Co-Authors wanted!

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– Write your own blog-post for LOONERS UNITED –

You beautiful lovely people. Attention, please. Now it´s going on.

Let us make LOONERS UNITED a real platform where looners, friends of the balloon fetish or sexual open-minded people can exchange and inspire each other, where they can unite. Therefore I need YOU!

You always wanted to talk about something, which is balloon fetish related? Make a statement, tell us your experiences or your secret looner phantasies. Let your thoughts flow and discover the writer in you.

Are you a long-term looner or did you just get to this fetish? Maybe you never tried something with balloons and heard of it for the first time just a little time ago? Perhaps you don´t see yourself as a „real looner“ but find balloons existing as a sex toy? Is your partner a looner and you have your perspective towards all of this, maybe other preferences and fetishes are also important in this context? Or or or. What, who, how doesn´t matter in the first place. The main thing it´s balloon related.

So if something is in your head, which you would like to share with others, I give you the opportunity to do so here. AND I will also reward you for it!

How does this work? Are there any requirements and conditions? What´s the reward?

1. EVERYONE can participate!!! With or without any writing experiences, anonymous or not, that doesn’t matter. You decide how far you go and what you want to reveal about yourself. Surely you can use a fake name and stay completely private. Just a few general pieces of information would be helpful, for example like age, gender, country.

2. You get a €20 discount code for BALLOONS UNITED for EVERY published blog post.

3. A condition is that you can verbalize yourself in a proper way and are aware of good grammar. Little mistakes are no problem. Hey, this can happen, I think everybody knows that. Of course, I´ll read your writing carefully and improve it if necessary. But if you send me a text which ultimately doesn´t work, I´m sorry, I can´t do anything with it.

4. Your writing should have min 500 – max 1500 words. You don´t need to translate it into German. I can do this for you.

5. Please pay attention that topics won’t repeat exactly. If you are insecure with your subject, don´t hesitate to ask me before your start to write.

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6. Pictures make a post much more attractive. Do have something matching? Give it to me (resolution min 1000 pixels). IMPORTANT: bevor you start to search for images on google or something, please stop it and don´t send my any pictures. Copying and stealing are not welcome at all! In this case, I´ll take care of matching pictures, no problem.

7. After reading your text, I´ll decide if it suits LOONERS UNITED or not. Should there be any hostilities, discrimination or insults be included, you can be sure that it I will reject! It´s about sex, love, and lust. About a playful fetish, which is supposed to make you happy and satisfied. Attacks, fanaticism, and quarrels have nothing whatsoever to do with the matter. Different views, opinions are welcome instead and are an enrichment. But just be friendly, positive and respectful and write from YOUR perspective.

8. Send your writing (& eventually your pictures) to and then we will see.

So, that´s it. If you have any questions, just write a comment.

I look forward to reading your stories, and I´m extremely curious about what you have to tell and say. I´m sure I´m not the only one feeling this way right now.

Your posts will complete this blog, so it becomes LOONERS UNITED in the full sense of the word! Go for it friends. Let us take over the world with our balloons and bring some light into curious people´s minds why balloons can be that sexy in bed.

On your buttons, get set, go!

With love and thankfulness, Yours Maggy

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– On December 1st, 2016 this blog will already be 1 year old! –

Since we are moving during this time, I promised you an early birthday surprise, so here we go and I hope you like it:

A looner calendar with some of my pictures (dates in German | 30×42 cm | signed + personal dedication)
+ a discount code for my lovely and awesome looner friends

Use the code:


(in the shopping cart) when ordering a calendar and you save €5!
THANKFUL, HAPPY, PROUD. I love you to the moon and back and look forward to many more looner years.
Keep on rocking!!!


Yours Maggy BerLoon

There are news in the balloon wonder land BALLOONS UNITED


– Some informations to keep you updated and a short look into the future of this blog – 

First of all SORRY!

Since it was indeed a little bit quieter here in the blog (than planned) for the last weeks, I have to say: dearest looner and balloon friends, I’m extremely sorry about that! It’s not because I don’t feel like it anymore or I’m running out of topics or something, it’s quite the contrary. I’m really frustrated about the fact, that I didn’t found time to write new blog posts and honestly, I’m having a bad conscience towards you. I would have liked everything to be done immediately and in the best case already yesterday. But you can’t have everything, right!? Those of you, who had a look at BALLOONS UNITED in the last days might already know what’s up in our balloon world…

BIG NEWS at our balloon wonderland – We are moving!!!

