What is a balloon fetish?

A beautiful and sexy Looner clip made by Alissa Inflatables

I can write a lot about the balloon fetish by using tons of words for it, but from my point of view sometimes pictures say more than words. I think you can get a great and very aesthetical impression of the balloon fetish by watching this video. That´s why I want to share it with you!

It´s made by Alissa Inflatables, which is one of my favorite entertainment websites, who supports the Looner community with explicit material like clips and pictures.

Thank you, Alissa, for this great impression, I love it.

And now enjoy watching!

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  1. balloonsensei_nyc says:

    Since I was actually fortunate enough to be active in the fetish/kink scene here in NYC, it was very rare that I went to an event and didnt have some balloony play with people. As such, I dont pay for content either. However, Alissa consistently produces some of the most artistically shot material available now. Oxana is WAY up there on top too. It must be frustrating for them to occasionally hear people question their motives or to be put on the spot for either having the balloon fetish or not. This is an issue that has gone on for Years and Years. I, for one, couldnt care less if the women on camera (or behind) have the fetish or not. What matters is the content.
    Ive been on both sides of the camera. Ive taught erotic ballloony play. Ive taught non erotic balloony play.
    Non erotic balloony play?? YES!!
    Ive put countless people (including myself) inside Rifco 72s. That particular experience doesnt do a thing for me except the really great feeling of giving someone a new and fun experience. Truthfully, its very stressful to do that all night at a kink/fetish party. People going in have been drinking, making them less likely to follow instructions to get in and out safely.
    Finally…theres the concept that one really doesnt NEED the fetish to enjoy erotic balloony play. Latex feels gooood. Be it latex clothing or balloons. Most of the people I introduced to it didnt have the fetish. But a couple of well placed balloons and a source of vibration…ranging from the fingers/hands to the Hitachi Magic Wand, applied to the balloons…and, well 😉

  2. will blows says:

    Alissa is one of those content creators who produces high quality and for me very attractive work. I do understand that new content is always something we like to have. I also know that peoples lives are often filled with more than just making money. I think that Alissa was finishing her MBA during this time and I have so much respect for this.
    I do not subscribe to pay sites but I have enjoyed hundreds of Allisa’s videos. She and her models have given me much pleasure. The amount of money she has ask me for to provide such stunning work is Zero, nadda, nix, nothing.
    Any business that does work that has high cost to produce and then provides it for free, is a very special business run by special people. In fact a business that gives away anything runs the risk of hurting it’s own bottom line. I think “gold digger” is pretty harsh.
    I do respect you want something for your money and in that case, you should get your money back. Apology? Well I have seen a couple of people trash her for this very thing so I wonder why she would apologize when you are hurting her business. I have had many issues with products and services from large brands – I have never gotten an apology. And if I do it is a pre-written letter for the masses.

    The great thing is that you have a lot of choices for other sites that may not let you down this way.

    For me whether these women have a balloon fetish or not does not matter. I think with most porn, the actors are acting. I doubt most of the emotions are real. In the end it is whether I enjoy what I see- and I so enjoy her work. It would be a shame if we as the community would discourage those who are not “real” looners from creating content and I agree with Maggy, since the balloon fetish community is 99% men, would there even be much content if the ticket to play were authentic looners only.
    So Alissa, if you are reading, I would like to thank you for all the amazing content. For the high quality of your videos, for your team of girls that offer a wide variety of looks and reactions with the ballloons. I applaud you for putting your education first and for constantly working to improve your skills in ways outside this small area. Please know that there are thousands of us who do not contribute to your bottom line. For me it is not so much about the money it is about the fact that where there is money there is a trial and I am just too shy and uncomfortable to take the risks.
    Your work is amazing, your girls are gorgeous and your choice of balloons fit my desires perfectly. I hope that you make lots and lots of money from your work as I also hope Balloons United does. This way, we will be sure that we have access to great content and a wide variety of balloons, great service from people who actually make our balloon passion a much more enjoyable and intense experience.
    In terms of business, Balloons United – you do much more than sell balloons to our community. You’ve become a voice for it, are creating this blog so that we have a forum to talk about it and even just your product photos make my heart skip a beat.
    I and I think many others thank you for this!

