A lalalalaLONG -The CATTEX 32“ LONGNECK balloon

The CATTEX LONGNECK makes LOONER dreams come true Honestly, I planned on writing about another balloon of another brand. There are still so many, which I want to have a greater look at and do some nice reviews. But I just had no other choice than to write about the CATTEX 32“ LONGNECK, because it´s […]

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Tuftex 17_01

TUFTEX 17“ – This balloon might get bigger than you think!

– A short balloon description of the Tuftex 17“ balloon and my opinion –  Besides QUALATEX, UNIQUE (= Globos, Mexico), CATTEX, BELBAL etc. TUFTEX is one of the most known balloon brands worldwide and is manufactured by the Maple City Rubber Company from the USA. 1915 the family business was founded in Ohio and might be one […]

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Cattex_36_Longneck_1

Long, longer, longneck – the looner balloon from Cattex

– A short balloon description of the Cattex 36″ Longneck balloon and my opinion – Cattex is a popular balloon brand all over the world and especially in Europe. Based in Italy the family business sells extraordinary balloons since 1962. A big and diverse range of figure balloons and printed round balloons is characteristic for Cattex. […]

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Geo Blossom_01

Flower power with the Qualatex Geo Blossom 16“ and a donut of the different kind

– A short balloon description of the Qualatex Geo Blossom & Geo Donut balloons and my opinion – Qualatex is maybe one of the biggest and most established balloon brands worldwide. This might not just only been caused by many different balloon distributors and decorators, it´s also very popular in the looner community. Because of […]

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Black Skeleton Balloons_by André Krenz Photography

Cattex Giant Doll – Come play with me, dolly!

– A short description of the Cattex Giant Doll balloon – Another popular balloon brand is called „Cattex“, which is sold by an Italian distributor for over 50 years now. They offer a wide range of different and extraordinary balloons. Above all the huge bandwidth of figure balloons as well as printed round balloons stick […]

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Belbal 14 Keep Calm_01

Belbal 14“ – a balloon for decoration and advertising with a big bang

– A short description of the Belbal 14“ balloon – The Belgian balloons are made by the company Belbal since over 30 years now. These balloons are attractive for their high quality and the huge range of different sizes and and colors. Due to its strong latex compound the Belbal balloons are really tight and stable. […]

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Unique 16 Crystal_01

Unique 16“ – a popular balloon for looners

A short balloon description and what I think of the Unique 16″ balloon Unique is one of the most widespread balloon brands in the world and produced by the „Latex Occidental“ company in Mexico. Those balloons are also known as „Mexico“ and „Globos“ but in the end they’re all one and the same balloons. The […]

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Qualatex 24 The Looner_01

Qualatex 24“ – The Classic

A short balloon description and what I think of the Qualatex 24″ balloon The Qualatex 24“ is one of the most well known and popular balloons in the community of balloon enthusiasts. First I want to give you some backround information about it: this balloon is produced in the USA by the „Pioneer Balloon Company“, […]