CLIMB IN balloons are great, but what the hell should I do with it?

– GUEST ARTICLE: The five best ways to use CLIMB IN balloons the sexy way. Written by co-author Andi –

A CLIMB IN balloon can not only be used as a fun party gag, but it´s also usable for many many other beautiful things. Here I´ve got some inspiration for you:

1. A ride above the water

Personally, I sometimes climb into a CATTEX 72“ balloon, which lies on top of an air mattress. From there I roll straight into the pool. It´s a great feeling to slide over the water, see right through it and just to chill. Most of all it´s a unique kick to burst the balloon from the inside with your hands subsequently and to suddenly flop into the water.

2. Fun alone

The next use might be particularly interesting for poppers. So, climb inside the balloon and take some other (uninflected) balloons with you. Then you can start to blow them up until they burst or take some other actions until they pop (riding, sitting, etc.). Finally, the bang inside a CLIMB IN balloon is slightly different, because everything starts to vibrate, which causes another nice sound.

Of course, you don’t have to burst the other balloons and can use them for a lot of non popper fun. Just as you like it.

3. Fun together with others: one inside, one outside

Furthermore, CLIMB IN  balloons are perfectly suited for two or more persons. So, that brings us to a visual highlight. One person climbs inside the balloon and the other(s) stay outside. This person controls the size of the balloon, let air escape or refill it. Afterward, he or she can lie naked on top of the balloon or sit or stand on it, depending on the diameter. The person inside can now start to stimulate the other one by stroking hers or his erogenous zones. You can use your hands, your tongue, diverse sex toys or some other balloons as well, which you inflated inside. Most of all, it´s such an extraordinary feeling when the balloon skin is between your bodies and touches. Honestly, I suppose you get the best orgasm when you hold a vibrator on the balloon and the other person from the inside. The more powerful the vibrator, the more the whole balloon will vibrate. This can lead to an extreme ecstasy of lust. But this is just my personal experience.

4. Fun together with others: half climb in and teasing

Let´s talk about another use for more people. One of you climbs inside the balloon, but just until half of the body is inside (head until hip). Thanks to the half climb in, this person is defenseless, because hers or his hands are caught inside the balloon. This can be really arousing. Because the other person(s) is now able to whatever she/he wants and start to spoil the other one with fingers, by mouth or with other sex toys. Of course, you also can have tremendous sex in every possible and imaginable position. In addition to that, the person, who is inside can also blow up (blow to pop) other balloons, which can cause a proper tension on top.

5. Fun together with others: sex in a balloon

Now, let´s take a look at the „last“ and most obvious possibility for two or more persons with the CLIMB IN balloon: sex inside the balloon. Is it two of you? Fine, then both of you can climb inside the balloon. I recommend that a third person should be there and stay outside to help you, for example, refilling the balloon with air. This might be helpful. But it´s also possible without a third person. So, however, just have fun with each other inside the balloon, whatever this means to you. Most noteworthy, enjoy each other and yourself. A little recommendation at the side: let the balloon stay connected with the inflator. It will get bigger and bigger until it burst at some point. This can be quite exciting because you won´t know, for how long it will last and who of you will be the first one to explode.

Now, I wish all of you great fun while experimenting and trying!

But before, please keep some general warnings in mind: When you use CLIMB IN balloons, another person, who stays outside is always helpful. Most of all when you need more air or want to get out again. Safety always comes first, of course.

If you have some other ideas or made some different experiences with a CLIMB IN BALLOON, now it´s the right time and place to share it with us! I´m curious. Just go ahead.

“I whispered in her ear: Blow it up until it bursts, this makes me horny!”

– GUESTPOST: A boy from Hamburg shares his „becoming a LOONER story“ and what his girlfriend thinks of the balloon fetish –

Hi friends,

I’m a twenty-eight years old man living in Hamburg | Germany. I would like to tell you how I discovered the fetish and more important how I told my girlfriend about it and what her reaction was.

As with many other looners, my preference arose from a fear during my childhood. Back in time, there were balloons in my gymnastic club where I used to go, but I rather stayed in the changing room because of them. In the kindergarten, during carnival, I would prefer it, if we wouldn´t find a costume for me. Instead, my Mom sewed one by herself for me. It was a bunny, but more like a scaredy-cat. And so it continued until I made my first sexual experiences with twelve or thirteen years. It happened that the web and I became best friends. In particular Google and later on also YouTube.