Right now I’m working on several things at the same time, and so does Jan. There are some unexpected big changes standing right in front of us: We are moving all our stuff and all our balloons to another nice place. It’s about 550km away from our actual home right now, but nearby homeland and surrounded by nature, a really lovely place to be. Unexpected we managed to find an awesome and unique stay, where we can life and work properly with a lot of space. After 4 years now we say bye bye Berlin and I suppose this won’t be quite easy. But hey, we are not out of the world and I’ll make sure to get my regular dose of Berlin if needed. Honestly the last months wasn’t that easy because it has become very tight at our place to work and life properly. So we need more space to get more and more balloons. Well and sometimes a new opportunity just comes out of nowhere. In such a case you have to make a decision, listen to your stomach and when it feels right to simply do it and wait what will happen next. 

Since the beginning/middle of October our move is certain and the whole thing needed a lot of our attention during the last weeks, as you might imagine. The preparations are in full swing and aren’t finished yet. What this means exactly for BALLOONS UNITED and our shipping, you can read HERE. Of course there have to be some restrictions, but as an excuse for this issue Jan and I have a tiny little surprise for you.


Whatever, what will happen to the blog?!

EY, nothing will happen! Such a question is absolutely unnecessary. Of course, I´ll continue and write new blog posts, but I just can’t exactly tell WHEN and I hope you can be patient and understanding. 

Now we first have to manage our move and bring BALLOONS UNITED and the shipping back to live as fast as we can, so all of you will receive their balloons. And then there is Christmas. If I will find some space to write during the meantime, maybe there will be something new here in the blog, but I won´t make any promises so nobody gets disappointed.


BUT nevertheless you can look forward to the future, because:

There will be new balloon descriptions (starting with the CATTEX 32″ Longneck -> great thing), probably a new interview (maybe more) and maybe 1, 2 guest articles (If someone feels touched and also want to write something, you are welcome! But only serious requests please). 

But now here’s the best thing, because LOONERS UNITED is going to turn 1 year at December 1st and I have a special birthday surprise planned for you!!! I’m sorry, but it’s a little bit too early to tell you more. Nasty and mean me, I know. Don’t worry, during the next days you’ll get to know more and I won’t torture you too long, since the birthday is right in between our moving time ( Nov 21th – Dec 4th). So just wait and see.


Some closing words, but actually I just want to THANK YOU!

Honestly, the last months have already been really exciting. A lot happened and it goes on and on and on. I just can’t believe that LOONERS UNITED will be 1-year-old soon and celebrate its first birthday. That’s so awesome and the reason why I just want to say: THANK YOU!!!

Thank you for supporting Jan and me, for giving me feedback, for enriching me with your ideas and thoughts, for motivating me, for inspiring me and and and. I could continue like this forever, but I don’t want to smooth-talk you. It’s a fact that without you this whole thing would be senseless and I´m feeling so thankful. I love you guys!

Soon a new chapter begins for Jan and me at a new place in a new „town“ (if you can call the tiny place anything like this) and we are really looking forward to it. We are more than just curious, extremely excited and just can’t wait to leave the move (and this stressful time) behind us to let everything go and flow at our new place. Of course, I’ll keep you updated.

Until then ENJOY and because Jan and I don’t have much time for looning, I have an assignment for you: please compensate this for us and have even more fun with balloons!

Kisses, your Maggy

Balloon fetish? How to tell my partner that I´m a looner!

Countless times I´ve been asked in the past: „Maggy, how should I tell my partner that I have a fetish for balloons!?“. Since I´m not a couples therapist or an expert corresponding to this topic I can´t tell you THE solution or give exact instructions. But I can try to give you food for thought and maybe some little tipps. At least I can bolster you up.

Where is the cause?

The question is: Where do such inhibitions and problems to open up about your fetish come from? Is it the fear of rejection? Is it the fear of being alone? Low self-confidence? This might all be an explanation, but in the end, it’s absolutely individual and a lot of factors can play an important role. What do I want to say? Everyone who feels addressed in some way now should just think about where his own inhibitions might come from. Sometimes it’s easier to find a new way after recognizing the „problem“.

Love yourself and find your path

Of course, everyone should decide for their own how to deal with his preferences. I mean whether it’s in an open way or not or with whom you talk about it. After all, it’s the most personal thing ever. As long as you find a way which makes you really happy and satisfied everything is great. But if you don’t, then change something. It’s as simple as that. Friends, you only live once. So don’t waste your time and take the risk to get happy. Primarily you are responsible for your own happiness. Just start to accept and to appreciate yourself and your fetish. To talk to someone about that might be a first step in the right direction.


