You, me and a balloon

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Balloons you can use together with one, two, three or more people…

In fact you can use almost every balloon to sit, to lie or just to do what ever you want to do on them. The advantages are simple: The balloon adapts perfectly to the body shape and reacts dynamically to every move you make on it. A vibrating effect can be generated by that, which can be seamlessly integrated into your lovemaking.

Sure, if you bounce hard on it, it can pop, in the end it´s just a balloon. But honestly, it never happend to me before. A little, smart advice: inflate the balloon really strong and let some air escape afterwards.

My personal favorite is the Cattex Giant Doll. Due to its curvy shape, you can lie on it really comfortable and your partner can take you from behind. With this balloon you can cause a really great swinging effect so you get the feeling to lift off.

If you like long balloons better, you can also use Cattex GL 500, 700, 1200; Rifco Giant Pillar. For those of you, who are more into round shapes I highly recommend Cattex 44“, 47“, 55“, and 72“. A mixture between long and round balloons are Rifco GL 800 and 900 and last but not least: don´t forget the a little bit fancy and funny figure balloons like Cattex Giant Caterpillar and Rifco Giant Omniloon. They also make a lot of fun.

I could go on and on like this and also talk about the medium sized balloons, which are also very durable, but I stop now, because there´s one big rule to remember: go ahead and try it yourself to find out, which balloons you like the most! Sexual preferences are individual and a personal matter of taste. I would love to know which balloon you like the most for this, so please tell me and let´s talk about it!

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  1. antonio says:

    hi maggy, i love sitting on ballons since the age of fourteen, recently me and my girl friend sat together on a tucky 36, unfortunately did not endure, we would like to know if the cattex 44 can hold a lot of weight. Distinguished greetings from me and sarah..and so many wishes for your blog.

  2. mike brown says:

    Maggie, I had my first orgasm at 13 with a 36 inch red balloon. Theres more of a story, but thats the gist of it. Still like to blow while I release. Like balloons around at times.

  3. denis says:

    well, I’m new here, I use to read frequently, but never write. Now I decide to give my own preferences … I use to have 2 or 3 giant balloons in my bedroom, especially over my bed … and my wife. Also have lot of 11 ” balloon around … that´s make me feel really good to sleep … and my wife (wich is not a looner) dosn’t care about … in Brazil we don’t have beautiful ballons as you guys have … but my owns used to be multicolor (my pashion) and many different colors.

    I love to wake during the night and fell they are there … hold them strong … hold them against my wife and make us feel like one together …

    Every morning I wake … take a shower … change clothes … take a long hold on them … makes the day starting up really good …

    May be sometime I take courage to write my own experiences …

    • Maggy BerLoon says:

      “May be sometime I take courage to write my own experiences …” ?? -> Didn´t you already?!

      Thanks for opening up and sharing some of your thoughts! Keep on enjoying and nice greetings to Brazil 🙂

  4. Scuba says:

    My relationship to balloons is a bit special. I like being lifted by them. I has often fantasised about floating away under a bounch of helium balloons, but since helium is so expensive I had to try somesing else. I´ve wrapped about 30 clear Qualatex modeling balloons around my thighs and torso and one thicker one between my legs and waded out into a lokal lake. It felt great. I was floating sitting in an upright posision and the balloons on my torso holded me in the right posision and kept me warm like a wetsuit. The thicker balloon between my legs was pressed up to my crotch the boyancy and it realy exided me and since I´m also a rubber fetishisist the balloons tightly around my torso and thighs also helped.
    Later I bought some geo balloons and got the idea to try the in the lake. I pulled one up on each thigh to the crotch and blew them up. I waded into the lake and felt them lifting me. It realy exsited me.
    Today I reseived a gl 1200 balloon. I drove out to the lake wearing a latex catsuit under my close. When I arrived I took of my close and put on a Hydroglove latex drysuit over my catsuit. I blew up the balloon to half its size and put on a pair of darkfin latex gloves. I stepped over the middle of the balloon and waded into the lake. The balloon blew up in eatch end and the middle of the balloon where I sat was almost deflated. It gave me a good balance and kept my upper body free of the water. The darkfin gloves propelled me nicely foreward. It was realy comfortable to sit on the balloon in the water and I will definitely
    do it again.
    Another thing I like is to take two 72″ balloons and put one inside the other. I then step into the now ticker balloon and pull the neck up to my belly. (I have made sure that the sides is supported before blewing it up) I now start inflating Whit an electric pump. As the balloon gets bigger and bigger it´s neck lifts my feets from the ground inside the balloon. I´m hanging in the neck of the balloon. I´m realy able to bounce inside the balloon.
    Last a question. Is the there anyone near Denmark who like playing whit balloons like me? And is there anyone who plays whit helium ballons and get boyant?