I found a few balloon websites and noticed real quick that this is my thing! I liked the models with their balloons, I almost adored them. At school, we celebrated our yearly summer party. Balloons were there. Jackpot! The many lovely girls of my class blew up countless balloons and it wasn’t like during carnival or at the gymnastic club in the past. I wanted more and made sure they inflated more of them. Some of them were afraid, but others apparently enjoyed it to blew them up until they popped. Of course, I enjoyed this a lot and thought about which girls I put on my imaginary list for a girlfriend and which not. Maybe this sounds awkward, but my future girlfriend should not be afraid of balloons. And until today, all of my girlfriends weren’t. Lucky me, the most fearless one is my actual girlfriend.

We are together for two years now, and I don´t love her just because she likes balloons, of course, this I didn’t know in the beginning. I didn’t want to tell her about it because I was afraid and at first I wanted to see step by step how she reacts to balloons. Without her noticing, I forced many situations where she got in contact with them in an unremarkable way. For example at parties, on our way home or especially at home and while shopping. She liked balloons. She told me, that when she turned eighteen years old, her sister filled her entire room with balloons. She rushed to them and burst them with everything she could find, that´s how she told me. An incredible imagination.

I knew that I could live out my personal fantasies with her, only if I told her about my fetish and only if she accepts it. But I was afraid I could lose interest in my preference because she only might satisfy it just for me. I didn´t want that to happen. Because before she knew about it, she also burst them and blew some up together with me.

One evening we returned home from a barbecue and were a little bit drunk. We enjoyed some more glasses of wine and then she reached out for the bag with balloons in it. She chose a beautiful TUFTEX 17“ balloon and I whispered in her ear: „ blow it up until it burst, this arouses me“. She laughed and answered: „same here“. Puhhh, two minutes later it popped loudly through the whole house. Now it´s regularly popping.

A lalalalaLONG -The CATTEX 32“ LONGNECK balloon

The CATTEX LONGNECK makes LOONER dreams come true

Honestly, I planned on writing about another balloon of another brand. There are still so many, which I want to have a greater look at and do some nice reviews. But I just had no other choice than to write about the CATTEX 32“ LONGNECK, because it´s a pretty great balloon.

CATTEX – some general info

CATTEX is an Italian family company, which sells balloons since the year 1962. They offer a huge range of several balloons, starting from small to big, round or figure shaped, one or more colors, with or without a print. The selection is so big so that I will stop at this point. Otherwise, this will be a never ending story.

What distinguishes CATTEX is the openness towards the balloon fetish and their respectful treatment. They manage to put some balloons on the market, which are meant to please the individual needs/wishes of looners. Of course, there is also a business thought behind this, but CATTEX is not a small company and has many many orders to fill. So from this point of view, I´m quite happy about the fact that they spend their time with creating specific items, besides all the other work they have to deal with. Believe me, this doesn´t work just like that.

Now, let´s be honest, which other balloon manufacturers do you know, who confront themselves with our distinct pleasures and puts them first to create balloon types according to that? I can´t think of any right away. So, for my taste QUALATEX and all the other well-known manufacturers could draw some inspiration from that.

But first and foremost, I only want to thank CATTEX for their positive and open handling with this topic. Looner and the balloon fetish are part of our present time, as well as all sexuality in general and according to that all other fetishes, which exist out there. To ignore this and to try to push it away by sticking it in some sort of secret box is quite an old and lame hat now. People have desires, and people have sex in many different ways. Welcome to our more and more sex-positive thinking society, welcome to the 21st century.

Now, before I shift too far away from the actual subject, let´s get back to CATTEX.

Who want some more info about these friendly Italian people, you should read the interview with Danilo Catallo (member of the CATTEX).

CATTEX 32“ – a LONGNECK balloon per excellence

Ok, let´s return to the topic and take a look at the CATTEX 32“ LONGNECK balloon. Its neck is tremendous. It´s not just long but also thick. The material itself is also quite thick and sturdy, just like with all the other balloons of CATTEX, which has this size (or bigger). This balloon can take a lot, but please be aware that, the more often you use it, the more unstable it will get. Of course, it will get bigger with every use, but at some point, there is an end. That´s just how it is with balloons.

How does the inflation work and is there something to keep in mind thereby?