Go for it and don’t wait too long

It has to be the right moment!? I_m saying that’s bullshit! Because how does the right moment look like and isn’t it just an excuse to be able to always postpone it in the first place? I think the perfect moment is only an illusion. All depends on your own perspective and if you want to you can always find something to complain about.

So don’t wait for that perfect moment. The danger is just too high to waste too much time in the meantime, maybe days, weeks, months or even several years. I can’t imagine this behavior enriches a relationship and I suppose it’s quite the opposite. Just imagine the following situation: You are in a relationship for quite a long time now which is characterized by honesty and trust. At least you think so. Everything is fine and wonderful. Then you find out about your partner’s fetish for the first time. How would you feel?

So I can just speak for myself, but I suppose I would be greatly surprised, shocked and probably a little bit angry. But most I would be sad. Big times. Sad about the fact that my partner (of whom I thought he would be honest with me) didn’t entrust his inner feelings to me. This would tear a hole in our relationship, which would have to be repaired again. Of course no impossible thing. Together you can manage A LOT, but there’s also another way. Such a situations can be avoided easily if you talk to each other early.


To tell your partner about your own fetish is the most intimate and personal thing you can do. This is a huge display of trust and can bring two people closer and weld them together. I remember well when Jan told me about his preference for the first time. I was so touched and felt more and more in love with him and not because I found the fetish cool (At this point I couldn’t do much with it. I’ve never heard a thing about the balloon fetish before and I didn’t know whether I would like it myself or not!). It was just that I appreciated it a lot that he trusted me and opened up. So if you live out the fetish together afterward or just try it once or you find together another way of dealing with it: this is up to you and can be very differently. But I think the most important thing is to accept and to RESPECT each other. With your strengths, your weaknesses, your quirks, and your kinks.

Yes, maybe this might sound cheesy and dreamy for some of you, I don’t care, because I believe in real love, however, this might look like.

Maybe some of you think right now: „But what if it doesn’t come out that way? When there is a negative reaction? And so on and on and on???“ Friends, what is it then? Maybe this is a crushing knowledge at first, but I simply think it’s not THE RIGHT one then. I can only think of one thing in this case: If you don’t try, you’ll never know and maybe you’ll think about this your whole life. Afterward, you are always smarter.

Do you know your partner’s preferences? Asking might be a good start to talk about sex stuff…

I admit that I also had my problems to confront myself with my own sexuality and to appreciate my own person. After Jan told me with a trembling voice about his balloon fetish I didn’t only appreciate it, it also encouraged me to do the same thing. In particular to deal with my own feelings, to accept myself and to communicate my needs. That’s how we emerged to such open-minded people, which we are today and I suppose this development will continue our whole life. In which direction remains to be seen.

To sum up, I shall say that it’s not a matter of you „outing you towards your partner“, it’s about making your common sex life a subject of discussion and exploring it together. Possibly you carry too much about yourself and your fetish and it happens to be something inside your partner, which you don’t know a thing about. Did you think about that before?

This also might be a great start to talk about your common sex life in the first place: Just ask about hers/his preferences! Ask her/him if there is something special she/he is into or would like to try one day. Are you once in the topic, it’s your chance to open up. Well and then just wait and see what happens. If there will be a strange glance, an unpleasant word or something, don’t loose your composure. Surprised reactions can have a different look and doesn’t tell a thing about the actual point of view. It’s much more important how both of you treat each other in a long term.

Head off. Talk. And just do it.

It’s not about convincing and align oneself with each other to become some sort of copy. It’s rather about getting to know each other, maybe also yourself and to treat each other with great respect and of course: that your partner understands that you can’t switch and turn off your feelings. Everything else will develop by itself. It’s just important that you treat your partner just in the way you like to be treated: understandingly and respectfully. That’s it. Give her/him time if needed and don’t put her/him under pressure. Point out your needs and talk open and honest about them. Tell your partner about your feelings and your fears, no matter how banal they might be for yourself. Because someone who doesn’t talk, can’t be helped.


So it is like with everything else in life, the most important things are to: talk, talk, talk, to find ways and solutions together and don’t have big expectations (I know, sometimes this is easier said than done). Try it out, see it as an experiment, when you try something new and see afterward if it’s cool for both of you or not. This might be a lifelong lasting process and maybe things/thoughts/needs change from time to time (this is my personal experience). But just do it and don’t think toooo much about it, lovely people:

It’s JUST BALLOONS. Harmless.

