with my looning (some fantasies). I am both glad and a little sad that I am not a beginning looner anymore. There was a unique feeling while discovering new things about balloons and myself, but on the other hand, now my looning brings me more pleasure than ever. And I know that there are still new things to try. Aside from a hundred things you can do having another looner to play with, I still look forward to riding a balloon bigger than 24′, or (I haven’t written it earlier, but I am a man) having some very obvious fun with a GEO, or playing some more with my beloved prints (I don’t know why, but whenever I see a 16′ or 17′ smiley it just makes me instantly happier). Or maybe having my first airship or giant doll and bouncing it.

These are not my only goals in life, but being a looner is an important part of who I am and these plans are part of my future – and with my experience in trying new looner things, I know that whenever I get this giant doll or a GEO, or a cheerfully winking smiley it will be great.

That is what looning is all about -finding out what would you like to do with a balloon and simply doing it – even if it is only for your pleasure, don’t feel bad or embarrassed about it. You deserve it, no matter who you are: a teen who is excited because you made your first b2p and you don’t know what’s next (trust me, there is a long and wonderful road filled with magnificent balloons and hours of fun) or are you a pro, who makes perfect necks and always gets the right size. If you can and want, just grab a balloon you like and give yourself what you desire.

One last thing – if you are a looner, then don’t forget that you know more about balloons than anyone around you. So, when it comes to organizing a party use that knowledge. Relax, there is no need for you to come out to anyone, just casually mention that having balloons it a good idea – and then show them some 24 inchers – seeing balloon this big may blow (pun intended) some minds.

Thanks to all the great looners who supported and talked to me,

Thanks to Maggy and Jan for all the great work they do,

Keep on blowing, keep on riding, keep on looning everyone!

Getting over the shame


My name is Emily and I am a looner from the United States. I am currently 20 and have had the fetish basically my whole life, however it did not turn sexual until I was around 10 years old. As a child, I was obsessed with balloons, but I was also terrified of them popping. I was so scared of the pop that I avoided social events or places where I thought they would be. What I loved was when I could be alone with balloons and there was no danger of them popping because I would be gentle and take care of the balloons. When I was a young child I would talk to the balloons like they were my friends.

At the age of 10, I started going on my mom’s computer and would search videos of people blowing up balloons. I felt really guilty and gross when I would do this because I was confused and I didn’t know what was going on. One day I was blowing up an orange balloon, and it made me horny. I was afraid of the feeling at first but then I realized I liked it. I continued to partake in balloon-related activities in the privacy of my room through high school, and I knew it was strange but I didn’t realize it was a fetish until the very end of high school. I was watching an episode of Bob’s Burgers and one of the characters revealed that he had a balloon fetish. When this happened in the episode I literally paused the episode and froze up in terror. I then googled the episode and realized that I had a balloon fetish. I felt pretty bad about myself because of the fetish, but I told my brother and a close friend about it and they were really understanding. I made an Instagram and found people that loved balloons as much as I did. Being able to take photos of myself with balloons helped me embrace the fetish and feel less shame about it.

When I realized I had the fetish I knew right away that I wanted to get over my fear of balloons popping, and I have made significant progress towards this goal. One hurdle I had to get over though was the fact that I can get very emotionally attached to balloons. I don’t get emotionally attached to every balloon, but sometimes I really don’t want them to pop because I will miss them. For a long time, I wouldn’t admit that I had this emotional connection to balloons because I was ashamed of it. I am now more accepting of myself, and I think it is awesome that balloons can do so much for me emotionally. Because of this emotional connection though, sometimes I just can’t bring myself to pop a balloon even when it gets old and deflated. Another reason I was ashamed of the fetish is that I need balloons constantly. Within the past few months, I haven’t gone more than a day or two without having one. For a while, I felt like a freak for being so obsessed with them that I always wanted and needed them around, but if they make me happy then there is nothing wrong with that.