Honestly, the CATTEX 32“ makes the inflation quite easy. The neck and the balloon itself will develop their excellent shape already with the first inflation. That´s why this balloon is well suited for “balloon newbies” from my point of view. Sure, it´s helpful to take advantage of the usual tricks before, and it´s also easier and faster to use a pump rather than the mouth.

To summarize it briefly:

1. The balloon should have room temperature

2. Pre-stretch it a little by pulling it apart with your hands a few times

3. Keep the big balloon chamber closed with one hand and just inflate the neck first. When it´s full let the air flow into the big chamber afterward. Honestly, I suppose it will also work if you do this the other way around.

A comparison with the big brother CATTEX 36“ LONGNECK

Regarding the material and the quality both balloons are the same, just the shape is a little bit different. Both have a big round balloon chamber, one with a diameter of 36″ and the other one with 32“. Both of them are also available without a huge neck, just a quick note on the side. The bigger one (36“) has a thinner and quite shorter neck than the other one. Both balloons are available in several colors, and both are robust and durable. From my point of view, the most significant difference is their inflation behavior. With the small balloon, you should have no problems inflating it correctly, but the bigger one could be a little challenge. Therefore you might need some practice, and you should inflate it sensitively. But that´s how it rolls with unusual balloon shapes and figures. Nobody says it´s always easy to achieve that great shape. But when you manage it, this could be a much better success. My conclusion: both are great balloons, the CATTEX 32“ LONGNECK is just a little bit easier to inflate.

Now let´s talk about the use of this balloon

From the view of a looner, you can make some pretty nice stuff with this beauty. Starting with the sensual inflation, riding, bouncing, several ways of bursting them up to many more options. Finally, it´s up to you, to your own and individual preferences and needs. So listen carefully to your feelings and let off some steam. It´s just that simple.

Do you want to read some more specific suggestions? Ok, fine, I´ll tell you a short personal story then. But before I tell you that much: YES, the story has a happy end, and it´s one of its kind.

At the beginning of this year, Jan and I made a short vacation after quite a long time. Finally, we had plenty of time just for us and for some balloon fun. Because honestly, during our daily life free time often comes off poorly. Of course. I mean, who of you don’t know this problem? So, short breaks from the everyday life are precious.

We are in the Netherlands, in a tiny house at a small lake. It´s winter, and everything outside is frozen and quiet. After a log hot and relaxing bath I go to the living room and see that Jan already made some preparations there. The fireplace is burning, as well as some candles, and some balloons are lying around in the room. Yes, cheesy romance can be nice sometimes. Although this normally isn´t my kind of thing.


At first, Jan and I make ourselves comfortable right next to the fireplace. We are chatting around, laughing and just chilling. The fire has such a calming effect. I have to say, to own a fireplace is quite nice.

It doesn’t take much time to heat up the sexual tension between us, and the CATTEX 32“ Longneck is just in the right place for this. I sit down on the large neck and let my body rest on the round balloon. The pressure and increasing tension beneath me let me and my pussy enter full anticipation. I start rubbing myself on the balloon. I can´t help myself. It´s just an unstoppable reflex. Jan observes me the whole time while I let myself go. Suddenly, the entire balloon is starting to vibrate. Due to my tunnel vision, I didn’t notice Jan getting a vibrator. He put it right between me and the balloon. I hardly can describe this intense feeling, but it almost let me slip to another dimension. It´s getting better. This was just the foreplay or let´s say, thanks, mother nature who enable us, women, to enjoy multiple orgasms.

Jan takes his place behind me, and together we get started. The swinging effect is enormous and intensifies every single move. Jan bums me forward, and the balloon presses me back more intense, faster, harder. The balloon is like a rubber band, which you try to pull apart, but it always gets back to its actual size. I can feel the soft and moist heat paired with a firm and intense pressure underneath me. And there is always this slight fear, the thrill that the balloon doesn’t endure our actions. This tension almost tears me apart and increases my lust to the immeasurable. But it’s not the balloon, which explodes, it´s me. Let´s just say, happy end galore.

CLIMB IN BALLOONS – How to properly get inside a balloon!

– GUEST ARTICLE: Co-writer Andi wrote a guide about the handling of a Climb-In-Balloon – 

First of all, I would like to introduce myself. I´m Andreas, 24 years old and I´m from Allgäu in Germany. I have a particular preference for balloons and all kind of things which you can inflate. In my following blog post, I´m going to tell you something about the Climb-In balloons. How you choose the right one, how you inflate them and how you can climb in properly.


