Co-Authors wanted!

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– Write your own blog-post for LOONERS UNITED –

You beautiful lovely people. Attention, please. Now it´s going on.

Let us make LOONERS UNITED a real platform where looners, friends of the balloon fetish or sexual open-minded people can exchange and inspire each other, where they can unite. Therefore I need YOU!

You always wanted to talk about something, which is balloon fetish related? Make a statement, tell us your experiences or your secret looner phantasies. Let your thoughts flow and discover the writer in you.

Are you a long-term looner or did you just get to this fetish? Maybe you never tried something with balloons and heard of it for the first time just a little time ago? Perhaps you don´t see yourself as a „real looner“ but find balloons existing as a sex toy? Is your partner a looner and you have your perspective towards all of this, maybe other preferences and fetishes are also important in this context? Or or or. What, who, how doesn´t matter in the first place. The main thing it´s balloon related.

So if something is in your head, which you would like to share with others, I give you the opportunity to do so here. AND I will also reward you for it!

How does this work? Are there any requirements and conditions? What´s the reward?

1. EVERYONE can participate!!! With or without any writing experiences, anonymous or not, that doesn’t matter. You decide how far you go and what you want to reveal about yourself. Surely you can use a fake name and stay completely private. Just a few general pieces of information would be helpful, for example like age, gender, country.

2. You get a €20 discount code for BALLOONS UNITED for EVERY published blog post.

3. A condition is that you can verbalize yourself in a proper way and are aware of good grammar. Little mistakes are no problem. Hey, this can happen, I think everybody knows that. Of course, I´ll read your writing carefully and improve it if necessary. But if you send me a text which ultimately doesn´t work, I´m sorry, I can´t do anything with it.

4. Your writing should have min 500 – max 1500 words. You don´t need to translate it into German. I can do this for you.

5. Please pay attention that topics won’t repeat exactly. If you are insecure with your subject, don´t hesitate to ask me before your start to write.

Scotty The Blue Bunny_Belbal 14_Balloon_Whatever_04-3


6. Pictures make a post much more attractive. Do have something matching? Give it to me (resolution min 1000 pixels). IMPORTANT: bevor you start to search for images on google or something, please stop it and don´t send my any pictures. Copying and stealing are not welcome at all! In this case, I´ll take care of matching pictures, no problem.

7. After reading your text, I´ll decide if it suits LOONERS UNITED or not. Should there be any hostilities, discrimination or insults be included, you can be sure that it I will reject! It´s about sex, love, and lust. About a playful fetish, which is supposed to make you happy and satisfied. Attacks, fanaticism, and quarrels have nothing whatsoever to do with the matter. Different views, opinions are welcome instead and are an enrichment. But just be friendly, positive and respectful and write from YOUR perspective.

8. Send your writing (& eventually your pictures) to and then we will see.

So, that´s it. If you have any questions, just write a comment.

I look forward to reading your stories, and I´m extremely curious about what you have to tell and say. I´m sure I´m not the only one feeling this way right now.

Your posts will complete this blog, so it becomes LOONERS UNITED in the full sense of the word! Go for it friends. Let us take over the world with our balloons and bring some light into curious people´s minds why balloons can be that sexy in bed.

On your buttons, get set, go!

With love and thankfulness, Yours Maggy

Looners United_Maggy BerLoon_Balloon_Qualatex_Clear_Loonergirl_Balloonfetish_Looner
19 replies
  1. Jack says:

    Can I write a blog post about my experiences, questions and fantasies in looning?

    Also, any looner seeing this comment, I would love to chat with you about suggestions and ideas in looning 🙂

      • Lexxie says:

        Sorry. See reply too late.
        I can write it in English, of course, word count is near limit, and stories is only half fiction, most is real-life based.
        And I can send it to you for pre-approve, if you find it match this blog thematic

  2. Maluneri says:

    Great idea. Been wanting to write something every once in a while, but never really had the time or energy for a blog of my own (and the fact that pictures will be a big problem for me). I’ll see if I get some inspiration to write soon.


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