In the end, I have to tell you one sentence, which I can’t get out of my head. It encountered me lately and I think it’s really matching at this point:

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you’ll never know who would love the person you hide.

Over and out.


The Show must go on


– LOONERS UNITED is back after a short and work-filled summer break –

So, a few weeks passed after my last blog post. But as some of you might already know, there is a good reason for this issue. Since a few months Jan and I worked on a big update for our shop BALLOONS UNITED in the background and this summer the time had come: finally we are online! An update might sound unspectacular, but not in this case. Besides all the new content we actually reworked everything, also like the whole technical stuff, which you can´t even see. So everything, really EVERYTHING is new at BALLOONS UNITED.

Friends, this was so much work that some time ago we reached a point where we just had to set priorities. That´s why I decided the blog had to take a small compulsive break so I can completely concentrate on BALLOONS UNITED. I have to admit that I had a guilty conscience to you guys. But hey, I just couldn´t manage everything at once and I appreciate it a lot that you showed so much understanding. At this point, I just want to thank you for that!

Your support motivated Jan and me to go on and to work with full power because honestly, it wasn´t always easy to stand this huge workload. There are better things to do in summer than to sit in the office and to work 24/7 while everybody else goes on vacations and enjoys the leisure time relaxed and get tanned. I have to admit that I felt a little jealous sometimes and my wanderlust became bigger and bigger, but we had a clear goal in mind and this was worth all the effort and work. But enough with all the complaining!

We are really proud and extremely happy that our new shop is online now and your feedback is the best reward for us. Although this might sound a little bit cheesy, but it made us already forget the struggles of the last time. People, you are really amazing and there is nothing more left to say than: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Now the show must go on because honestly the shop isn´t completely finished yet. Here and there are some little things to do and of course we still have many new ideas, which we would like to implement immediately and as fast as possible, but sadly this doesn´t work that simple way (I suppose everyone knows this recognition at some point). The day just doesn´t have enough hours for this. But Jan and I thought it´s not that bad to bring something new from time to time, isn´t it? Now you can look forward to the future together with us.

But the best thing is that it is time for LOONERS UNITED to awake from its summer sleep. Now it´s possible to take some time for writing again and I´m really happy and excited about it. I can´t promise when and how often I´m able to publish new posts, BUT you can be sure I´m on it and this the main point right?! After all, I want to write about some of my thoughts and implement ideas, but not only mine. The blog is also yours and if you´ve got some ideas, topics, questions or whatever, please just go ahead and tell me about it! I will note and process it into new blog content if it fits into my concept.

Besides all the stress during the last weeks, there is one thing, which I didn´t want to do without: to make some pretty little pictures with which I can delight you during the upcoming time. So, my dear ones stay well and blow up a lot of balloons!


yours Maggy

Why balloon fetish?

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Bright Bed Balloons_01

– What I like about balloons as a looner – 

Of course I can write, explain and philosophize a lot about the WHAT? and HOW? with regard to the balloon fetish. But now I just want to to talk about me, my personal needs and the things I like about balloons! But before I´ll start I want to point out that I´ll just talk about my own and individual view and this doesn´t apply for all the other looners in our big wide world. I´m not into stereotyped thinking, as you can also read in my blogpost „Popper, NonPopper, blablabla…“, but actually it should be obvious that you can always just look at yourself and should treat other sights, things, etc. with tolerance and respect, shouldn´t it? This applies to all areas of life!

Because I´m often asked about the things, which delight me about balloons, I`ll reveal my personal and intimate thoughts. So attention please, I´m about to open my heart for you and I´ll start now!

First, there are these different and wonderful colors and many various shapes, which I like a lot. When I see a balloon it always puts a smile on my face. But in my case, this doesn´t mean, that I run through the streets and get horny immediately by just seeing a balloon. No, it´s not that simple and I need a little bit more of interaction to get horny. But nevertheless, I always have to grin, because I know what nice things you can do with them. Pictures pop into my head, which makes me plain and simple just happy and pleased. This happens within seconds and then the pictures are already gone again and I´m back in the actual situation with my thoughts, like a party or shopping for example. As I already said the sight of a balloon doesn`t make me horny – just happy.

But at this point, I have to admit that I find people´s innocent cluelessness marvelously amusing in public.

