Why balloon fetish?

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– What I like about balloons as a looner – 

Of course I can write, explain and philosophize a lot about the WHAT? and HOW? with regard to the balloon fetish. But now I just want to to talk about me, my personal needs and the things I like about balloons! But before I´ll start I want to point out that I´ll just talk about my own and individual view and this doesn´t apply for all the other looners in our big wide world. I´m not into stereotyped thinking, as you can also read in my blogpost „Popper, NonPopper, blablabla…“, but actually it should be obvious that you can always just look at yourself and should treat other sights, things, etc. with tolerance and respect, shouldn´t it? This applies to all areas of life!

Because I´m often asked about the things, which delight me about balloons, I`ll reveal my personal and intimate thoughts. So attention please, I´m about to open my heart for you and I´ll start now!

First, there are these different and wonderful colors and many various shapes, which I like a lot. When I see a balloon it always puts a smile on my face. But in my case, this doesn´t mean, that I run through the streets and get horny immediately by just seeing a balloon. No, it´s not that simple and I need a little bit more of interaction to get horny. But nevertheless, I always have to grin, because I know what nice things you can do with them. Pictures pop into my head, which makes me plain and simple just happy and pleased. This happens within seconds and then the pictures are already gone again and I´m back in the actual situation with my thoughts, like a party or shopping for example. As I already said the sight of a balloon doesn`t make me horny – just happy.

But at this point, I have to admit that I find people´s innocent cluelessness marvelously amusing in public.

But I´m not a person who´s into living out my sexual arousals in public and get satisfied by that, I prefer a more private surrounding to satisfy my personal needs. So if I saw balloons lying around in my bedroom, because my husband was such a sweetheart to put them there, the situation might be completely different. But this is also no guarantee, because hey, I´m also just a human and who is horny all the time? But I have to say that the sight of a room filled with balloons is awesome, especially if there are really many or big ones involved. Small balloons are nice, but I´m more into bigger ones (24“-36“), figure shaped balloons (my favorite one is the Giant Doll) and airships. If I see such balloons I want to sit or to lie on them immediately and feel their soft material on my skin. But I don´t like it if they are too big because if I let myself go I could loose my balance and fall off, it´s all happened. What should I say, I´m a little clumsy fellow and I can´t affect this. But if the size and shape match my preferences there´s nothing more beautiful than feeling the balloon properly.

Actually, balloons are known as soft and flexible, but if you lie on top of them, you sense a strong pressure and the balloon feels hard and firm. This contrast is really tempting for me and the fact that a balloon can carry your complete weight and even more is just crazy and make me go nuts. Power and control are important keywords in this content. No matter if you want to be the superior part and be in the driver´s seat, the reality can catch you up faster than you might like it. Because balloons are still balloons, which can pop easily at any time and sometimes even without any reason. In contrast to small ones, giant balloons never popped unexpectedly in my bed before. But this means nothing and this danger makes my heart beats faster. I enjoy to explore limits, to play with them and sometimes also to overstep them and to see what happens afterward. In the best case, if the balloon pops it might increase my lust, but if not I just accept it, deal with it and go on with the next one. But if a balloon pops unexpectedly it´s a little bit sobering for me, because the thing I had fun with is plain and simple gone. But the attraction of the unknown, the danger, the power game and the loss of control make me go wild and crazy.

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However, the most important thing for me is that my husband Jan participates while looning, no matter if he joins me or just watches me. Because as I said before I need interaction, which can be very diverse. There are tons of possibilities to have fun with balloons together or even involve other sex toys and or further preferences. A vibrator, for example, makes the whole balloon shake and involving bondage games can turn out really interesting as well. No limits are set to the imagination, creativity and of course the own lust. For example, I also find it very arousing to blow up a balloon between two bodies, because the pressure can be getting very intense.

