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About Anna Pop – in love with the big bang

– Find out more about the Loonergirl next door and her life with balloons –  Anna (29 years old) lives in Southern Germany. She is married and Looners probably know her best by her artist name „Anna POP“. Are you a Looner yourself? In my imagination I am! However, I just take part in stuff […]

Women in the Looner community

A text about sexism, old stereotypes and questionable habits – by Maggy BerLoon – Who is writing here and WHY?? I´m Maggy. A woman with visions, a self-confident Looner girl, a creative entrepreneur. Since I´ve become a part of the Looner community about four years ago, I’ve made a lot of experiences. Besides a whole load […]

2017, you have been a crazy year!

An end-of-the-year review by Maggy BerLoon Now, at the end of the year, it´s good to think about everything that happened. It´s good to think about the beautiful and not so beautiful things. This year was one hell of a rollercoaster. Although it was often really challenging and besides all the sweat and tears, we […]

About Valentin – The man behind ExoticLoonz & ThirtyThreeRooms

– Looner, producer, cameraman, visionary. The godfather of balloon fetish videos gives away some private details – Could you please introduce yourself a little bit? I’m Valentin, 33years straight male from Saint-Petersburg, Russia (sounds like profile info from dating site huh?). Occupation – art director in an advertising company. Looner. The guy behind the camera […]

The Show must go on

– LOONERS UNITED is back after a short and work-filled summer break – So, a few weeks passed after my last blog post. But as some of you might already know, there is a good reason for this issue. Since a few months Jan and I worked on a big update for our shop BALLOONS […]

Interview with the balloon manufacturer CATTEX

– Danilo Catallo from CATTEX gives us a short insight in the family business –  When you think of CATTEX what comes to your mind? I immediately think of unique figure balloons, huge giant balloons, tons of printing motives and Italy. But I´m sure there are much more things to learn about this successful family […]

Why balloon fetish?

– What I like about balloons as a looner –  Of course I can write, explain and philosophize a lot about the WHAT? and HOW? with regard to the balloon fetish. But now I just want to to talk about me, my personal needs and the things I like about balloons! But before I´ll start […]

Long, longer, longneck – the looner balloon from Cattex

– A short balloon description of the Cattex 36″ Longneck balloon and my opinion – Cattex is a popular balloon brand all over the world and especially in Europe. Based in Italy the family business sells extraordinary balloons since 1962. A big and diverse range of figure balloons and printed round balloons is characteristic for Cattex. […]

Cattex Giant Doll – Come play with me, dolly!

– A short description of the Cattex Giant Doll balloon – Another popular balloon brand is called „Cattex“, which is sold by an Italian distributor for over 50 years now. They offer a wide range of different and extraordinary balloons. Above all the huge bandwidth of figure balloons as well as printed round balloons stick […]

Popper, NonPopper, SemiPopper – Whatever!

– About stereotyped thinking within the looner scene and where I find myself in it –  You can find stereotyped thinking within almost every area of life. Often this might influence our way of thinking and sadly also our behavior without even noticing it. There are smart labels for almost everything which can cause stereotyped […]

Interview with looner girl Oxana

– From Russia with love –  Can you please introduce yourself? My name is Oxana Efremova, I’m from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Occupation – medical ward nurse. Married. Are you a Looner? I don’t know if I can call myself a looner or not. Just like you Maggy, I don’t have “inherent” fetish for balloons. However, I […]

Interview with looner girl Angel Daily

– The looner girl from Brazil – Can you please introduce yourself? Hi, I am Angel Daily, I´m 22 years old, work at a candy store and maybe it’s hard to imagine but I´m single. I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I´m a girl who likes to play video games, animes, cosplay, dancing…. and a […]

Balloon Fetish: sex toy balloon

– The german radio station Fritz reports about being a Looner on the international fetish day – What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word „fetish“? Probably the first associations are lacquer, leather, latex and BDSM. An outdated view I think, which should be changed. Because apart from […]

Unique 16“ – a popular balloon for looners

A short balloon description and what I think of the Unique 16″ balloon Unique is one of the most widespread balloon brands in the world and produced by the „Latex Occidental“ company in Mexico. Those balloons are also known as „Mexico“ and „Globos“ but in the end they’re all one and the same balloons. The […]

My Looner background story

How I discovered the balloon fetish and became a looner There are different ways how to develop a fetish, which also are effected by various factors. I´ve heard from many Looners that they have had a drastic and sometimes frightening incident in their childhood, which caused their special fascination for balloons. I just had nice […]

Balloon Pop Challenge – The Second

A shared challenge is a challenge halved – my husband Jan also got nominated Just like me, Jan also had to pop a balloon. Besides, he is the reason I got in touch with the balloon fetish for the first time, but I´ll talk more about this at another time. Now let us see what´s […]

Balloon Pop Challenge – The First

I got nominated and popped a balloon – insane! In the following video you can see me popping a balloon. This is very very rare, because I consider myself being more of a NonPopper and don´t do this often. I have great respect of the bang, but all fear and doubts aside, I gave it […]

You, me and a balloon

Balloons you can use together with one, two, three or more people… In fact you can use almost every balloon to sit, to lie or just to do what ever you want to do on them. The advantages are simple: The balloon adapts perfectly to the body shape and reacts dynamically to every move you […]

How to extend the lifetime of a balloon?

About the right inflating of a balloon and what you need to know about it Before you start to inflate your balloon right away, please have a look at your surrounding. If you find some sharp or hot things there, just put them away or please be careful. Otherwise there would be no tip needed […]

Qualatex 24“ – The Classic

A short balloon description and what I think of the Qualatex 24″ balloon The Qualatex 24“ is one of the most well known and popular balloons in the community of balloon enthusiasts. First I want to give you some backround information about it: this balloon is produced in the USA by the „Pioneer Balloon Company“, […]

Looner? Maggy and Jan explain the balloon fetish

The looner documentary by the alternative city guide GERMAN-NESS By the end of 2014 Jan an I participated in a documentary for GERMAN-NESS. In her city guide the lovely Claire introduces different german cities and their interesting, creative, special or sometimes bizarre inhabitants. In the context of the Berlin episodes, she also wanted to learn […]

I just started a blog

MY FIRST ARTICLE ABOUT THE BALLOONFETISH BLOG FOR LOONERS AND INTERESTED PEOPLE Hi everybody! Some of you might already know me, others will get to know me now. I´m Maggy, looner, owner of BALLOONS UNITED and from now on also a blogger. There are many different topics that I´ve got on my mind and a […]