How to extend the lifetime of a balloon?


About the right inflating of a balloon and what you need to know about it

Before you start to inflate your balloon right away, please have a look at your surrounding. If you find some sharp or hot things there, just put them away or please be careful. Otherwise there would be no tip needed to extend the lifetime of a balloon, because it would be gone already.

So, you checked your room and are willing to start now. Then take the balloon with your hands and stretch it a little. Afterwards inflate it real firm, either by using your lungs or a pump, that doesn´t matter. If you got the feeling to reach its limit, then stop and let some air escape again.

This technique helps your balloon to get more range in relation to its breaking point, because you inflated it over the intended size and prestreched it by that. So your balloon becomes more stable and you can sit on it without any problems or do other things with it. Sure, the quality and stability also can depend on the balloon brand and can vary slightly.

But one thing you should always have in mind: there is no guaranty, that a balloon won´t pop. It is in the nature of things, that a balloon can pop sooner or later. But now, have fun while inflating and remember „ the proof of the pudding is in the eating“!

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  1. David says:

    Hi, I would like your opinion on one thing, as a producer of clips with other fetishes, I would like to contribute for your interesting fetish (it`s new to me so I`m reading some articles to understand it). How you feel about girl in the clip who at the end deflates balloon (not pop, just let the air flow out)? It`s ok or turn off?
    Thank you for your advice!

  2. antonio says:

    hello maggy, congratulation to you and jan, you are fantastic, i to my partner we love the balloons, especially the Q24,it is very durable, you sit very often, lately he has added a friend of my friend, can the Q24 hold three people? you can suggest a way to increase the strength of the balloon? thank you and see you soon resent

  3. antonio says:

    hello maggy and jan, congratulations for your blog, we follow much i and my partner sarah, your suggestion help us a lot, we are happy to be part of united balloon. we have 24 qualatex, crystal and black, we’d sit over in two, are able to hold two people? how can we increase the resistance? thank you see you soon

  4. mark says:

    First, Thanks forthe info, it really helps new people 🙂

    I had bad luck with my first q24, I noticed a small inperfection before inflating it. It was a tiny circle where the latex was not strong enough. It poped really early.

    So next day, a new q24 (crystal clear). Before I started, I checked it and heated it up with warm water. I start inflating it and I let some air escape (it didn’t have a neck yet). A couple of minutes later, I try to “neck” it … the result was … unbelievable, the size of the neck… its beyond words.

    Heating a balloon with warm water of a hairdryer really helps. Just like letting some air escape and finaly letting it rest for a couple of minutes before trying anything.

    Thanks people for the advice 🙂

  5. antonio says:

    good morning, my name is antonio, are a looner italian, me and my partner wanted advice on how to increase the strength of Q24, we really like to ride together, congratulations for your blog, it’s great!!!

    • Maggy BerLoon says:

      I´m happy that I could help you and your partner with this article. More to come in the future ;). Thank you and warmly wishes to Italia!

  6. Grey Loon24 (Graham) says:

    Interesting subject, there are many different techniques and methods that can be used. Running balloons under hot water, boiling, hairdryer, even baking balloons in a convection oven. Personally I first heat them up with my hairdryer and stretch the balloon out well. I inflate my balloons with an electric balloon pump. I like using the pump because it provides steady air flow and I can get the balloon to shape out to it’s fullest. I generally will do 3 or 4 (sometimes more) inflation’s on a balloon to really max out it’s size. Keep in mind I shrink it back into shape with the hairdryer after each inflation. This is not a method for everybody I love tightly inflated balloons! It does happen that they do bust on me from time to time. But even inflating a balloon to it’s rated size there is a risk of it busting. All part of the game. Personally I find inflating balloons to a very relaxing endeavor to undertake. Those beautiful crystal colors are stunning to look at I find.
    Happy Ballooning All.

  7. antonio says:

    salve..mi chiamo antonio, sono italiano, ho 53 anni e sono felice di essere looner…desidero comlimentarmi con voi x questo blog e la mia compagna pratichiamo molto la seduta piace molto il Q24 e tuftex 17″..volevo gentilmente sapere se il Q24 può sopportare il nostro sono 90kg e la mia compagna 82kg…c’è un modo x aumentare la resistenza del Q24, senza perdere la morbidezza?

    • maggyberloon says:

      I´m sorry Antonio, but I just speak German and English and don´t Italian. So I can´t help you…but maybe there is another Looner here, who speaks Italian and can help Antonio??

  8. KERO says:

    After a long time in a box, some of my tuftex 24 are weak !
    When I blow them, they are very soft and they can pop more easily !
    What is it happen ?

    How can I fix this problem ?

  9. KittyKat says:

    I was given a huge bag of balloons that were rock hard. Before throwing them out I thought about the warming idea. I put them in the clothes dryer on a low setting and after 5 minutes they were soft and warm. And yes the 20 inch blew up bigger. They pop just as loud too.

  10. Loonaguy (Paul) says:

    Thank you Maggy those are great tips, do you pre-inflate your balloons or the necks and when you blow up your balloons do you keep inflating all the way till the neck is full then let some air out or do you stretch the neck when it starts to fill then blow and stretch again and so on?

    I love to learn what techniques other looners use, me personally I don’t tend to pre-inflate unless it’s something like a Q16 which has a stubby neck, so I might pre-inflate the neck fully then keep blowing it all the way with a little stretching to help it get as big as possible. I find that by blowing and stretching it lowers the internal air pressure by pulling some of the air from the body of the balloon into the neck to help it inflate which gives you a nice firm tight body but a softer neck, so maybe if I release a little air before tying it will also give the body more give for riding/sitting 🙂 x

    • maggyberloon says:

      You are welcome Paul and I´m happy you like my tip! To answer your question, I usually pre-inflate the neck before inflating the whole balloon.
      I agree this lower the internal air pressure, but I don´t need my balloons to be as tight and firm as hell. But that´s just my preference ;).

      • antonio says:

        salve maggy…volevo sapere se un pallone SA 24..può reggere il peso di due persone..e quanto bisogna gonfiarlo..può essere utile mettere sotto il pallone un materassino gonfiabile per dimezzare il nostro peso sul pallone?

  11. Jo De Mulder says:

    I found out that warming up the balloons whit a hairdryer or something else before inflating is very good for the balloons . A cold balloon can pop fast .
    and after play and deflation you can warm it up again so it gets in to normal shape again .
    warmed up loons also get bigger… you even can boil them in water ,the result is awesome !

      • Jo De Mulder says:

        Indeed my dear Paul 🙂
        But when i need to inflate 30 balloons fast i prefer a helping tool .
        i also let my inflator blow for a minute or two before i start . This way the pump is also warming up and blows heated air…

    • KERO says:

      I know the hairdryer technic too ! Very good for the balloons !

      But I did not know the boil technic.
      Is it really good for them ? How are them after ?

      • Jo De Mulder says:

        You boil some water and do it in a bowl ,throw in the balloon and keep it under water whit a spoon for abouth 5 min . Take it out and blow it up ,it wil get 1/3 and sometimes 1/2 bigger then normal but will stay strong ! You can deflate it and repeat the process ,it will get bigger every time until it explodes . Best results whit tuftex and belbal

        • maggyberloon says:

          I’m not sure about products for latex clothes. But there is a product named “Ballon Shine”. It’s supposed to have the exact purpose you’re looking for. I can’t tell you exactly where to buy it, but I guess you can just google it 😉


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