But I´m not a person who´s into living out my sexual arousals in public and get satisfied by that, I prefer a more private surrounding to satisfy my personal needs. So if I saw balloons lying around in my bedroom, because my husband was such a sweetheart to put them there, the situation might be completely different. But this is also no guarantee, because hey, I´m also just a human and who is horny all the time? But I have to say that the sight of a room filled with balloons is awesome, especially if there are really many or big ones involved. Small balloons are nice, but I´m more into bigger ones (24“-36“), figure shaped balloons (my favorite one is the Giant Doll) and airships. If I see such balloons I want to sit or to lie on them immediately and feel their soft material on my skin. But I don´t like it if they are too big because if I let myself go I could loose my balance and fall off, it´s all happened. What should I say, I´m a little clumsy fellow and I can´t affect this. But if the size and shape match my preferences there´s nothing more beautiful than feeling the balloon properly.

Actually, balloons are known as soft and flexible, but if you lie on top of them, you sense a strong pressure and the balloon feels hard and firm. This contrast is really tempting for me and the fact that a balloon can carry your complete weight and even more is just crazy and make me go nuts. Power and control are important keywords in this content. No matter if you want to be the superior part and be in the driver´s seat, the reality can catch you up faster than you might like it. Because balloons are still balloons, which can pop easily at any time and sometimes even without any reason. In contrast to small ones, giant balloons never popped unexpectedly in my bed before. But this means nothing and this danger makes my heart beats faster. I enjoy to explore limits, to play with them and sometimes also to overstep them and to see what happens afterward. In the best case, if the balloon pops it might increase my lust, but if not I just accept it, deal with it and go on with the next one. But if a balloon pops unexpectedly it´s a little bit sobering for me, because the thing I had fun with is plain and simple gone. But the attraction of the unknown, the danger, the power game and the loss of control make me go wild and crazy.

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Bright Bed Balloons_02

However, the most important thing for me is that my husband Jan participates while looning, no matter if he joins me or just watches me. Because as I said before I need interaction, which can be very diverse. There are tons of possibilities to have fun with balloons together or even involve other sex toys and or further preferences. A vibrator, for example, makes the whole balloon shake and involving bondage games can turn out really interesting as well. No limits are set to the imagination, creativity and of course the own lust. For example, I also find it very arousing to blow up a balloon between two bodies, because the pressure can be getting very intense.

Generally, I just love Jan watching me. I love to feel his look resting on me because I know exactly what my behavior causes in his head and his pants. Me just playing with a balloon alone and just for myself is honestly a really rare thing. Maybe some of you might see this as the difference of the „real looner“ (and some even might condemn it) and maybe you are right, but this doesn’t matter for me. Since 10 years I enjoy the balloon fetish together with Jan and I think it´s secondary and irrelevant how this joy looks like individually in detail. From my point of view, the main thing is, to be honest with yourself, to deal with your own sexual needs, enjoy them and be happy, satisfied and balanced as a consequence. You only live once and I think it would be a disastrously waste if you would let yourself measured and restricted by the view and judgment of other people (life partners included). As long as you don´t cause physical or mental damage and behave in an amicable and legal way, please just feel free to live out your sexuality however you want to!

Anyway, I`m extremely happy and thankful that I found access to the balloon fetish with Jan´s help. Because without him it wouldn´t even be possible to do my favorite thing with balloons: which is to have sex on them. Here everything comes together: the feeling of the skin, the pressure, the danger paired with a great swinging effect and the intense response cause the feeling to me that I might take off. This let my desire increase until I´m, how should I say, satisfied, happy and tired.

I have to admit that I developed weak knees while writing, so I´ll stop now and have a look what Jan is doing right now.

I wish all of you, looners or non looners, much fun while living out your desires. Enjoy life!

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Bright Bed Balloons_03

Popper, NonPopper, SemiPopper – Whatever!

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Balloon Pop Experience_01

– About stereotyped thinking within the looner scene and where I find myself in it – 

You can find stereotyped thinking within almost every area of life. Often this might influence our way of thinking and sadly also our behavior without even noticing it. There are smart labels for almost everything which can cause stereotyped thinking. In principle I see no problem with this issue, because you can see immediately who got the same interests, hobbies, preferences etc. By this we feel connected, related, maybe confirmed and we can exchange with each other and so on.

But sadly it happens that there are often conflicts and hostilities between the different groups influenced by intolerance, fears, foolishness and other factors. This is bad and in much cases simply unnecessarily, but all in all it´s not really dramatic. Because conflicts can be dissolved provided that there is the will for self-reflexion. But from my point of view, it´s most problematic if such labels cause that your own horizon remains small and expectations on how to behave are created.

