Belbal 14“ – a balloon for decoration and advertising with a big bang

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– A short description of the Belbal 14“ balloon –

The Belgian balloons are made by the company Belbal since over 30 years now. These balloons are attractive for their high quality and the huge range of different sizes and and colors. Due to its strong latex compound the Belbal balloons are really tight and stable. Aside from the usual use of non printed balloons for professional decorations, Belbal balloons are often applied to advertising and promotion as well. By now this balloon became a standard for this usage in Europe.

Especially the Belbal 14“ balloon is established as a popular advertising balloon in many companies. In comparison to the bigger Belbal B250 and B350 the 14“ balloon convinces with the same great quality but a very low price.

It´s a classic balloon shape and easy to describe: a pear-shaped bulb with a beautiful long neck. It´s remarkable that the neck fully inflates by the first inflation even without any special treatment or pre-stretching. After multiple inflations, the Belbal 14“ can reach impressive sizes. This balloon is available in numerous color shades and of course also in standard and crystal colors. Due to its high-quality Belbal balloons can hold their shape and stability over a long period of time.

I´ve made the experience that the Belbal 14“ is even used in completely different areas: because of its reliability and the low risk of unintentional popping this balloon is also used for therapeutic treatments, such as improving the motoric skills in speech therapy.

From a Looners point of view, it´s a perfect balloon for those who prefer smaller ones. Although I´m not a real Popper it happens that balloons can pop from time to time. And this one makes a real loud and whipping bang! Due to the firm latex compound, it´s really strong and not quite easy to pop on purpose in comparison to other balloons of similar size. But since this is a rather small balloon it’s not impossible of course. On the contrary, I think that the combination of stubbornness and loud bang gives an extra thrill to the act of bursting. The Belbal 14“ is the perfect choice for passionate poppers not least because of its reasonable price.

In my imagination a Blow-To-Pop with this balloon can be really exciting and satisfying. Personally I like to use Belbal 14“ balloons for different decorations (no matter if inside or outside) and I enjoy the great and beautiful colors of these balloons. My popular choice is definitely the color teal.

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Interview with looner girl Angel Daily

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– The looner girl from Brazil –

Can you please introduce yourself?

Hi, I am Angel Daily, I´m 22 years old, work at a candy store and maybe it’s hard to imagine but I´m single. I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I´m a girl who likes to play video games, animes, cosplay, dancing…. and a woman who knows what she wants….

Are you a Looner?

Yes, I am. I love balloons since I was young. It took a lot of time to understand what I feel and to say that I´m proud of being a Looner!

How did you discover this fetish for yourself?

Well, everything started when I was just a kid. Balloons are something that fascinated me and at the same time, they made me very afraid. So when I was a teenager (13-14 years old) I started to try to lose my fear of balloons by popping small 9″ balloons, but one day I felt one strange itch … you can imagine what happened after this…

Did your former partner know about this and your local community like family and friends? How did they react?

I’m single now, but I tried to tell this to my ex-boyfriend… and he didn`t accept it very well, men are usually not very understandable with women’s desires. But one day I will find someone who will understand and accept this. At the moment only a few friends know about this, but they weren’t surprised because I’ve always been pretty childish with my balloons and teddy bears.

What exactly do you like most about a balloon?

This is not easy to say… I like so many things. But I love the touch, the smell, the colors and the noise that a balloon makes when I scratch it with my nails.

Which is your favorite balloon?

I have tried a lot of balloons but now my favorite balloon is the 40″ Brazilian balloon because it is so soft and strong.

How would you describe the looner community?

Very open. They always try to help everyone and I´ve made really good friends here.

What was your craziest, nicest or most interesting experience with a balloon?

I did a Blow-To-pop with a huge 24″ balloon in public with a lot of people watching me!

Do have other sexual preferences?

I’m bisexual … so beautiful girls can turn me on.

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What is the name of your clip store?

Hotlooners” –

When and how did you start to make clips?

I recorded my first video about 3 – 4 years ago and I started to make videos to earn money to buy big balloons like the 16″ balloons and the Qualatex 24″ balloon because sadly I can’t find balloons like this here in Brazil and the shipping costs are expensive.

Do you just produce looner clips or also clips for other areas?

I have tried new things like inflatables, bags and bubble gum, but all of them in the inflatables area.

Where is your personal limit or how far would you go?

I will never make topless or naked videos!! Never!

Do you have a member pay site or is it also possible to buy just a single clip?

No, I don’t have a member site. I make my videos for fun and it´s hard to have fun when you have the obligation to post something new every week, but I make custom videos if someone asks me.

