Interview with the balloon manufacturer CATTEX

Danilo Catallo from CATTEX gives us a short insight in the family business When you think of CATTEX what comes to your mind? I immediately think of unique figure balloons, huge giant balloons, tons of printing motives and Italy. But I´m sure there are much more things to learn about this successful family business. Danilo […]

LOONERS UNITED_Interview_Italoon_01

Interview with the producer of the looner studio Italoon

Ciao bella – an Italian institution for looner clips Can you please introduce yourself? My name is Andrea Bini (male name in Italy), I’m 46 years old and I live in Livorno, in Tuscany, Italy. I’m an self-employed electrical installer and I have a wife. Together we live in the same house but we are in […]

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Video interview with custom fetish model Paige Erin Turner

Southern state charm with the BALLOON ANGELS Today I present you BALLOON ANGELS, a custom studio from the USA. David, the photographer and editor, was so kind to interview Paige Erin Turner for us, who is a popular looner and fetish model. But now comes the really great thing: it´s not just a written interview, […]

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Interview with looner girl Oxana

From Russia with love Can you please introduce yourself? My name is Oxana Efremova, I’m from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Occupation – medical ward nurse. Married. Are you a Looner? I don’t know if I can call myself a looner or not. Just like you Maggy, I don’t have “inherent” fetish for balloons. However I love balloons […]

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Interview with looner girl Angel Daily

The looner girl from Brazil Can you please introduce yourself? Hi, I am Angel Daily, I´m 22 years old, work at a candy store and maybe it’s hard to imagine but I´m single. I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I´m a girl who like to play video games, animes, cosplay, dancing…. and a woman who […]