Generally, I just love Jan watching me. I love to feel his look resting on me because I know exactly what my behavior causes in his head and his pants. Me just playing with a balloon alone and just for myself is honestly a really rare thing. Maybe some of you might see this as the difference of the „real looner“ (and some even might condemn it) and maybe you are right, but this doesn’t matter for me. Since 10 years I enjoy the balloon fetish together with Jan and I think it´s secondary and irrelevant how this joy looks like individually in detail. From my point of view, the main thing is, to be honest with yourself, to deal with your own sexual needs, enjoy them and be happy, satisfied and balanced as a consequence. You only live once and I think it would be a disastrously waste if you would let yourself measured and restricted by the view and judgment of other people (life partners included). As long as you don´t cause physical or mental damage and behave in an amicable and legal way, please just feel free to live out your sexuality however you want to!

Anyway, I`m extremely happy and thankful that I found access to the balloon fetish with Jan´s help. Because without him it wouldn´t even be possible to do my favorite thing with balloons: which is to have sex on them. Here everything comes together: the feeling of the skin, the pressure, the danger paired with a great swinging effect and the intense response cause the feeling to me that I might take off. This let my desire increase until I´m, how should I say, satisfied, happy and tired.

I have to admit that I developed weak knees while writing, so I´ll stop now and have a look what Jan is doing right now.

I wish all of you, looners or non looners, much fun while living out your desires. Enjoy life!

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  1. Mr looner says:

    Balloons feel so good I use them when I can. It’s even better cause my girlfriend is into balloons too we’ve bought loads. bigger the balloon the better and stronger the better. We’re non poppers so the balloons last awhile. Been a looner for years now and it feels amazing best thing ever. But can only buy them so often as it a little expensive to buy them cause of the post and packaging. The balloons I have bought are from this site best balloons made in my experience

    • HeadLooner says:

      I have the same feeling for balloons as Mr looner above.
      I also am a non-popper looner and my girlfriend is fine with that!
      She does not have fetish but now she does because she is so into balloons.
      She really likes being me as her husband and spends most of her time with balloons.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love having sex with balloons. Normally those 12 – 16inch. After blowing up, I will baby powder the balloon. Than ride on it slowly and smell the loon. The sexy nice baby powder smell on the balloon makes me hot, and start to rode faster ands harder till I cum over the balloon skin. I love ride balloons with long necks, because of the sexy curves make me honey. The softness and smoothness with baby powder of the balloon make me hot.

  3. Thomas L. Boles says:

    I’m a looner because I’m a loner. In 70 years I have, as the song says, “never done this with a real live girl.” If I had I don’t know how I would feel about balloons. Being autistic, Parkinsonian, and mired in poverty, I am most unlikely to find out. For me forming such a close relationship is about as likely as the proverbial flying pigs.

    I also have issues with power. I was railroaded out of my profession, mechanical engineering, for blowing the whistle on a crooked government contractor. There was a rigged hearing; the “hearing examiner” announced her decision two months in advance, forbade me to mount a case, and advised the government attorney how to present her case. The “hearing examiner” was a very attractive blonde; no doubt this has something to do with my sexual feelings. I especially enjoy rubbing, riding, and squeezing yellow and orange balloons very hard, so that they burst, but I do enjoy orgasm first. In contrast, my favorite color has always been red, and I have been friend with two redheads. Even if I do break a red balloon, I often save her until last.

    I enjoy large special shapes with nice lush curves, such as the caterpillar and elephant. There are “lady loons” with nice figures on the market, but they are more expensive and difficult to fully inflate without popping. It is also nearly impossible to get my choice of color without spending much much more money than I have. Blowing to pop has no interest for me; I want a nice big double armful of bang. The big Czermak and Feger bunnies are also fun to ride and squeeze for a while before breaking them.

    I also distinguish between latex balloons and vinyl inflatables. Balloons are usually less durable, less expensive, and much louder when they burst, which makes them much more fun to break. Inflatables have more nice complex curves, with interesting places to do sex. One of my current favorites is a cute fox who, like many of her kind, is bright red. On the other hand, I am disappointed because a lovely red swan has sprung a leak. (I know there is no such thing as a red swan in nature. The whole thing about this fetish is to create my own world as I like it.)

