Balloon Pop Challenge – The Second

A shared challenge is a challenge halved – my husband Jan also got nominated

Just like me, Jan also had to pop a balloon. Besides, he is the reason I got in touch with the balloon fetish for the first time, but I´ll talk more about this at another time.

Now let us see what´s up to the balloon pop challenge. Both of us got nominated by Elena, one of the models of our friends at Alissainflatables. There are just two rules:
1. Pop a balloon in your favourite way
2. Choose which and how many balloons you pop by yourself.

So far so good, would both of us have been Poppers and not NonPoppers instead. But nevertheless Jan is always openminded to try new things out, just like me and pulled himself together. We will see, maybe it´ll wet our appetite. Afterwards one is always wiser.

But now watch how Jan did a Sit to Pop with a Qualatex 24“ The Looner. Have fun!

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  1. Jo De Mulder says:

    Way to go Jan ,you realy rock 🙂 !!!!
    You both will become real good poppers if you keep doing this 😀
    Love your t-shirt btw !


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