I ask myself where one category ends and another one begins, where is the line to be drawn? When am I able to call myself a looner, a balloon enthusiast or „just“ a person who likes balloons and do I have the right to judge one or another group? Who makes such rules and guidelines and is this necessary at all? I say NO! Furthermore, I see such categories just as a help of orientation to find themselves.

Life isn´t just black and white, it´s colorful, just like the world of balloons. Of course also in this world, several categories came up over time and that´s okay. For example, if you call yourself a Looner you also start immediately to think about what kind of Looner you are, a Popper, NonPopper or SemiPopper? Honestly, I have to admit that I find it kind of difficult to assign myself to one group and is this even necessary at all?

Since a few years, I call myself a Looner, because I get sexually aroused by the interaction with balloons or they increase my desire. I use them as a sex toy, include them into my lovemaking and I don´t want to give it up in the future. But this doesn´t mean it has to be like this every time I have sex.

I´m quite jumpy and afraid of the pop, so it has to be obvious that I have to be a NonPopper. Then again I´ve always asked myself, what the special charms are while popping balloons. Of course, I´ve had different assumptions and I already made up my mind about this topic. But is it really the right way to form an opinion just based on assumptions?

I thought I have to suck it and see. That´s why my husband Jan and I made a self-experiment to get to the bottom of this. I just thought, that whatever will happen, it would enrich me with a new experience, which might help to get to know me and my desires better and of course the „other site“. In addition, we have a lot of balloons, which have accumulated over the years and now their best days are over. But I thought it would be boring and a complete waste to just throw them away, so we used them to make new experiences.
Now imagine a room, which is almost completely filled with balloons, just the sight of this caused an incredible feeling!

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Balloon Pop Experience_02
LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Balloon Pop Experience_03


I admit I was a little bit shy at first and started to pop a few balloons carefully with my hands and every time I got scared by the popping noise. At this time it didn´t feel nice and I was also a little bit worried that the neighbors might call the police because of the loud noise. But then I thought of the amusing reaction this bizarre and funny situation might cause, so the fear went away immediately. More and more I lost my inhibitions and so did Jan, who also started to enjoy this situation. To watch me interact with the balloons, crossing their limits and also doing this by himself made both of us really feel comfortable.

The tension, the intense pressure, the power game and the bursting let my desire increase enormously. Then it felt like a switch got thrown. I fell into something like a popping ecstasy. I really never expected this to happen and it surprised me a lot.Incredibly thrilling, exciting and satisfying at the same time and not just in a physical sense. Rather it satisfied me that I broadened my mind and I had the courage to do something, which frightened me before.

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Balloon Pop Experience_04
LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Balloon Pop Experience_06
LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Balloon Pop Experience_05


But how do I have to go on now? Am I a Popper or a SemiPopper and do I really have to make a decision? Sorry, I don´t want to decide and to say I´m on one or the other site and maybe to restrict my thoughts and behavior by doing so. I just want to do what I want to in that very special moment.

Sadly I´ve noticed way to much discussions, conflicts and hostilities between several groups for example between Poppers and NonPoppers. Often one group tries to convince the other what´s better or if it´s okay to make one´s preferences public or not and so on. So they run in circles over and over again and don´t achieve nothing else than anger, waisted energy and time, which better should have been used for one´s own satisfaction of needs (for example with balloons). Ultimately everyone has the right to make his own decision, right?

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Balloon Pop Experience_07
LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Balloon Pop Experience_08


So my request to you:
Please throw a glance on yourself more than on the judgment of others. Be honest with yourself, be proud of who you are and love yourself. Don´t try to convince others that your views are the better ones or expect that others conform to you. Rather be happy of the differences and appreciate them, even though they might uncertain you. Try to see the differences as an enrichment, which can make your own life more colorful, if you want it to. Maybe you´ll get to know yourself, your wishes, your desires and dislikes etc. a little bit better and discover new things.

We don’t regret the things that we’ve done but the things that we haven’t. So free yourself and live your life however you want to and enjoy it to the fullest irrespective of any expectations, categories, and boxes.

For more openness – tolerance – sexual freedom & a respectful treatment!

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Balloon Pop Experience_09

Balloon Fetish: sex toy balloon

– The german radio station Fritz reports about being a Looner on the international fetish day –

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word „fetish“?
Probably the first associations are lacquer, leather, latex and BDSM. An outdated view I think, which should be changed. Because apart from BDSM there are a lot of other sexual preferences of course. That´s why us Looners with our fetish for balloons get more and more attention and popularity of the general fetish community as well.