    I have tried to make a few of my favorite balloons last longer, with indifferent success. A product called Balloon Shine is supposed to have this effect, but I cannot see much difference. From the beginning, most of my latex balloons are here to be broken. I enjoy them more that way, just as I enjoy rupturing the lovely curves more after sampling their other delights. A few very cute vinyl creatures are “keepers”; sometimes they don’t last as long as I would like. One I count on for longevity, a bright red “bounce horse” known as Rody, has no seams to split, being all molded in one piece, of quite thick plastic.

    Then there is my paleontological curiosity: a pterodactyl, a flying creature from the Age of Dinosaurs. Being nearly as rare as her flesh and blood kin, she may be as valuable as all the rest of my collection together.

    • Maggy BerLoon says:

      Hi Thomas, wow so you´ve got quite a lot experiences with balloons. Thanks a lot for sharing it!! This is much appreciated. I hope you can have a lot fun with balloons in the future and maybe you´ll also make some new experiences, nobody knows 😉
      I wish you all the best!

  4. Dave says:

    As I say I love having sex with orange balloons I’ve loved them since I was 4 years old and can’t even get a hard-on as small I can orgasm over orange balloons at any time and it’s only orange ones that turn me on I don’t know why but I’ve always felt love for them and I always go to bed with them and they never burst on another want them to I just love them and I feel so great in the morning and this squeaking noise is really turn me on I kiss and cuddle then too and even my girlfriend is beginning to enjoy it now I’m

  5. Roxie says:

    Hi Maggy, i thought of a fun thing to do. Take and tie up 2 of the Big 72″ and the GL1200 balloons together it would look like a Gaint Penis. Lol… 🙂 I would be in Heaven to have fun with that 😉

  6. HL Looner says:


    I am just starting to comes to terms with my love for balloons. Where would you suggest the best place to meet and discuss with like minded people is?

    Thank you

  7. Jose says:

    Simply a good read. Like you, I also like balloons but I mostly do it by myself as a means of finding relaxation and it’s hard. It really is hard.

    My favorite ways of popping balloons are hugging because well… it’s hard to find anything relating to it because it isn’t that popular. Though I’m a humper because it helps me get a release and I need that release.

  8. Marcelo says:

    Nice reading!
    I have to say I’m a bit different. I’m a looner that enjoys more with inflatables than balloons. I consider myself a semi-popper since I like seeing girls popping them but not much by myself (I’m scared of balloon popping and I prefer inflatables to last long). My girlfriend (for almost 12 years until now) knows about it and we’ve had some looning fun in the past, but not recently since it makes me feel “weird” or “vulnerable”…
    I’m pretty sure I saw a negative comment from you about inflatables some time ago and I wanted to make an opion there but I can’t find the post, so I’ll do it here if I’m allowed to 🙂
    As told before, I’m an inflatable lover. I only use beachballs (24” / 61 cm as max) and I like to experiment with them (I could detail hours of different ways of getting pleasure in different environments). I also enjoy balloons, but since I don’t pop them, it’s difficult to handle some situations. Good and resistant balloons in my country (Argentina) are not easy to find and I’m a bit shameful on buying these stuff (even if I have to buy 1 or 2 beachballs, specially now that’s winter here). Returning to the subject, I read a comment saying you don’t like inflatables (if I remember well) since it’s a waste of material and affects the ecology more than balloons because of the biodegradation factor. First of all, you are right if you make a quick comparison: 1 popped inflatable is a lot more waste than 1 popped balloon. But consider that most of inflatable lovers are conservative (like me). It means, if the toy gets a leak, they usually fix it and learn very complex ways of dealing with it. Once a balloon is popped, there’s no way of fixing it. Inflatables are much more resistant too, so bursting them are not so easy either (unless you really want to make them burst). In my case, I enjoy riding them, but they don’t usually burst even when tight inflated and with my full weight on it (I weigh 74 kg). A beachball can last several months or years if it’s used in a very non abusive way or by fixing the leaks, vs balloons that might be popped in lots of amounts in a single session. In my experience, I’ve met a lot of more non/semi inflatable poppers than guys buying toys just to pop them. Of course inflatables of any type (including balloons) are made to get leaks through time from factory (planned obsolescence), but real looners get rid of it in very creative ways (I know some).