Balloons are a part of who I am. Some people choose not to tell others about their fetish, but most of the people I am close to know about my fetish and none of them have a problem with it. Because it is such a big part of who I am I don’t really feel like I can comfortably keep it a secret, and so I haven’t. I have balloons around me when friends are over, and I can be myself and feel no judgment in these situations. If anyone is contemplating telling those around them about their fetish I would say go for it because people, for the most part, will be understanding. Also if anyone feels ashamed for having the fetish you should embrace it because it is so much fun. I am so glad that there is a supportive community of looners to talk to and that this fetish exists.


„Ich fühlte mich falsch, krank, verrückt“

LOONERS UNITED_Pink Heart In Teal Balloons

– GASTBEITRAG: Wie Will aus den USA ein Looner wurde und seine Top-10-Gründe warum sie die glücklichsten Menschen der Welt sind –

Luftballons sind für mich nicht nur magisch und Teil meiner Sexualität, sie haben mein Leben auch sehr bereichert und es vervollständigt. Das wäre vermutlich niemals passiert, wenn ich nicht die Ballon Community entdeckt hätte und Menschen, die so ähnlich sind, wie ich.

Meine ersten Kindheitserinnerungen, an welche ich mich erinnern kann, haben alle etwas mit Ballons zu tun. Ich denke, dass die Saatgut für meinen Fetisch bereits gesetzt wurde als ich 4 oder 5 Jahre alt war und Erfahrungen innerhalb dieser Zeit haben sicherlich die spätere Entwicklung meiner Vorliebe beeinflusst. Ich mochte Ballons schon immer sehr gerne und habe es sehr genossen, wenn ich mal einen hatte, was jedoch leider eher selten vorkam. Bereits früh in meinem Leben fühlte ich einen großen inneren Konflikt, wenn andere Leute Ballons platzen ließen und konnte dies nur schwer ertragen.

Als ich 11 Jahre alt war, besuchte ich eine Messe in meiner Umgebung mit ein paar Freunden und auf einmal viel mir ein großer pinkfarbener Luftballon genau in meine Arme. Ein Traum für mich, aber merkwürdig für den Rest meiner Gruppe, vor denen ich den Ballon den restlichen Tag schützen musste. Ich habe es geschafft, dass sie diesen nicht kaputt machten und habe den Ballon mit nach Hause genommen. In dieser Nacht, als ich mit dem Ballon in meinen Armen einfach nur dalag, hatte ich meinen aller ersten Orgasmus. Meine Leidenschaft und meine sexuelle Vorliebe wurden in diesem Moment geboren und begleiten mich seitdem. Es ist meiner Meinung magisch, wie solch ein simples Objekt mir so viel Freude bereiten kann. Lediglich die Anwesenheit eines Ballons fühlt sich für mich gut an.

Die folgenden 23 Jahre schämte ich mich jedoch für meine sexuelle Vorliebe für Ballons. Ich fühlte mich falsch, krank, verrückt. Wer noch sollte solche Gefühle für Ballons haben? Warum bloß hatte ich diese Empfindungen? Ich versuchte sie loszuwerden und zu verdrängen. Doch jedes mal, wenn ich einen Ballon sah, kamen die Gefühle wieder in mir hoch. Ich war beliebt und hatte viele Freundinnen, aber dennoch lösten Ballons dieses besondere und spezielle Gefühl in mir aus. Was zum Teufel war falsch mit mir?

Im weiteren Verlauf meines Lebens habe ich geheiratet, ein Kind bekommen und dabei zugesehen, wie die Beziehung zu zerbrechen begann. Die Lust verschwand. Die Leidenschat war weg. Meine Frau, die Liebe meines Lebens, entwickelte sich immer mehr zu meiner Mitbewohnerin. Das war keine schöne Zeit.
Eines Abends, als ich dann mal alleine an meinem Computer saß, tippte ich die Wörter „Ballon Fetisch“ in einer Suchmaschine ein und hoffte vielleicht zumindest ein Ergebnis zu bekommen. Man kann sich vorstellen, wie ich mich gefühlte habe, als auf einmal Seiten über Seiten als Ergebnis meiner Suche herauskamen. Ich war nicht allein, nicht einmal im Geringsten! Ich war also doch nicht abartig oder ein Freak. Im Gegenteil, ich teile diese Vorliebe mit aber tausenden von anderen Menschen. Danach habe ich buchstäblich 3 Tage lang gezittert. An diesen Tag werde ich mich wohl für immer erinnern.