You should use Climb-In balloons just under supervision. When you doesn´t exchange the air inside the balloon, there is a particular risk of suffocation. As well as when the air escapes completely, it will get really really tight inside. So, if there´s nobody who could help you in such a situation and cut you out, it could get dangerous, because it´s almost impossible to free yourself alone. I don´t want to see it too strict, but I want to warn you, and you should keep these aspects in mind.

What ARE Climb-In balloons in the first place and which balloons can you use to climb inside?

Climb-In balloons are gigantic balloons with a minimum diameter of 160cm (63″). They are characterized by a large mouthpiece, which is above average. I usually use the CATTEX 72″ balloons (diameter 180cm) due to their thick latex skin and their proper mouthpiece. But there´s also a special so-called CLIMB IN balloon produced by CATTEX, with has the same size (72″) but with an even bigger mouth piece. Of course, this one is a little bit more expensive than the regular CATTEX 72″ balloon. So, you should decide yourself whether you prefer a bigger mouthpiece or not.

While choosing the appropriate balloon, you also should pay attention to the actual use you have in mind, like how many people should climb inside the balloon, as well as their size and physical build.

Preparations before climbing inside

First, choose a place, which is big enough. Keep in mind, that the balloon could get larger than the specified diameter. Furthermore, you can easily overinflate it, so you get a large neck, make sure you have enough space.

Then, there shouldn´t be any sharp or hot things nearby, of course. Most suitable is a soft ground, which makes it even more comfortable afterward. Please pay attention, if the underground could become electrostatically charged, which could damage the balloon. Personally, I use an air bed, which I inflate really tight. Because, when you sink too much, it´s possible your balloon bursts due to an uneven load.

Now, you need a pump, which is suitable for such a giant balloon and offers a proper air flow. A balloon with a diameter of 72“ has a volume of quite 3000l of air. I recommend a „ZIBI Z500“ because its air rate is enormous. You also get an adapter for it, which is ideally suited for big giant balloons. You strap over a hose, so your pump can stay on the ground while using it. You can control it with your feet in this case. To tie up the balloon I usually use a clip of Maggy´s shop or it´s also possible to use a string.

Now, let´s talk about the balloon itself. It´s helpful to put some talcum powder on the balloons, which makes the entrance easier. Furthermore, the balloon should have room temperature and you should always storage it dry and dark. So the balloon isn´t harmed by coldness, hotness, moisture and sun.

After the preparations, let´s get real!

It´s possible o climb inside the balloon without intense pre-stretching. But nevertheless, if you want to pre-stretch it, I´ll give you some tips now:

Take the balloon and inflate it about 50-60 cm big. Put the pump away and knead it well. Then let the air escape. Afterward, inflate the balloon until it reached about 80% of its actual size and tie it up. Now, take a good look and control the balloon, for example due to thin spots or something. After a few minutes let the air escape again. Because of this kind of inflation you took away some tension of the material, which prevents the balloon for an early burst on the one hand and on the other hand it might get even bigger afterwards. But now you should be really carful and avoid that the balloon get in touch with hot items, because otherwise the material can tighten again. If this won’t happen in an even way, the balloon can burst with the next inflation because it´s not able to inflate it equally.

Now, just go ahead and inflate the balloon to its actual size and let it rest some minutes.

In the meantime prepare yourself for the entry. The person, who wants to climb in it, should think about hers/his clothes. If you want to be naked I recommend to take a shower before, because sweat could complicate the process a little. If you want to wear clothes, make sure they are skintight. For example, you could wear leggings or ski-underwear. But you should go inside without shoes, as well as without wearing any kind of jewelry. If you have long hair, bind it together or wear a hat, otherwise your hair could get stuck inside the mouthpiece, which could end quite painful.

Climb in – ALONE

When you want to climb in alone (which I absolutely don´t recommend to newcomers) keep the balloon neck closed with one hand and take of the clip. Now take the balloon with both of your hands, so now air can escape at this point. Put down your head, so the balloon entry is right in front of it. Now, pull the mouthpiece apart with both of your hands, stick quickly your head inside it und pull it down tie your neck. It´s like putting over a hat. If this doesn´t work with the first time, don´t become desperate, this just needs some practice.

