Balloon Pop Challenge – The First

I got nominated and popped a balloon – insane!

In the following video you can see me popping a balloon. This is very very rare, because I consider myself being more of a NonPopper and don´t do this often.

I have great respect of the bang, but all fear and doubts aside, I gave it a try. From my point of view it´s good to be open to make new experiences, otherwise I won´t never find out what I like and what not. So maybe I´m looking forward to pop some more balloons, we will see… But first, that´s what happened:

My friends from Alissainflatables started a balloon pop challenge and Elena, one of the lovely models, nominated me and also my husband Jan. The rules are simple, I had to pop a balloon in my favourite way, no matter what type of balloon. Okay, I had no idea, what my favourite way to pop a balloon is, I just did it on purpose one time before. In this exact case I did a blow to pop with a Qualatex 16“. This was an exciting and tough experience for me and I really felt quite alive afterwards. Great feeling by the way, I understand Poppers now, but it´s still not my thing though!

This time I wanted to try something new again and decided to make a nailpop with a Qualatex 16“ Balloons United. I was really in a tizzy and happy I got through with it!

But watch the video by yourself and see what happend. Enjoy!

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  1. antonio says:

    hi maggy…i like much your video with balloon qualatex 16″…also i tried to sit on a balloon 24..and outbreak…so’s very fun…i like as you sit on balloon..maggy…congratulations!!!!!!

  2. Jo De Mulder says:

    YEAH AWESOME !!!!!!!!!
    Nailpop is my favourite way to pop 😀
    And it was also blown up perfect !!!
    Way to go Maggy ,CONGRATS !!!!!!!!


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