  5. Aakash says:

    Hii.. I haven’t use all of these type of balloons but my favourite is 11inch, which is small. Being scared of popping, I don’t recommend myself huge balloons… I will try them once for sure.. Or if not I will decorate my house with this…

  6. balloonsensei_nyc says:

    Hi Maggy…
    This makes me very fondly remember the very first woman I interacted with erotically. Id known her for some time before we were both comfy being together. She knew about the whole balloon thing. She had her doubts about the reality of being brought to orgasm using balloons. I had her sit on my sofa, while I bound her ankles by slipping a 16″ GeoDonut over each one, inflating, then tying them together. I had her hold three Q350s against herself and well…
    I sat back and watched as she became a believer.
    Later that night I had her sit on a Chinese 33″ By incorporating vibrations (wet the fingertips and rub the balloon near where she makes contact with it) and other things, she believed even more in the power of a good balloon.
    Others Ive used in combination with vibrations (supplied by my hands or a hitachi magic wand) have been the Tilly Worker, Unique Bumpy, and the Gayla Jellybean. Each balloon is selected based on the womans height and comfort.

    • Maggy BerLoon says:

      Thank you so much for getting this insight of the great interaction with someone and a balloon and the many kinds of possibilities. I think I have to look for Jan now… hehe 🙂 Nice greetings to NYC!

  7. Melvin Gera says:

    Hey Maggie ! I’m happy to make my first comment here, I hope you will read and appreciate it 🙂
    I’m most in round balloons with neck so I prefer medium ones to play with my girlfriend. The best thing we have done together was the first night we tested balloons in bed.. She was lying and a tight Q24″ (clear) and I went down on her for a looong and great pleasure for her. I took a lot of pleasure too doing that because I love her and I like balloons so.. :p But now I want to try tuftex 17″ to improve some position, like doggystyle for example, with the balloon under my girlfriend or under me and she rides me. I have many ideas and hope I will test that soon ! 🙂

    • Maggy BerLoon says:

      Thank you very much for sharing your intimate experiences, Melvin 🙂 Of course I appreciate that a lot! I wish you and your girlfriend much fun trying new balloons and positions 😉

  8. mike b says:

    I like 36 inch balloons. I also like gl500, and 700 airships. I prefer giant balloons that I can blow up. Ill start blowing up a cluster, get a bottle of Astroglide, and go at it. I had my first orgasm against a red 36 inch balloon at age 13.

  9. Ms. Roxie Johnson says:

    I do like my big 36″ balloons. Im a non-poper I like to bounce and ride.I really like to rub them all over my body it feels so good and it makes me Horny 😉 I have some that lasted a year with out poping on me. I haven’t had the chance to have my big balloon fun for a while cuz I been busy with my work 🙁 I hope to have some private time soon I guess how the saying goes The Bigger The Balloon The Better. 😉

  10. JB says:

    Every balloon is a magical thing for me. One of the great things about our passion for balloons including so many people (who would have thought!) is that it created a market for on-line balloon stores like Balloons United. The number of different sizes and shapes that you can find is amazing and for a couple of years, I tried a lot of different balloons. I find the very act of buying balloons to be pleasurable which is why I have far more than I need.
    Though I find that my favorite color often changes, after trying so many different balloons, I have found I REALLY like Qualatex 16″ and my all time favorites are Qualatex 24″. I actually have become quite selective and I know why this is. If I can be with any balloon I like, I like to be with the balloons I like best.
    Shape has a lot to do with it which is why the 24″ is my ultimate. If the Bella 14″ where 16″ instead , they would beat out the Qualatex 16″ as their necks are also very nice. Another very important characteristic I find is the smell and I just love the smell of Qualatex. And then there is longevity. I consider myself a popping non popper. I rarely can bring myself to destroy something I cherish so much but I do like watching others pop balloons. It’s this tension between absolutely adoring this amazing gorgeous balloon and the fact that someone would destroy it – on purpose! This also goes to show just how wide a range of triggers our community has. This means I don’t pop my balloons often but use them for in some cases years and Qualatex do not seem to degrade the way for instance a TufTex balloon does. I am sure this has to do with the amount of natural latex in the balloon.
    I pulled out a bag of TufTex (I still like to mix it up a bit 😉 last weekend and to my great sadness, they had become quite sticky a sign that their time was over. Having to throw away balloons that were never blown up is a tragedy in itself but luckily, I can just order more!
    The wide variety of ways we got our fetish (my first memories are balloon related from when I was about 3 or 4), the kinds we like, how we enjoy them etc are one of the great parts of our community. Diversity of balloon tastes and play makes us a richer community and I always like to hear stories of how and when people discovered their passion for balloons.
    There are so many great subjects to be covered in your blog Maggy so if you are ever running out of ideas, I am sure we can help you out. Here’s one you might think about. The top ten reasons why we are the luckiest people in the world because we DO have a balloon fetish.
    Thanks or this forum to talk about and read about others love for balloons!