    Regards and congrats for your writing!

    • Maggy BerLoon says:

      Hi Marcelo,
      I enjoyed reading your comment and your nice feedback. Thank you for this!

      Yes, you are right, I did say something about inflatables in the past, but I´m also not quite sure in which content/comment. You mentioned many truthful aspects, I have nothing to add 😉

      I just met a lot of inflatable poppers in the past, which might influenced my thinking in this case. I didn´t considered that, as you say, most inflatable lovers are conservative. Maybe I got a wrong impression…
      From my point of view it´s just more waste to pop inflatables on purpose than to pop balloons, because of the material (of course everything has it´s end, but that´s another thing 😉 ) and of course there are some other aspects in this case which should be included. So thank you for clarifying them!

      Nice greetings, Maggy

      • Marcelo says:

        Thank you for your response, Maggy. When you usually talk to a guy (I can only take the point of view of a guy, obviously) that loves inflatables, it is very likely that they will say something like “they enjoy more the popping”… and it’s true… in part. I get very horny when I see a girl sit popping a beachball (and my full extasy depends on the clothes too, like with tight jeans), more than just deflating it through the valve. I wouldn’t buy a video like that. It doesn’t need to burst loud, but if it gets a leak and starts deflating under her weight, that’s very exciting to me. It is because we like to see the girl riding the toy (beachball for me) like a wild bull, dominating it and popping it exactly when she wants to or just seeing trying and trying, overinflating it and trying harder until the “bang” or “hiss”. Depending on the man’s fantasy, the way of popping it might vary, of course, but we usually fit into the same concept.
        Ok, but what happen when we are the main character of the story? That’s a bit different. We use our mind to simulate a sex situation instead. We might play a role game in our mind where the target is trying to pop the toy, but what it really matters at the end is the “friction” (you know…). And when you get this point, you don’t put all your weight on it (because of natural mechanics), so the pressure on the toy is not reaching the limit. It’s more like the “doggy style”. The toy can receive pressure during the first stage, however not at the end, during the “extasy” moment. Certainly, there are moments where you “need” to pop them, but they are not usual. For me, these moments are when there are leaks impossible to fix (or too many) or during those moments in life where you doubt about being a looner and you want to end it once and for all, haha. I met a lot of people with these “looner panic attacks”, acting like I said before, and I think we all went through it.

        PS: You guys need to try inflatables too! Doing the love with your partner, both over a beachball is a glorious experience! If you do it, I’d like to read your feedback 🙂 Bye!

        • Maggy BerLoon says:

          Thanks again, Marcelo, for this detailed information 😉

          Of course Jan and I did try inflatables a few times before. I think it´s it´s obvious that you have to try them, if you also like balloons. Always making new experiences right 😛
          But from my point of view there´s a huge difference between them and honestly I´m more into balloons. I enjoy that they are flexible, soft and strong at the same time and I just love the material…inflatables are different in this case. But I totally get it, why others really like and enjoy them a lot! You described it very well 😉
          But me being a little clumsy fellow did also manage it to hurt myself a little because of the steams during sex. I know, I know, you should not ride the steams…but it happened (not only once) and this experience influenced my pleasure and my “relationship” to them. Nevertheless I like to take them to the lake/sea until today, but I stick with my balloons to use them as a sex toy. Compared to inflatables I just see more ways of interaction with balloons 🙂

          That´s just my personal view, so whatever you like, keep it on and ENJOY!