A litte advice on the side: If the balloon neck is too tight, cut down the bulge carefully. But make sure it´s a straight and consistent cut, otherwise the ballon can tear apart while you climb in.

Now, after your head is inside the balloon, your arms will be next. But first one of them. Just imagine you would pull over a sweatshirt, it´s the same procedure. Hold one arm straight and tight to your body. Take your other hand and use it to pull the balloon away from your neck, so you can push your other arm inside it. Pull the balloon a little bit lower on this side, so no air can escape.

Now let´s get this other arm inside. Put it on your belly just beneath the balloon neck. Push with your other arm, which is already inside, against the balloon, so you can get your other hand inside step by step. If you managed this and both arms are inside the balloon, pull it down until it reached your hip. Make sure you have enough space outside, otherwise go down on your knees or squat at this point. Now pull it completely down until the neck reached the ground and step with your feet on it. Grab the mouthpiece from the inside and tie it up. Voila, you did it, and the fun part can begin! Hopefully you have enough air left inside, otherwise you should free yoursel

Climb in – WITH HELP

If you have one or more helpers, the climb in procedure will be a little bit easier. They can pull apart the mouthpiece and you can climb in without any problems. The simplest way is, when you hold your hands in an upright position above your head. After your helper/s pulled the balloon apart, they can pull it over you. If some air escapes in the meantime, this doesn´t mean any harm, because your helper/s can inflate the balloon again quite easily from the outside.


Either you just burst the balloon or turn the balloon with the mouthpiece right above your head. Open the clip and stick out your head first. Afterwards, put out your arms and your whole body. If this is too difficult, let some air escape, so the balloon gets lower.

So, that´s it. Now it´s your turn. HAVE FUN!

Infla-fetish, furry fandom and balloons

– GUEST ARTICLE: Attila, a German Looner, gives an insight into his richly facetted life –

Hello, my dearest balloon friends. I´m Attila, and I´m 28 years old man. I live in Eberswalde, which is nearby Berlin, Germany. Maybe my story might sound a little bit odd, but honestly, I suppose that some of you identify with my experiences. When I was about four years old, I had to experience how a truck tire burst, which made a loud noise. Due to this shock, I´m afraid of the bang since this day.

I avoided everything which might explode, as well as balloons.

When I spotted one, I even changed the site of the street. Consequently, I had significant struggles with street festivals or festivities in general. But when I turned 15 years old I found myself in an internship in the social area and had to make preparations for a birthday. So, I had to blow up some balloons. Doing so I experienced for the first time that I´m also able to like balloons, as long as they don´t burst. It started that I developed a so-called “infla-fetish”. This means that I´m not only interested in balloons, but also in pool toys and similar objects.

But – you know how things sometimes go – when you live at your parent´s home you try to hide “weird” fetishes.

After moving to my little place with 24 years, I just couldn´t stop thinking about the fact I´m beeing free now. Nevertheless, nobody knew about my desire. But when it happened that I also found another hobby at the beginning of 2014, which empowered my self-confidence a lot, I told some of my friends about it.

I discovered the Furry Fandom.

To explain it a little: I enjoy it to dress up like an animal, in my case as a dog. There are huge similarities with the Manga/Anime-scene or also the Medieval-Fans. Dressed up we walk through the streets and spread happiness, which gives us a lot of joy in return. But at this point, I have to say that this hobby has nothing to do with a sexual fetish.

Since the end of 2016, I tried to handle my love and desire for balloons in an open way and managed to find some new friends doing so. Today I´m able to say that I like to play with balloons when I´m a Furry when I´m dressed up as a dog, but still, this is not fetish related in this case.

But when I´m just me and being with myself it´s different. I love to muck around with balloons, to blow them up by mouth or to use a pump, I love to feel the latex at my skin and and and. The inflation procedure gives me the most pleasure. I love to see and to feel when balloons develop their shape.

But when a balloon bursts the air isn`t just gone, as well is my lust.

It´s just the fear is still there, but not that strong and present. I would like to consider myself as a NonPopper.  Recently I ordered balloons at BALLOONS UNITED for a little photo shoot, and these pictures were the result. I´m so pleased with the balloons, but also very surprised what kind of balloon shapes and sizes exist. I would love to order more at any time! But not only the shop is interesting, but also the blog where I love to drop by sometimes to read something. Great respect and big thank you to the team of BALLOONS UNITED.

