Why balloon fetish?

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– What I like about balloons as a looner – 

Of course I can write, explain and philosophize a lot about the WHAT? and HOW? with regard to the balloon fetish. But now I just want to to talk about me, my personal needs and the things I like about balloons! But before I´ll start I want to point out that I´ll just talk about my own and individual view and this doesn´t apply for all the other looners in our big wide world. I´m not into stereotyped thinking, as you can also read in my blogpost „Popper, NonPopper, blablabla…“, but actually it should be obvious that you can always just look at yourself and should treat other sights, things, etc. with tolerance and respect, shouldn´t it? This applies to all areas of life!

Because I´m often asked about the things, which delight me about balloons, I`ll reveal my personal and intimate thoughts. So attention please, I´m about to open my heart for you and I´ll start now!

First, there are these different and wonderful colors and many various shapes, which I like a lot. When I see a balloon it always puts a smile on my face. But in my case, this doesn´t mean, that I run through the streets and get horny immediately by just seeing a balloon. No, it´s not that simple and I need a little bit more of interaction to get horny. But nevertheless, I always have to grin, because I know what nice things you can do with them. Pictures pop into my head, which makes me plain and simple just happy and pleased. This happens within seconds and then the pictures are already gone again and I´m back in the actual situation with my thoughts, like a party or shopping for example. As I already said the sight of a balloon doesn`t make me horny – just happy.

But at this point, I have to admit that I find people´s innocent cluelessness marvelously amusing in public.

But I´m not a person who´s into living out my sexual arousals in public and get satisfied by that, I prefer a more private surrounding to satisfy my personal needs. So if I saw balloons lying around in my bedroom, because my husband was such a sweetheart to put them there, the situation might be completely different. But this is also no guarantee, because hey, I´m also just a human and who is horny all the time? But I have to say that the sight of a room filled with balloons is awesome, especially if there are really many or big ones involved. Small balloons are nice, but I´m more into bigger ones (24“-36“), figure shaped balloons (my favorite one is the Giant Doll) and airships. If I see such balloons I want to sit or to lie on them immediately and feel their soft material on my skin. But I don´t like it if they are too big because if I let myself go I could loose my balance and fall off, it´s all happened. What should I say, I´m a little clumsy fellow and I can´t affect this. But if the size and shape match my preferences there´s nothing more beautiful than feeling the balloon properly.

Actually, balloons are known as soft and flexible, but if you lie on top of them, you sense a strong pressure and the balloon feels hard and firm. This contrast is really tempting for me and the fact that a balloon can carry your complete weight and even more is just crazy and make me go nuts. Power and control are important keywords in this content. No matter if you want to be the superior part and be in the driver´s seat, the reality can catch you up faster than you might like it. Because balloons are still balloons, which can pop easily at any time and sometimes even without any reason. In contrast to small ones, giant balloons never popped unexpectedly in my bed before. But this means nothing and this danger makes my heart beats faster. I enjoy to explore limits, to play with them and sometimes also to overstep them and to see what happens afterward. In the best case, if the balloon pops it might increase my lust, but if not I just accept it, deal with it and go on with the next one. But if a balloon pops unexpectedly it´s a little bit sobering for me, because the thing I had fun with is plain and simple gone. But the attraction of the unknown, the danger, the power game and the loss of control make me go wild and crazy.

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However, the most important thing for me is that my husband Jan participates while looning, no matter if he joins me or just watches me. Because as I said before I need interaction, which can be very diverse. There are tons of possibilities to have fun with balloons together or even involve other sex toys and or further preferences. A vibrator, for example, makes the whole balloon shake and involving bondage games can turn out really interesting as well. No limits are set to the imagination, creativity and of course the own lust. For example, I also find it very arousing to blow up a balloon between two bodies, because the pressure can be getting very intense.

Generally, I just love Jan watching me. I love to feel his look resting on me because I know exactly what my behavior causes in his head and his pants. Me just playing with a balloon alone and just for myself is honestly a really rare thing. Maybe some of you might see this as the difference of the „real looner“ (and some even might condemn it) and maybe you are right, but this doesn’t matter for me. Since 10 years I enjoy the balloon fetish together with Jan and I think it´s secondary and irrelevant how this joy looks like individually in detail. From my point of view, the main thing is, to be honest with yourself, to deal with your own sexual needs, enjoy them and be happy, satisfied and balanced as a consequence. You only live once and I think it would be a disastrously waste if you would let yourself measured and restricted by the view and judgment of other people (life partners included). As long as you don´t cause physical or mental damage and behave in an amicable and legal way, please just feel free to live out your sexuality however you want to!

Anyway, I`m extremely happy and thankful that I found access to the balloon fetish with Jan´s help. Because without him it wouldn´t even be possible to do my favorite thing with balloons: which is to have sex on them. Here everything comes together: the feeling of the skin, the pressure, the danger paired with a great swinging effect and the intense response cause the feeling to me that I might take off. This let my desire increase until I´m, how should I say, satisfied, happy and tired.

I have to admit that I developed weak knees while writing, so I´ll stop now and have a look what Jan is doing right now.

I wish all of you, looners or non looners, much fun while living out your desires. Enjoy life!

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