In keeping with this issue, a new article about us was published on January the 15th, 2016, the international fetish day. Of course, I don´t want to reveal too much, but to summarize it a little bit: it´s about the Looning itself, about BALLOONS UNITED and LOONERS UNITED and about Jan and me. You got the opportunity to catch a short glimpse of our everyday working life and maybe you can get some more new details about us.

But you better take a look and enjoy yourself. You can find it at the web portal of the german radio station Fritz of RBB. Since it’s a more or less local radio station sadly it´s only available in the German language. But I tried to translate at least the written part into English on the bottom of this page.

Here’s the link to the complete article, also with some great pictures from André Krenz Photography:

Jan and I feel greatly honored and both of us are really happy about the interest. We really appreciate it! So a big thank you for this dear RBB team!

English translation of the article:

Balloon fetish: sex toy balloon

„Bursting, colorful, smooth shapes“ – these are the first connotations that pop into the minds of Maggy and Jan when it comes to balloons. But we´re not talking about the little Micky-Mouse-Balloons, which you might use as a decoration on a children’s’ birthday party. It’s more about giant life-sized balloons up to a length of 2,5 meters or a diameter of 1,8 meters, which Maggy and Jan include in their sex-life.

Love, air, and lightness

The two Berliners-by-choice are so-called „Looners“. They live the balloon fetish („Looning“) and often include balloons during sex. In the video Maggy and Jan talk about what’s behind the fetish, the meaning of the terms „Popper“ and „Non-Popper“ and of course why these fragile things rock during sex with one alone or even with two, three, four, five people…

To pop or not to pop?

The so-called „Popper“ is thrilled by bursting balloons in all kinds of ways. There are special terms for every single popping method like „Nail-Pop“ by using the fingernails to pop a balloon, „Sit-To-Pop“ by sitting hard on the balloon or „Blow-To-Pop“ by blowing the balloon until it bursts. A „Non-Popper“ tries to avoid popping a balloon and is more attracted to the friction, the feeling on the skin or the smell of a balloon.

Maggy and Jan would describe themselves as „Semi-Poppers“: popping is okay but not necessary. „In one moment it’s cool. Bang. Not cool anymore“, Jan describes the unpleasant moment when a balloon burst underneath them during sex.

From fear to fetish

Above all the Looner scene is characterized by one thing: it´s dominated by men. But that´s a common thing with all kinds of fetishes, says sexologist and couples therapist Joachim Reich, even if there´s no clear explanation for this. Also in Maggy and Jan´s relationship, he was the driving force. He determined his sexual preference when he was 14 years old. But when he was a child, he was terrified by the noise of a bursting balloon. But this isn´t a rarity like Jan says: „I know a lot of Looners, who were afraid of the bang as they were kids.“

Science is still arguing about how fetishes arise exactly in the first place. But the Berlin sexologist gets an instructive picture on this matter due to the work with his clients: often a fetish and a sexual arousal get together randomly, a so-called coincidence, which is a key event that left a deep mark. This might be the pretty varnish raincoat of an aunt in the childhood or a bursting balloon. Because also fear is an arousal, just a negative one.

From hobby to profession

Since almost two years Maggy and Jan are running an online shop for balloons in all kinds of shapes, colors, and sizes – no matter if you’re looking for a Donut, a caterpillar or a giant heart, they got it. And they are shipping worldwide: only about half of their customers come from Germany.

Their business requires so much time, that by now the former preschool teacher and the former event technician are running around between boxes with over 40.000 balloons and earn their money with the shop.

Next, to the shop they also have a blog – open for everyone. Due to a large amount of internet trolls out there that’s a real rarity in the community. With high-class pictures, where Maggy models herself, and personal stories they want to present the fetish for everyone who’s curious and the whole Looner community in a transparent and authentic way. And of course, they want to show: „That’s not weird, that’s not stupid. That’s just who we are.“ – or as they both say: „a completely normal life“.

My Looner background story

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Qualatex 24 Rose Balloon_01

How I discovered the balloon fetish and became a looner

There are different ways how to develop a fetish, which also are effected by various factors. I´ve heard from many Looners that they have had a drastic and sometimes frightening incident in their childhood, which caused their special fascination for balloons. I just had nice experiences with balloons in my childhood and I can´t remember them excactly. There was nothing special. But I’ve had another life-changing experience: I got to know my husband and partner Jan!