Die Ballon Community, welche ich entdeckte, half mir dabei den Mut aufzubringen, meiner Frau davon zu erzählen und lange Rede kurzer Sinn: die Leidenschaft, die Lust, die Spannung beim Sex ist seitdem wieder da und unaufhaltsam. Sie half mir dabei, mich meiner eigenen Sexualität zu stellen, diese zu fassen und zu akzeptieren und einfach gesagt, haben schlussendlich Ballons meine Ehe gerettet. Obwohl ich mich nach wie vor diesbezüglich bedeckt halte, schäme ich mich nicht mehr für meine Vorliebe, im Gegenteil, ich freu mich darüber und genieße sie.

An dieser Stelle würde ich mich gerne bei der Community für all die wunderbare Unterstützung, die Offenheit und die Ehrlichkeit bedanken. Natürlich, nicht jeder empfindet so wie ich für Luftballons und die Vorlieben sind unterschiedlich ausgeprägt. Aber eine Sache haben wir alle gemeinsam: wir mögen Luftballons!

So würde ich gerne Anderen Mut machen, ihren Fetisch für sich selbst zu akzeptieren, sowie aufgeschlossen und verständnisvoll für die Vorlieben und Abneigungen Anderer zu sein. Wir sind eine sehr spezielle Gemeinschaft und so, wie ich das sehe, die glücklichsten Menschen der Welt.

Hier meine Top-10-Gründe, warum Looner, die glücklichsten Menschen der Welt sind:

  1. Menschen mit einem Fetisch für Luftballons erfreuen sich an einem sehr simplen Objekt, welches häufig vorkommt, sehr alltäglich und nicht sonderlich teuer ist.
  2. Da Looner mit Hilfe eines simplen Objekts ihre natürlichen sexuellen Bedürfnisse befriedigen können, mindert dies das Risiko mit einer anderen Person fremdzugehen.
  3. Hat man das Glück diesen Fetisch mit seinem Partner zu teilen, so teilt man etwas sehr Intimes miteinander, welches die Beziehung stärker machen kann.
  4. Ballons können sexuelle Erlebnisse mit dem Partner noch intensivieren, da sie etwas Wunderbares noch wunderbarer machen.
  5. Wenn der Partner mal keine Lust auf Sex hat, aus welchen Gründen auch immer, kann man immer auf einen Ballon zurückgreifen, da dieser niemals „Nein“ sagt.
  6. Für mich sind Ballons auf der sexuellen Attraktivitätsskala immer eine perfekte 10 – ok, nicht alle Ballons sind perfekt, manche sind auch nur eine 9,5…
  7. Im Vergleich zu anderen Fetischen, sind Ballons sehr unschuldig und einfach zu Handhaben, da man sie lediglich aufblasen muss. Ich verurteile keine anderen Vorlieben, sondern möchte lediglich hervorheben, dass unsere Partner oft dazu bereit sind, dies gemeinsam auszuleben, obwohl sie selbst nicht diesen Fetisch haben. Denn Ballons machen einfach Spaß und sind etwas sehr verspieltes.
  8. Ballons sind im unaufgeblasenem Zustand sehr klein und leicht. So kann man diese einfach in der Tasche ö.Ä. mit sich herumtragen, ohne das Andere es mitbekommen.
  9. Ballons gibt es überall. Wenn man unterwegs ist, entdeckt man immer welche, besonders wenn man in einer Stadt lebt.
  10. Die Ballon Community ist sehr unterstützend, wenig verurteilend und voller wunderbarer Menschen. Obwohl wir überall auf der Welt verteilt leben und unsere Ansichten und Lebenssituationen völlig unterschiedlich und gegensätzlich sind, so teilen wir doch eine Gemeinsamkeit miteinander, welche uns einander näher bringt und verbindet.