How are your prices?

I try to make the fairest price possible, but good balloons are really expensive.

What is the average time of a clip and how long does it take to produce it?

It´s hard to tell how long I take to produce them… I can´t say for sure but at last 2 or 3 days.

How do you handle customer requests?

It´s fun, I always learn something new.

What are the most favorite topics?

People always ask me to make a Blow-To-Pop.

What was your craziest experience in this context?

One guy keeps asking me to stay behind clear balloons and act like I´m stuck in the balloons…

Thank you for the interview and keep enjoying your balloons!

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Balloon Fetish: sex toy balloon

– The german radio station Fritz reports about being a Looner on the international fetish day –

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word „fetish“?
Probably the first associations are lacquer, leather, latex and BDSM. An outdated view I think, which should be changed. Because apart from BDSM there are a lot of other sexual preferences of course. That´s why us Looners with our fetish for balloons get more and more attention and popularity of the general fetish community as well.

In keeping with this issue, a new article about us was published on January the 15th, 2016, the international fetish day. Of course, I don´t want to reveal too much, but to summarize it a little bit: it´s about the Looning itself, about BALLOONS UNITED and LOONERS UNITED and about Jan and me. You got the opportunity to catch a short glimpse of our everyday working life and maybe you can get some more new details about us.

But you better take a look and enjoy yourself. You can find it at the web portal of the german radio station Fritz of RBB. Since it’s a more or less local radio station sadly it´s only available in the German language. But I tried to translate at least the written part into English on the bottom of this page.

Here’s the link to the complete article, also with some great pictures from André Krenz Photography:

Jan and I feel greatly honored and both of us are really happy about the interest. We really appreciate it! So a big thank you for this dear RBB team!

English translation of the article:

Balloon fetish: sex toy balloon

„Bursting, colorful, smooth shapes“ – these are the first connotations that pop into the minds of Maggy and Jan when it comes to balloons. But we´re not talking about the little Micky-Mouse-Balloons, which you might use as a decoration on a children’s’ birthday party. It’s more about giant life-sized balloons up to a length of 2,5 meters or a diameter of 1,8 meters, which Maggy and Jan include in their sex-life.

Love, air, and lightness

The two Berliners-by-choice are so-called „Looners“. They live the balloon fetish („Looning“) and often include balloons during sex. In the video Maggy and Jan talk about what’s behind the fetish, the meaning of the terms „Popper“ and „Non-Popper“ and of course why these fragile things rock during sex with one alone or even with two, three, four, five people…

To pop or not to pop?

The so-called „Popper“ is thrilled by bursting balloons in all kinds of ways. There are special terms for every single popping method like „Nail-Pop“ by using the fingernails to pop a balloon, „Sit-To-Pop“ by sitting hard on the balloon or „Blow-To-Pop“ by blowing the balloon until it bursts. A „Non-Popper“ tries to avoid popping a balloon and is more attracted to the friction, the feeling on the skin or the smell of a balloon.

Maggy and Jan would describe themselves as „Semi-Poppers“: popping is okay but not necessary. „In one moment it’s cool. Bang. Not cool anymore“, Jan describes the unpleasant moment when a balloon burst underneath them during sex.

From fear to fetish

Above all the Looner scene is characterized by one thing: it´s dominated by men. But that´s a common thing with all kinds of fetishes, says sexologist and couples therapist Joachim Reich, even if there´s no clear explanation for this. Also in Maggy and Jan´s relationship, he was the driving force. He determined his sexual preference when he was 14 years old. But when he was a child, he was terrified by the noise of a bursting balloon. But this isn´t a rarity like Jan says: „I know a lot of Looners, who were afraid of the bang as they were kids.“

Science is still arguing about how fetishes arise exactly in the first place. But the Berlin sexologist gets an instructive picture on this matter due to the work with his clients: often a fetish and a sexual arousal get together randomly, a so-called coincidence, which is a key event that left a deep mark. This might be the pretty varnish raincoat of an aunt in the childhood or a bursting balloon. Because also fear is an arousal, just a negative one.

From hobby to profession

Since almost two years Maggy and Jan are running an online shop for balloons in all kinds of shapes, colors, and sizes – no matter if you’re looking for a Donut, a caterpillar or a giant heart, they got it. And they are shipping worldwide: only about half of their customers come from Germany.

Their business requires so much time, that by now the former preschool teacher and the former event technician are running around between boxes with over 40.000 balloons and earn their money with the shop.