In May 2006 we fell in love and realized that we match just perfectly. Our first time was very exciting, fascinating and lovely. We wanted to share everything, have no secrets and always be honest with each other. So it happend that we lay in bed and started to talk about our sexual preferences. Of course I also wanted to know what he likes. But in this moment I saw that he became extremly insecure and that he was struggeling with something. His behavior made me even more curious and I have to admit that I also became a little afraid of what wicked thing he might say, because I saw how hard it was for him. He took a deep breath and said: „I like balloons!“.

I felt surprised, happy, moved, very inquisitive and extremely relieved at the same time. It became very colorful in my head, because of the many questions and thoughts that I´ve had. Just like a virgin, I wanted to know everything about it. How does this work? What´s good about it? What kinds of balloons are there? …and so on.

A long, interesting, funny and enlightening talk about the balloonfetish followed and there were only two things which made me speechless and stunned. Firstly that there was such a huge range of balloons and that I didn´t heard anything about it at all before and secondly that it was so hard for Jan to talk about this and that he nearly felt ashamed. I just thought the whole time: „It´s just balloons! How cool is that!? There really isn`t anything bad about it! I want to try it!“.

And that is exactly what happened afterwards. The days, weeks and months after it, Jan helped me to get in touch with the world of balloons and its many advanteges. Sometimes we included balloons into our (sex-)life and sometimes we didn’t, always according to how we felt. And that´s still the way we do it today.

For a long time I didn´t saw myself as an actual, real Looner, until I realized, about three years ago from now, that I can´t do without it and that the balloonfetish became a part of my own life! So yeah, I´m a Looner and I´m happy to have such an extraordinary and nice preference.

That´s my Looner background-story and I want to say thank you Jan, for expending my horizon! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

You, me and a balloon

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Black Long GL700 Balloon_01_by André Krenz Photography

Balloons you can use together with one, two, three or more people…

In fact you can use almost every balloon to sit, to lie or just to do what ever you want to do on them. The advantages are simple: The balloon adapts perfectly to the body shape and reacts dynamically to every move you make on it. A vibrating effect can be generated by that, which can be seamlessly integrated into your lovemaking.

Sure, if you bounce hard on it, it can pop, in the end it´s just a balloon. But honestly, it never happend to me before. A little, smart advice: inflate the balloon really strong and let some air escape afterwards.

My personal favorite is the Cattex Giant Doll. Due to its curvy shape, you can lie on it really comfortable and your partner can take you from behind. With this balloon you can cause a really great swinging effect so you get the feeling to lift off.

If you like long balloons better, you can also use Cattex GL 500, 700, 1200; Rifco Giant Pillar. For those of you, who are more into round shapes I highly recommend Cattex 44“, 47“, 55“, and 72“. A mixture between long and round balloons are Rifco GL 800 and 900 and last but not least: don´t forget the a little bit fancy and funny figure balloons like Cattex Giant Caterpillar and Rifco Giant Omniloon. They also make a lot of fun.

I could go on and on like this and also talk about the medium sized balloons, which are also very durable, but I stop now, because there´s one big rule to remember: go ahead and try it yourself to find out, which balloons you like the most! Sexual preferences are individual and a personal matter of taste. I would love to know which balloon you like the most for this, so please tell me and let´s talk about it!

Looner? Maggy and Jan explain the balloon fetish

The looner documentary by the alternative city guide GERMAN-NESS

By the end of 2014 Jan an I participated in a documentary for GERMAN-NESS. In her city guide the lovely Claire introduces different german cities and their interesting, creative, special or sometimes bizarre inhabitants.

In the context of the Berlin episodes, she also wanted to learn more about BALLOONS UNITED and the balloon fetish.

In my opinion she did a great, sensitive and informative reportage!

Just take a look at the video and tell me what you think about it.

Important notice: The documentary is in German but there are also English, French, Italian, Dutch and Spanish subtitles available!

I just started a blog

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Office Chair Balloon


Hi everybody! Some of you might already know me, others will get to know me now. I´m Maggy, looner, owner of BALLOONS UNITED and from now on also a blogger.

There are many different topics that I´ve got on my mind and a lot of things I often get asked about. That´s why I decided to make a blog, to talk about all of this and also to let you take part in my looner life. There already is some content available, which might interest you, for example have a look at „WikiLoons“. Other articles will follow from time to time.

If you’re even interested in participating in my project, you are warmly invited to do so! No matter if you leave me a comment, a question, a topic proposal or just a note, I´m happy about every kind of feedback. Or are you even interested to publish your own article at my blog, then just write me at

I´m really excited and looking forward to it. Now have fun with my blog!

Yours, Maggy BerLoon