    • Jo De Mulder says:

      I respect your opinion JB.
      i only want to say that i expect what i pay for ,that is not more then fair .
      if you have a deal whit your bakery that you pay in advance for one year to get you two breads a week and he doesn’t deliver for two months… what would you say then ?
      It is possible that the reason are her studies and that is her good wright but the least she could do is warn paying customers that this will happen . I only got one email from her in that period in wich she clamed that it was due to “bad internet connection in her country”… c’mon !?
      And by gold diggers i was refering to the insane private party prices ,3000€ for one ticket ,realy ?????
      I agree with the facts that they ask money for their work and i always loved to pay for it like i do whit a lot of sites and also that the girls are not real looners . They do an awesome job and i loved watching them .
      the only thing i wanted was honnesty and good service , they let me and lots of others down and that is not fair . I am paying member for a lot of sites ,paying them is the only way to keep them alive ,but they are the only ones who took money and didn’t deliver . That’s all .
      have a very nice weekend 🙂

      • will blows says:

        Hi Jo De Mulder,
        I agree, you should absolutely get what you pay for. I do not pay nor do I know the whole story. I am only thankful for the free content of which there is a lot. I want to encourage her to continue. I would assume her site would be filled with a lot of content. I am not a webmaster nor do I know what you were promised.
        I like Alissa and her work and I like to try to stay positive. It is a very small little community and I am glad they are making content for us.
        As for the price of the parties? It is high but I am sure she charges what people are willing to pay. If she can get 10 people at 3,000 then to charge less would not be good business. And it is business. I know I won’t ever go as; 1. I have a wife and no matter what, it would be a sexual thing and I won’t do that to her and 2. I’d probably die of a heart attack if I were in rooms full of ballloons like that any of her girls who are all spectacular in my opinion 😉 Great fantasy though.
        Groetjes, Peace

  3. Andrew Griffiths says:

    So oft in Looner Videos sehen die Maedchen aus wie sie
    mit Ballonen nicht wirklich gern spielen. Ich weiss dass sie nur (actresses?) sind, aber ich mag es besser wenn ich jemand in (real life?) sehe die Ballonen platzen.

  4. Jo De Mulder says:

    First of all ,the clip/balloons/girls are stunning and awesome ! It shure represents our fetish and feelings .
    But i also think that a blog is all abouth being honnest and speaking our true mind ,wright ?
    So here is my two cents abouth Alissa’s Inflatables… i am very sad to say that they only care abouth our money ,no more and no less !
    And on top of that they let us down for two months this late summer ,just collecting our payments and delivering 0,0 clips…
    I even had to file a complain with paypal to get my money back (and lots of members whit me) ,lucky for us that we finaly got back what was taken by them !
    I even didn’t get an apology… that makes me sad .
    I am sorry but these gold diggers don’t deserve to represent our fetish ,but that is just my opinion .
    It is not my intention to be rude or so but that is how i feel 🙂
    I like the honnest clip you and Jan made thousend times better because it is from your heart ♡
    That’s all 🙂

    • maggyberloon says:

      Thank you very much for your honest comment, I really appreciate your opinion!

      And I can understand that you’re disappointed because you expected constant clip updates during those 2 month. Of course I have no idea what’s behind this and I also think an explanation could be necessary.

      But I disagree with the term „gold diggers“. Since a longer time now, I generally get the opinion that some people in the community tend to judge others who try to produce clips and sell them for money. However you have the total right to have your own opinion of course, so no offense to you! I just think the producer has the total right to demand payment for his work. There are also costs which comes up with such a clip. Balloons, equipment, production costs, maybe a studio or a rented apartment and maybe even other models. Mostly only in their free time. Some put more effort and money in the clips, some others are saving on one or two of those subjects 😉 And I think Alissa Inflatables definitely belongs to the first group and the effort should be appreciated. She is doing this for a long time now and brought a lot of great material to the community. But of course those 2 months without promised updates should be compensated.

      Another thing is, I often read the complain about several models in the scene: „She/he is no REAL looner!“. So what? In every life situation you are entertained by people who only act their role. Movies, Television, Shows and OF COURSE porn and politics 😉 Without them we had WAY LESS material we could watch. The hard reality is, that there aren’t much „true“ born looner girls out there who are both nice to look at and willing to present themselves in front of a camera. It’s the same situation as in all other erotic genres. Paid models often are the only chance 😉

      In the end everyone has to decide on his own what and who he likes to watch and what he doesn’t. But it’s always great to have a choice!

      Jo, please to take this personal and don’t take it the wrong way. I’m also sure that you belong to the people who DO appreciate this kind of work. But I already know that this topic can lead to a serious discussion and I just wanted to state my honest opinion…

      • Jo De Mulder says:

