The Show must go on


– LOONERS UNITED is back after a short and work-filled summer break –

So, a few weeks passed after my last blog post. But as some of you might already know, there is a good reason for this issue. Since a few months Jan and I worked on a big update for our shop BALLOONS UNITED in the background and this summer the time had come: finally we are online! An update might sound unspectacular, but not in this case. Besides all the new content we actually reworked everything, also like the whole technical stuff, which you can´t even see. So everything, really EVERYTHING is new at BALLOONS UNITED.

Friends, this was so much work that some time ago we reached a point where we just had to set priorities. That´s why I decided the blog had to take a small compulsive break so I can completely concentrate on BALLOONS UNITED. I have to admit that I had a guilty conscience to you guys. But hey, I just couldn´t manage everything at once and I appreciate it a lot that you showed so much understanding. At this point, I just want to thank you for that!

Your support motivated Jan and me to go on and to work with full power because honestly, it wasn´t always easy to stand this huge workload. There are better things to do in summer than to sit in the office and to work 24/7 while everybody else goes on vacations and enjoys the leisure time relaxed and get tanned. I have to admit that I felt a little jealous sometimes and my wanderlust became bigger and bigger, but we had a clear goal in mind and this was worth all the effort and work. But enough with all the complaining!

We are really proud and extremely happy that our new shop is online now and your feedback is the best reward for us. Although this might sound a little bit cheesy, but it made us already forget the struggles of the last time. People, you are really amazing and there is nothing more left to say than: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Now the show must go on because honestly the shop isn´t completely finished yet. Here and there are some little things to do and of course we still have many new ideas, which we would like to implement immediately and as fast as possible, but sadly this doesn´t work that simple way (I suppose everyone knows this recognition at some point). The day just doesn´t have enough hours for this. But Jan and I thought it´s not that bad to bring something new from time to time, isn´t it? Now you can look forward to the future together with us.

But the best thing is that it is time for LOONERS UNITED to awake from its summer sleep. Now it´s possible to take some time for writing again and I´m really happy and excited about it. I can´t promise when and how often I´m able to publish new posts, BUT you can be sure I´m on it and this the main point right?! After all, I want to write about some of my thoughts and implement ideas, but not only mine. The blog is also yours and if you´ve got some ideas, topics, questions or whatever, please just go ahead and tell me about it! I will note and process it into new blog content if it fits into my concept.

Besides all the stress during the last weeks, there is one thing, which I didn´t want to do without: to make some pretty little pictures with which I can delight you during the upcoming time. So, my dear ones stay well and blow up a lot of balloons!


yours Maggy