  11. dutchlooner says:

    Hi Maggy, ( my excuse for my bad english grammar )

    thank you for your honest and intresting article.
    there are thousent of option of balloons which can be used.
    First of al i wanna thank you and Jan for the great collection you offer on balloons united, planty of choise
    Me and my girl love the big cattex balloons ranging from 32 till the big 72″ to play and sit on.
    Most of the time she lays on top of one with her pelvis at the hight of mine so she can bounce while im inside here.
    The bouncynes of the balloons lifted our sexlife to a new level.
    also we use some smaller balloons to tease and decorate the room with.

    Again thank you for your hounesty on this blog and keep sharing

    • maggyberloon says:

      Thank you very much for sharing your private experience! I´m happy you have so much fun with our balloons!!
      Keep on looning 😉

  12. HElium1234 says:

    Any chance for helium balloon advice? Love the helium balloons and cuious how to engage or how’d you engage with them.. MY GF was also curious about this as she wants to explore with me! Thanks!!!

    • maggyberloon says:

      Hi, I would love to give you some advice, but honestly I just use helium to decorate or to make pictures, but not for other purposes, so unfortunately I can´t help you with it. But if you are going to explore it, let me know what you found out ;).

      • Helium1234 says:

        What we have done in the past is tie them to each other while we are messing around.. the bounciness is a lot of fun especially when we have Q24 heliums created. Just wish we had higher ceilings so that we could do more. She has them tied to my arms or/and her arms and when she is on top its fun to watch her balance almost using the lift to help her balance.. or she’ll grab one down and use it like a pillow to lay on. There’s a variety but always thinking of new ways to include them in our play.

    • Jo De Mulder says:

      I always use heliums in my mosquito tent on my bed ,i fill it half with helium balloons and go nuts on them…
      i also use heliums whit my escort girl ,i just tie them on her lingerie with strings and they pop during the time we play with each other 😉

  13. Jo De Mulder says:

    Big big loons are awesome to use whit two people .
    i go to a very sweet escort girl from time to time and we often use GL loons together . It is such a pleasure to sit on it and bounce like crazy !!!
    It always ends whit a big bang and a big smile on our faces

  14. Loonaguy (Paul) says:

    Hi Maggy,
    Firstly let me congratulate you on starting your blog it looks great from what I’ve seen thus far and secondly I want to thank you for broaching this subject, I understand that some looners aren’t into the sexual side of the fetish, instead just enjoying the sights and sounds and the visual beauty of balloons and that’s fine with me, I don’t consider there to be any rules or that anyone’s opinions or tastes should be more important than anyone else’s. But for those of us who also enjoy the more carnal passionate side of the fetish it can be easy to just not talk about it outside of our own fantasies or the privacy of our homes, choosing instead to shy away from our feelings on the off-chance it may alienate or disgust others, so bravo for standing up and speaking your not just your mind, but more importantly your heart.
    One of the reasons I chose to begin writing looner erotica with my Inflated Desires books was to channel my passion, lust and fantasies and not keep them bottled up, it was my hope that in doing so it would allow others (looners and non-looners) to see that letting your thoughts and feelings out is not only accepted by others, but healthy to do so or to paraphrase a saying from years gone by “Let your freak flag fly!”

    In answer to your question for me the balloon which ticks all my boxes ie size, shape, durability and appearance has to be the Q24, regarding sex/riding there aren’t too many balloons in the medium size range capable of supporting me without being disappointingly under-inflated let alone me and a partner. I know full well the Q24 could hold my weight (I’m a big guy 6’5″ 124kg roughly 276lbs just under 20st) but as for putting it into practice that’s more of a confidence issue, I tend instead to have the balloon on top of me and if with a partner her on top of the balloon, which is not only safer (less risk of popping) but also more appealing visibly and feels great too.
    In my experience the best combination of balloon sex play is having a partner blow up balloons while I’m inside her, feeling her pelvic floor muscles contract hard around me with each breath and paired with the visual stimulation of watching her blow is nothing short of amazing.

    I look forward to more of your blog posts in the future

    Kind regards


    • maggyberloon says:

      Hi Paul,
      thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and feelings!„Let your freak flag fly!“ I got a big smile on my face while reading this and I totally agree and love it :)! I´m interested in reading some of your stories you wrote for looner erotica and I would be very thankful if you could send them to, or just a link. This would be great.

      Your partner blowing a balloon while you are inside, must be a great feeling I suppose. I also tried this with Jan a few times and he also seemed to like it very much!
      So keep on enjoying and warmly wishes from me!


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