I hope my story is finding some pleasure and interested readers.

Many greetings to all looners,

Yours, Attila.

About Valentin – The man behind ExoticLoonz & ThirtyThreeRooms

– Looner, producer, cameraman, visionary. The godfather of balloon fetish videos gives away some private details –

Could you please introduce yourself a little bit?

I’m Valentin, 33years straight male from Saint-Petersburg, Russia (sounds like profile info from dating site huh?). Occupation – art director in an advertising company. Looner. The guy behind the camera in ExoticLoonz and ThirtyThreeRooms.

Please tell us something about yourself as a looner. Your story, preferences, etc.

Most looners have the same background, so I’m not sure that my (rather typical) story worth much attention. Felt attraction for balloons since childhood, treated myself weird until I found looners online blahblahblah. No curious inception, no painful experience. I always kept my secret and no one beyond the looner community knows about it.

I’m semi-popper. Riding and sitpopping 24+inch loons – best stuff ever. My favorite balloons are crystal Cattex 32’’ Longnecks and Cattex Giant Dolls. Damn, they are good!

I’m a bit into inflatables too but only into specific popping scenes.

How long are you and Oxana a couple now? How did you meet in the first place?

It will be 12 years soon. We graduated from the same high school but didn’t know each other. We got acquainted on the graduates’ annular meeting.  For me, it was love at first sight. But it took time to prove Oxana that I’m her Mr. Right

How did you confess to Oxana that you’re a looner?

Honestly, I didn’t intend to do it. I got used to keeping this in secret, and I thought that I would never tell it to anyone.

But one day after many years of our relations with Oxana I suddenly thought – why the hell I should hide this from her? What could go wrong if I tell the truth? And I told her everything. About me, about fetish, about community. Can’t remember another time when I was so nervous. Oxana was shocked but (thank God) in a positive way. She couldn’t believe that I didn’t make it up and balloon fetish actually existed, so I showed her some clips. It was incredible how quickly she accepted this part of my life. Next day our bedroom was filled with balloons, and we opened a new page in our relations.

A lot of people ask me how to say to the GF/wife/crush that you’re a looner. As you see, my experience is irrelevant. All I can say is you should be confident about your partner and her attitude to things like this.

How did you start producing looner content?

Believe it or not, it was Oxana who offered to make a balloon photoset. Only for me, of course. It was just a first week after I confessed her about my fetish, I felt like daydreaming because everything that I even didn’t dare to dream about came to life right at that moment. And Oxana enjoyed the unexpected way to manipulate me and wanted to try everything I like about balloons. For the first time in my life I bought big balloons (it was Gemar 27’’), they looked so huge. And we made a photoset. It was fantastic.

When I started to offer imported balloons to Russian looners (it was 2005), I asked Oxana to make some product photos. We did several shoots with Qualatex 24’’, Belbal 14’’ and some others. It was regular product pictures, but I got A LOT of positive feedback about them. Looners from all over the word asked me to make more photos with Oxana.

Of course, it was flattering for both of us, so we started making various photo shoots and posted them on my VK page. Good times, I still treat some of that sets as pure gems. Oxana somehow felt the nature of fetish from the very beginning, and it was very deep understanding of what we all expect to see from a looner picture. All I need to do is to build the set and to turn on the camera – and here comes the masterpiece.

The idea to make a looner clip was as obvious as spontaneous. No preparations, no discussions, no plot – it was like “okay, let’s try it, should be fun”. And it was fun, and the feedback was so inspiring that we decided to make looner videos. So that’s how ExoticLoonz appeared.

Is there a story behind the name ExoticLoonz?

First, it was the name of my online balloon store. For me (and for many Russian looners) all balloons over 14’’ were exotic, so that was what I used to offer. After I had posted the first pictures of Oxana with balloons, a lot of people joined my VK group only to see new photos. So when it was time to name our studio I didn’t hesitate much. It caused some inconvenience much late, but at that moment I couldn´t imagine our looner video production will become that serious.

Why did you decide to stop making clips as ExoticLoonz?

You know, we did well with ExoticLoonz. Our c4s store always was in Top 3. For the three years that EL was online, we filmed nearly 300 regular and custom clips. Many studios and models tried to copy our style and ideas.

So if everything goes well why the hell we closed our store?