          • Marcelo says:

            Thank you for your answer 🙂 I like to read about different experiences because that way I can learn/understand/revive experiences. When you wrote about hurting yourself with the steams, it brought me back memories with episodes like that one. I assume you were riding and having sex over a beachball and you were lying on your back, unless you were in front of each other, both sitting over the ball. Some beachballs have sharp edges and it’s a pain in the ass (literally) depending on your position. The night we (my gf and I) had sex with beachballs, we made use of 5 beachballs (only 1 survived since it was a wild passion night :P) and I remember 1 of them had a similar issue with some steams. We had 3 small beachballs of 41 cm, 1 of 51 cm and 1 of 61 cm, all tight inflated. The ball with the issue was the one in the middle (51 cm). I sat on it, my gf over me (in front of each other) and we started bouncing and having sex until the thing got wild and it was too much pressure for the ball, it got a leak and got quickly deflated under our ass. Since it took some time to get to that extasy moment, I was sat over the ball for some minutes while we were bouncing on it. After it was completly deflated, I felt something strange and realized that I had a long red mark in the skin along my butt and yes, it was the edge… After that, we rode the 61 cm one, changing the position, but it had no sharp edges in the steams, it survived and we got to finish a very pleasant night 🙂

            moral of the fable: be lucky when buying inflatables, haha

  9. Roxie says:

    Hi Maggy. I just seen you’re picture of you with your big 72″ purple balloon. O my i would love to a room full of them 72″ balloons that would be Balloon Heaven 🙂

      • Roxie says:

        Your welcome 🙂 ya it would be fun to fill up 3 of them 72″ balloons and fill the rest up with 36″ balloons i would be in Heaven Lol… 😉

      • Roxie says:

        I use to have 2 of them Big 9 foot tall inflatable beach balls. I had to move everything away to make room in my living room in my house. They were so Big It was fun intill they popped 🙁

        • Dave says:

          I love orange balloons and have done all my life. I never burst them as I’m so much in love with them. I orgasm all over them and they still stay inflated for months. I m sure they love it and have feelings

  10. Able-loon says:

    What an interesting read, I knew nothing about balloon fetishes until I met my husband, we have been married fifteen years and use balloons a lot. Now we want the kids to stay at grandparents so we can fill the room up. I love the smell of balloons, especially if they have been blown up a few days.

  11. Stan says:

    Maggy, thanks so much for sharing your personal thoughts with us. You and I are about identical in our fetish. As I hate to see a beautiful balloon destroyed. They are beautifully created for us to enjoy and are beautiful themselves. Haven’t posted in a while, but love your story. Thanks! Stan from BAMA!

    • Maggy BerLoon says:

      Hi Stan, thank you very much 🙂 It´s nice that we have some things in common, but I suppose not everything of course…
      Yes, you are right, balloons are beautiful and created to enjoy them individually. So if some people enjoy to destroy them, that´s just fine, I have no problem with that 😉 Everyone should decide for their own, who am I to judge that!?!
      So keep on enjoying my friend! 🙂

  12. Roxie says:

    My favorite thing to is fill up my room full of my big 36″ balloons up to the ceiling. Then get naked and go jump into them and feel them rub all over against my body OMG It Feels so good I think 😉 it makes so Horny 😉

      • Roxie says:

        O Yes its like Balloon Heaven. 🙂 I have days that I would rather have sex with my big balloons then with my boyfriend. Lol sorry I hope I don’t sound stupid. :/

        • Maggy BerLoon says:

          😀 Roxie, nothing that comes right from your heart is stupid!!