        Dear Maggy
        ofcourse i don’t take this personal or in a wrong way ,it is good we can talk abouth things in an adult constructive way .
        i agree 100% with what you say abouth the production costs and girls who act that they are looners ,i never ever had problems whit that and i am paying member whit a lot of sites . I am happy to pay for their good work . Indeed it is normal that there are not enough real looner girls out there to make clips and it is a pleasure to watch them do their very best to intertain us all . Alissa’s girls are awesome ,Mishel is even one of my favorite girls i know .
        By saying that Alissa (or the people behind her ,Tolkenburoo they are called) are gold diggers i was refering to the insane prizes they handle for the “private balloon parties” !! A year ago in wanted to buy a ticket to attend such a party in London and when i got the bill a saw i had to pay 3000€ !!!!!!!!!
        So if they want to make looners happy and do this for us i can’t understand why they would ask such a ridicule prise…. i was very dissapointed .
        I see that i didn’t mention that event/price in my first text so i understand that you tought i was refering to the membership prise wich is indeed fair .
        thank you for letting me speak my mind .
        i have no problem at all whit people who make some money ,if not for them we would not have much to enjoy… but they must keep it fair ,in price and promisses .
        the other thing i forgot to mention are the 1000 old clips that are promissed on the site ,she started to upload them just before the summer if i can recall it well and suddenly it stopped in may 2014 . I asked her several times when we would get the older clips and she answered me one time that she would do it soon… never happened . But in the same time she is still sugesting on her site that these old clips are online and in the membership area .
        sorry but i am a person who realy dislikes lies and injustice so it got me a bit angry . I never ever had these problems whit Clubsteffi ,Italoon ,loons-elevator ,Mellyloon and others .
        but enough now… i know i need to let it rest and go on ,i got my money back in the end and i learned my lesson 🙂
        Wish you and Jan a verry nice weekend ,take care !!!!

        • Loon Ranger says:

          I agree with what Jo is saying about Alissa Inflatables and about the parties being ridiculously overpriced, and I also went through the same thing with the two months of no updates and having to get my money back through PayPal because they refused to refund me. Last month on the 17th of November she made a Black Friday offer of one month of membership to her site for half price, so it looked like everything was back to normal again, but even after telling me I could have the offer if I sent her the payment through PayPal I have tried numerous times since then to contact her and have had nothing back, just like it was during those 2 months, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it is still going on to some extent. I even saw that she was online recently to share a post from this blog, and still no reply which seems like she is just ignoring me now, not a great way to treat your customers. So like Jo, I also get the sense they care more about the money than anything else. Hate to say it, but I have to be honest!

    • Alissa says:

      Sorry for those month of not delivery of clips – now is all ok and Im uploading old and new clips. Last year was really hard for me
      Thanks for understanding

  5. Andrew Griffiths says:

    Hi – Ich weiss nicht ob ich es (aus/ auf?) Deutsch sagen koennen werde, aber ich werde versuchen. Es ist vor vielen Jahren ich in der Schule war!
    Durch (meinem ganzem?) Leben, habe ich ein (fascination?) mit Ballonen gehaben. Als ich etwa 8 Jahre alt war, spielt ich gern damit, aber ich hatte auch Angst ueber wenn sie platzten. Als ich zu (Kinderparties?) ging, gab es ein (game?), wo die Kinder zu einem Stuhl laufen muessten und auf ein Balloon sitzen muessten. Ich hatte Angst darueber. Als ich etwa 12 war, began ich ueber Ballonen viel zu denken. Sie waren (exciting?) zu mir. Obgleich ich Angst hatte, wollte ich damit spielen und platzen. Als ich etwa 15 war, begann ich von einem Geschaeft in der Naehe sie zu kaufen. Ich wuerde sie nach Hause nehmen, aufblasen und platzen. Endlich, konnte ich es ohne Angst machen. Es war wuenderbar!
    Sein dann, habe ich sie sehr gern geplatzt!

    • maggyberloon says:

      Hi Andrew, vielen Dank, dass du Deine Geschichte mit uns teilst! Wenn es für dich leichter ist, kannst Du beim nächsten Mal auch gerne auf Englisch antworten, aber schön, dass Du so gut Deutsch sprichst ;).
      Liebe Grüße

      • Andrew Griffiths says:

        Hi, Maggy. Noch jetzt mache ich (Fehlen?) mit Deutsch. Sie ist nicht wie Englisch – so viele Enden zu Woerten und Woerter fuer unser Wort “the”. Sie haben es Ihre (ganzen?) Leben gesprochen und vielleicht wissen Sie nicht wie schwerig fuer einen Auslaender es ist!
        Darf ich fragen – was machen Sie mit Ballonen gern?
        Etwas ich auch gern mache, obgleich ich natuerlich nicht oft (den/ die/ das?) Chance es zu machen habe, ist Dinge zu brechen – zum Beispiel – Glas and (China?). Ich bin kein guter Junge!
        Moechten Sie das machen?

      • Andrew Griffiths says:

        Perhaps I should write in English, but it’s good for me to try to write in German. I still make mistakes with genders, cases, word order, etc.. It’s a complicated language.
        If you feel like re-contacting, maybe you could let me know whether you’d prefer me to stick to English.
        Bye, Andrew.

        • maggyberloon says:

          I agree with you Andrew, German is a really difficult language, so you can also write in English. To answer your question: I really like to sit and to lie on balloons. In fact I like many different kinds of interaction with them, it always depends on the situation 😉


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