Simply, Because one day we both realized that we slipped off-course. Remember I said that the time when we did only free photosets was good days? Pure fun and creativity, new ideas for every set and no commerce at all. And after three years we turned into commercial fetish studio that makes two updates a week and has number “5” in titles of some popular series like “Full Contact”.

It was evident that we reached the limits of what we could make in our flat and our c4s. We reached the boundaries of ExoticLoonz. We didn’t do anything new and just repeated our old ideas.

Of course, you can say “So what? Some studios shoot commercial clips with the same scripts in one room for years and seem to have profit”. No, we’re not going to be like that guys. Because it’s so so SO FUCKING BORING.

You see, producing looner content is not what we do for the living. It’s kind of a family hobby. We do it to feed our passion for the beauty of balloon fetish, to discover the hidden sides of it, to broaden the boundaries of emotions that get transmitted with fetish videos or pictures.

We don’t have the clear understanding how it should be done best, will it work and will our fans appreciate the results or not. So we’re destined to break into the dark fields, to permanently try new approaches and create something far beyond regular commercial stuff. And this is what we like to do.

So that’s the basic idea of ThirtyThreeRooms?

Pretty much yes. We wanted to make a concept of the looner site that won’t limit us in our experiments. New cozy location for every Room, unlimited about of balloons, helium, custom made inflatables, a huge variety of shooting costumes and a lot of photography gear. Damn, I have to carry 100+ kg of stuff to every shooting! But now we can shoot nearly everything that we could imagine.

Of course regarding “cost efficiency” TTR is an insane thing. If we would have an accountant, he’d be like “you’re going to spend $1500+ on a single shooting?? Are you nuts? You’ll never make any profit off it” Fuck that. It will be fun! We will rent the penthouse, fill it with huge branded balloons to the ceiling, set the strobes, put on latex catsuit, turn on the sprinklers and shoot this session with five cameras in slow motion JUST BECAUSE WE WANT IT!

That’s what TTR about.

It’s a lab, testing facility for our vision of looner content. And when we shoot one Room we have no idea what the next Room will be like.

Even though this concept sounded way too unusual, you and Jan believed in TTR from the very beginning. I guess it’s because you two are as crazy as we are. Thank you for your huge and versatile support. Together we will bring to life even more awesome projects!

Are you going to do any joint shootings with other studios/models?

I think it is inevitable though we don’t have any individual plans or suitable candidates for now. You see, our vision and approach are pretty uncommon so we should find a like-minded person first.

I´m sure a lot of men and women would also enjoy seeing men performing in looner clips. Do you ever think about doing this? Maybe yourself?

Well, actually when I open FB feed I see dozens of guys posting videos of their balloon fun. Same on Youtube. Half of the Instagram content tagged as #looner are male…  So the 5-10% of looners who are females or gay should be overwhelmed with this stuff…not to mention what will happen if they ask looner guys to send them their private looner videos. So I’m pretty sure that the world will survive without another boy on a balloon filming himself.

Honestly, I did film several episodes of my private balloon fun. Was curious how does it look like from aside. I got the answer – it looks awful. And I don’t want to produce anything I treat as awful.

Oxana is an excellent and well known Looner model, how does it feel like being her husband? Do you get jealous at some point?

It may sound weird, but the fact that my wife is a well-known model of my fetish doesn’t bring much to my attitude to her. I always adored Oxana, her beauty and grace, her kindness, sharp mind and sense of humor. And her great work as a model is just a reflection of her versatile perfection.

Do I get jealous? Sometimes I do. She has a lot of fans, not all of them a tactful and polite. But we trust each other on 110%, so we don’t have any problems with it.

Does your and Oxana’s primary occupation help you with making looner clips?

It helps a lot! As a nurse, Oxana has a great patience to shoot the most complicated sessions and strong fingers to tie a lot of balloons

And my work is just the same as I do in TTR – to create a concept, a complete vision of what you want to show and bring it to life. Of course, the designing, editing, and photography skills are very useful too.

Tell us a little bit about the Russian looner community?

Russian looner community is tiny. I suppose 200-300 persons or so (according to the number of active members of local looner sites).  We have an old school online forum and several VK groups.  Many more aged looners that remember USSR are nostalgic for old Soviet balloons (bakovka), you might saw them in BalloonHeart videos – those incredibly soft and fragile ones with gentle crystal colors. Too bad that these loons were discontinued long time ago…

Our society is pretty much conservative, so most of our looners hide their fetish from everyone, even from friends and relatives. But it seems to be common for all looners.

