TUFTEX 17“ – This balloon might get bigger than you think!

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– A short balloon description of the Tuftex 17“ balloon and my opinion – 

Besides QUALATEX, UNIQUE (= Globos, Mexico), CATTEX, BELBAL etc. TUFTEX is one of the most known balloon brands worldwide and is manufactured by the Maple City Rubber Company from the USA. 1915 the family business was founded in Ohio and might be one of the oldest manufactures producing latex products. More than 100 years of experience they have the clock by now. TUFTEX offers a big range of different kinds of balloons varying in size, color and print designs.

Due to its vertical folds, the TUFTEX 17“ balloon has a comparatively round shape with a slightly tapered balloon neck. By the way, such long balloon necks are made to ease the knitting in the first place, but of course, a big neck has also much more nice value for us looner.

Just like all the other TUFTEX balloons the TUFTEX 17“ is available in different colors and with diverse designs and prints. Especially the various and bright crystal colors stand out from my point of view.

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Tuftex 17_Grand Opening_02
LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Tuftex 17_Grand Opening_01

Since the company is specialized in producing balloons for outdoor advertising, the quality of their products is really good. A characteristic for TUFTEX balloons is the rather thick latex skin. But after inflating the balloon it feels much more softer than you might have expected before. Of course they are also made of 100% natural rubber latex and are biodegradable after a period of time and under certain conditions (CO2, moisture).

But I have to admit that the shelf life of TUFTEX balloons doesn’t convince me that much in comparison to other balloon brands. In average the shelf life of balloons is about 2-3 years, provided that they are stored protected against UV and moisture. There are brands, for example, QUALATEX, which balloons are much longer durable and in my experience TUFTEX balloons are below the mentioned average. So it might be better not to store them too long or just use them faster.

That´s why I see TUFTEX balloons in relation to the general quality right in between of QUALATEX and UNIQUE balloons. But this isn´t supposed to be perceived in a negative way, because all of the mentioned brands are suited on a really high quality level compared to no name balloons from the supermarket next door. Delicate nuances decide and can make a big difference of course. As in relation to such supermarket products, balloons have to fulfill far many functions for us looners than just to look nice.

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In contrast to giant balloons, airship balloons or extraordinary figure shaped balloons, honestly there isn´t much to be said about the TUFTEX 17“ balloon. It´s not to big and not to small and gets a really nice neck, simply a perfect affair. That´s why this balloon is really popular no matter being a friend of balloons, looner or advertising customer.

But there is one more thing I would like to mention. I´ve noticed that TUFTEX balloons can get much bigger than the nominal diameter given by the manufacturer in comparison to balloons of other brands, especially with pre-stretching them before inflating. If you repeat this procedure a few times TUFTEX balloons can get insanely big. The difference to the first inflation is really enormous and impressing. But be careful, because repeated inflating doesn´t affect the balloon´s durability and stability in a positive way. The ballon can burst at any time, which might be bad for some and for others this risk could be a further attraction. However, I think that this issue is really remarkable and that´s why I would like to recommend the TUFTEX 17“ to those ones, who especially enjoy to over-inflate balloons. I´m off blowing now. Bye.

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LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Tuftex 17_Winking Smiley_02