Next, to the shop they also have a blog – open for everyone. Due to a large amount of internet trolls out there that’s a real rarity in the community. With high-class pictures, where Maggy models herself, and personal stories they want to present the fetish for everyone who’s curious and the whole Looner community in a transparent and authentic way. And of course, they want to show: „That’s not weird, that’s not stupid. That’s just who we are.“ – or as they both say: „a completely normal life“.

“I was ashamed of my sexual desire for balloons”

LOONERS UNITED_Pink Heart In Teal Balloons

– GUEST POST: How Will became a looner and why they are the luckiest people in the world –

Balloons are not only magical to me, not only part of my sexuality but they have made my life richer and more complete. This would never have happened without discovering people just like me in the balloon community.

My first childhood memories are balloon related. I would say the seed for my fetish was planted when I was 4 or 5 years old. Certainly, the “drivers” of my balloon fetish came from those years. I loved balloons and I so enjoyed those special and rare times when I would actually have one. Early on in life when people would pop something I held in such high regard on purpose, it would throw me into such a state of internal conflict that I would literally have a meltdown.

At the age of 11, I was at a county fair and a big pink balloon came drifting down the fairway and literally right into my arms. Heaven for me but weird to my group of friends who I had to protect that balloon from for the rest of the day. I managed to rescue that balloon and took it home with me. That night as I laid in my room with the balloon in my hands, this incredibly intense feeling overtook me and I had my first orgasm. My passion was reborn, my sexual fetish was born and it has been with me ever since. The magic that such a simple thing can give me so much pleasure. Just being in a room with one makes me feel good.

I was ashamed of my sexual desire for balloons for the next 23 years. Surely I was twisted, a freak. Who would have such feelings about balloons? Why did I have this? I tried to get rid of it. I certainly had to hide it but whatever I did: if I saw a balloon, these feelings just happened. I was popular, had lots of girlfriends but still, balloons gave me pleasure in a very special way. What was the hell wrong with me?

Later in life, I got married, had a child and watched as my relationship started to fall apart. The lust was gone. The passion was gone. The love of my life became a roommate. Not a great period. And then one night when I was alone with my computer, I typed “balloon fetish” into a search engine hoping, just hoping I would get even one result. You can only imagine my emotions when the search result came back with pages and pages of results. I was not alone, not by any means. I was not a sexual deviant or freak. I shared something with thousands and thousands of others. I literally shook for three days. A day I will remember forever.

The balloon community helped me get up the courage to tell my wife and long story short: the passion, the lust, the incredible thrill of making love came back and has remained to this day. Balloons saved my marriage, the balloon community has helped me embrace my sexuality. Though I am still in the closet, I am no longer ashamed. However, I am one to relish and to appreciate just how LUCKY I am to have a balloon fetish!

So I would like to thank this community for the amazing support, the openness, and honesty. For sharing your “thing” for balloons. Not everyone has the same feelings I have towards balloons. Not everyone is turned on by the same things. But balloons are the one thing that we all have in common. I like to try to encourage others to be okay with their fetish, to remain open and understanding of other peoples likes and dislikes. We are a very special group and we are the luckiest people in the world as far as I am concerned.

Here are my Top-10-Reasons, why Looners might be the luckiest people in the world:

  1. People with a balloon fetish get so much pleasure and so much joy from a simple object that is very common and not very expensive.
  2. Since we can satisfy our basic human sexual needs/desires with an inanimate object, the risk to our partners that we will seek the need this in the arms of another is greatly reduced.
  3. If we are lucky enough to be able to share our fetish with our partners, we share a very intimate secret that makes our relationship stronger.
  4. Balloons intensify our sexual experience with our partners making something that is already amazing only that much more fantastic.
  5. When our partners are not in the mood, for any number of reasons, we can always turn to our balloons who never say no.
  6. When it comes to a sex partner so to speak, balloons are always a perfect 10 – okay not all balloons are perfect but I have never been with a balloon that was less than a 9.5 on the sexually attractive scale.
  7. As far as fetishes go, balloons are quite innocent and do not involve much more than blowing them up. I don’t judge anyone’s fetish and why would I but especially for our partners who usually do not share our fetish, balloon play is something that most are willing to do for us. Balloons are fun and playful.
  8. Balloons, when they are not inflated, are small so we can secretly carry them around in our pockets and sneak a little pleasure throughout the day without anyone even knowing.
  9. Balloons are everywhere and we will usually see at least a few when we are outside our homes especially if we live in cities.
  10. The balloon community is supportive, rarely judgmental and filled with many wonderful people who share something with us. Even if we live all over the world and our views and life situations are completely opposite we share a common characteristic that brings us together.