To summarize it, how would you describe the balloon fetish community in general from your point of view? Did you notice any changes during the past years? What are your wishes for the future?

Most of the looners are passive consumers. But I’m glad to see that people are becoming more active now than in the past. More posts, discussions, more content, more new studios. Community lives when something happens in it, so I wish more people will contribute certain content.

I think, the greatest luck of all looners is to have such an amazing and passionate guys like Jan and you on our side. You two do the hell of work – supply looners with great balloons, produce nice content and introduce our fetish to the world. If one percent of all looners were at least half as active and productive as you, the balloon fetish would become the world’s most famous kink in no time. Way to go!

THANK YOU VAL. Thank you for your openness and for your kind words. Have fun with your „family hobby“ and keep on experimenting! – Maggy BerLoon

Co-Authors wanted!

LOONERS UNITED_Co-Authors wanted_Blog_writer_Guest article_balloonfetish

– Write your own blog-post for LOONERS UNITED –

You beautiful lovely people. Attention, please. Now it´s going on.

Let us make LOONERS UNITED a real platform where looners, friends of the balloon fetish or sexual open-minded people can exchange and inspire each other, where they can unite. Therefore I need YOU!

You always wanted to talk about something, which is balloon fetish related? Make a statement, tell us your experiences or your secret looner phantasies. Let your thoughts flow and discover the writer in you.

Are you a long-term looner or did you just get to this fetish? Maybe you never tried something with balloons and heard of it for the first time just a little time ago? Perhaps you don´t see yourself as a „real looner“ but find balloons existing as a sex toy? Is your partner a looner and you have your perspective towards all of this, maybe other preferences and fetishes are also important in this context? Or or or. What, who, how doesn´t matter in the first place. The main thing it´s balloon related.

So if something is in your head, which you would like to share with others, I give you the opportunity to do so here. AND I will also reward you for it!

How does this work? Are there any requirements and conditions? What´s the reward?

1. EVERYONE can participate!!! With or without any writing experiences, anonymous or not, that doesn’t matter. You decide how far you go and what you want to reveal about yourself. Surely you can use a fake name and stay completely private. Just a few general pieces of information would be helpful, for example like age, gender, country.

2. You get a €20 discount code for BALLOONS UNITED for EVERY published blog post.

3. A condition is that you can verbalize yourself in a proper way and are aware of good grammar. Little mistakes are no problem. Hey, this can happen, I think everybody knows that. Of course, I´ll read your writing carefully and improve it if necessary. But if you send me a text which ultimately doesn´t work, I´m sorry, I can´t do anything with it.

4. Your writing should have min 500 – max 1500 words. You don´t need to translate it into German. I can do this for you.

5. Please pay attention that topics won’t repeat exactly. If you are insecure with your subject, don´t hesitate to ask me before your start to write.

Scotty The Blue Bunny_Belbal 14_Balloon_Whatever_04-3


6. Pictures make a post much more attractive. Do have something matching? Give it to me (resolution min 1000 pixels). IMPORTANT: bevor you start to search for images on google or something, please stop it and don´t send my any pictures. Copying and stealing are not welcome at all! In this case, I´ll take care of matching pictures, no problem.

7. After reading your text, I´ll decide if it suits LOONERS UNITED or not. Should there be any hostilities, discrimination or insults be included, you can be sure that it I will reject! It´s about sex, love, and lust. About a playful fetish, which is supposed to make you happy and satisfied. Attacks, fanaticism, and quarrels have nothing whatsoever to do with the matter. Different views, opinions are welcome instead and are an enrichment. But just be friendly, positive and respectful and write from YOUR perspective.

8. Send your writing (& eventually your pictures) to and then we will see.

So, that´s it. If you have any questions, just write a comment.

I look forward to reading your stories, and I´m extremely curious about what you have to tell and say. I´m sure I´m not the only one feeling this way right now.

Your posts will complete this blog, so it becomes LOONERS UNITED in the full sense of the word! Go for it friends. Let us take over the world with our balloons and bring some light into curious people´s minds why balloons can be that sexy in bed.

On your buttons, get set, go!

With love and thankfulness, Yours Maggy

Looners United_Maggy BerLoon_Balloon_Qualatex_Clear_Loonergirl_Balloonfetish_Looner