          It would be weird if someone always just want to have sex the same way and with his partner.
          I also enjoy it sometimes to masturbate alone, rather than to have sex with Jan…and sometimes “single action” just makes me much more horny, what is great for a relationship from my point of view 😉

  13. Aakash says:

    Hii. Maggy.. I wanted to know that is there any word for getting turn in by licking balloons.. When I lick them I get turned on… It feels me good…

  14. Aakash says:

    Same here Maggy…
    I don’t always get turned on by seeing balloons.. Its depends on my mood, weather, scene..etc.. Normally I buy them just to bring my childhood back.. And when I am around them I feel special.. Being a non popper.
    But till now, I haven’t get turned on by popping balloons, its either by me mistakenly or by balloons seller..

    • Maggy BerLoon says:

      Thank you for sharing experiences 😉
      Just to let you know: there are more reasons why a balloon can pop despite from your own behavior or defects. There are many factors that influences a balloon, for example like temperature, static charge, tiny particles near the balloon and more. That´s just the way it is…

  15. BalloonBoyUK says:

    A lovely article. Maggy!

    Balloons aren’t always sexual for me either. However, they do turn me on – both mentally, emotionally, as well as physically! Like you, the sight of a balloon makes me smile and makes me feel happy. That said, balloons will always be something that cheer me up more than anything else. The colours, their shape, the fact they are a sign of happiness, and joy, and fun, and excitement!

    I like bigger balloons too – 18″-36″ or bigger, but it’s hard to get bigger balloons, and they are costly as well. So I generally make do with standard 11″-12″ balloons.

    I don’t know about you, Maggy, but I also find balloons to be a comforter as well: that is, they give me solace, comfort, warmth, tenderness, and help relax me, when I’m feeling depressed, or upset or angry.

    But there’s nothing like being in a room filled with balloons! If you’ve never filled an entire room, in your home/flat, with air-filled balloons (several hundred worth) and just frolicked naked in there, you haven’t lived! LOL It’s as near to a heavenly experience you can get! I’d highly recommend it!

  16. Loonaguy says:

    Thank you for the honest and frank look into your looner world, I must say I find myself agreeing with most everything in this post, but for me it’s not about being watched and that’s probably much to do with my wife not having any desire to do so because she doesn’t share my fetish, but the times we do use balloons she does enjoy the physical aspect, but getting back to my original point, for me it’s about the interaction with balloons ie blowing them up etc and watching the same. I too don’t find balloons on their own sexy, but the possibilities and thoughts they provoke that’s sexy, when I play alone it’s about the feel of them against my skin or how big can I blow it that gets me going, but with a partner pretty much as soon as they start to interact with a balloon even before a single breath is blown into it I’m going from 0-100. I don’t consider myself submissive and not overly dominant, but I love the power over me it gives to a partner especially when teasing is employed, I just wish that my wife would use that to her advantage more often, but again it’s my fetish not hers, so I’m happy with it whenever the opportunity presents itself.

    • Maggy BerLoon says:

      Thank you very much for opening up and sharing your experiences! I think it´s great you can live out your passion with and without your wife even though she doesn´t has the fetish herself. Nice to see that you guys are such a happy couple <3 I love that!

  17. Roxie says:

    Very Nice read there Maggy. I also like the big 36″ balloons I think they are more fun. I love to ride and bounce on them is makes me so Horny ;).

  18. Maluneri says:

    Wonderful read.
    So used to see everyone having the same story, but this is a different take.
    But it doesn’t matter. If you enjoy balloons in the bedroom in any way, you can proudly call yourself looner. And who doesn’t enjoy them out of the bedroom too? 🙂

    • Maggy BerLoon says:

      Thank you 🙂 I´m not sure, but I could imagine that there are looners, who enjoy it to blow up balloons in public and get horny by that…or whatever 😉 everything is possible, right!?

  19. Jo De Mulder says:

    Thank you soooo very much for this beautiful opening of your heart !!
    You discribe it perfect and i also feel it this way ,the only difference in my story is that i go visit an escort girl for my fantasy ,as you know my wife has no problem with that .
    wish you and Jan lots of love and joy ♡♡♡♡


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