Unique 16“ – a popular balloon for looners

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Unique 16 Crystal_01

A short balloon description and what I think of the Unique 16″ balloon

Unique is one of the most widespread balloon brands in the world and produced by the „Latex Occidental“ company in Mexico. Those balloons are also known as „Mexico“ and „Globos“ but in the end they’re all one and the same balloons. The range of different sizes and shapes is not very huge in comparison to other distributors, but not less exciting.

The Unique 16“ is a medium sized balloon with a classic shape and a long neck. Due to its thin latex skin, the balloon feels really soft and smooth, no matter if it´s inflated or not. In fact, it´s really easy to overinflate this balloon. It can become very big with the first inflation and if you repeat this process, it gets even bigger and bigger with every new inflation. But this might also lead to the fact, that the balloon becomes unpredictable and bursts easier.

From my point of view, the great range of colors of Unique balloons is really extraordinary and beautiful. On the one hand, the different crystal colors are really intense and vivid. On the other hand, the standard colors are more discrete and delicate, but with a large selection of unusual pastel colors, for example like salmon, creme, apricot, jade.

Even though the Unique 16“ isn´t one of the strongest and most durable balloons, due to its size it´s really affordable and has a good price-performance ratio. That´s why it´s really popular by many balloon enthusiasts and these balloons often get used in a lot of looner clips.

All in all, I think that the Unique 16“ is a good and reasonable balloon. It has a classic shape, isn´t too big or too small, has an affordable price and is easy to handle. Therefore this balloon is well suited for beginners, New-Looners and everyone, who wants to give the whole thing a try. For those who want to take a crack in bursting balloons for the first time, I can recommend this balloon, because it´s not as resistant and challenging as others. So maybe you might discover the Popper in yourself…

Personally I really appreciate and love the soft and supple material and the lovely colors, especially the standard colors jade and salmon are one of my favorites.

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Unique 16 Standard_01
LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Unique 16 Crystal_02
LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Unique 16 Standard_02


My Looner background story

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Qualatex 24 Rose Balloon_01

How I discovered the balloon fetish and became a looner

There are different ways how to develop a fetish, which also are effected by various factors.

I´ve heard from many Looners that they have had a drastic and sometimes frightening incident in their childhood, which caused their special fascination for balloons. I just had nice experiences with balloons in my childhood and I can´t remember them excactly. There was nothing special. But I’ve had another life-changing experience: I got to know my husband and partner Jan!

In May 2006 we fell in love and realized that we match just perfectly. Our first time was very exciting, fascinating and lovely. We wanted to share everything, have no secrets and always be honest with each other. So it happened that we lay in bed and started to talk about our sexual preferences. Of course, I also wanted to know what he likes. But in this moment I saw that he became extremely insecure and that he was struggling with something. His behavior made me even more curious and I have to admit that I also became a little afraid of what wicked thing he might say because I saw how hard it was for him.

He took a deep breath and said: „I like balloons!“.

I felt surprised, happy, moved, very inquisitive and extremely relieved at the same time. It became very colorful in my head, because of the many questions and thoughts that I´ve had. Just like a virgin, I wanted to know everything about it. How does this work? What´s good about it? What kinds of balloons are there? …and so on.

A long, interesting, funny and enlightening talk about the balloon fetish followed and there were only two things which made me speechless and stunned. Firstly that there was such a huge range of balloons and that I didn´t hear anything about it at all before and secondly that it was so hard for Jan to talk about this and that he nearly felt ashamed. I just thought the whole time: „It´s just balloons! How cool is that!? There really isn`t anything bad about it! I want to try it!“.And that is exactly what happened afterward.

The days, weeks and months after it, Jan helped me to get in touch with the world of balloons and its many advantages.

Sometimes we included balloons into our (sex-)life and sometimes we didn’t, always according to how we felt. And that´s still the way we do it today.

For a long time, I didn´t saw myself as an actual, real Looner, until I realized, about three years ago from now, that I can’t-do without it and that the balloon fetish became a part of my own life! So yeah, I´m a Looner and I´m happy to have such an extraordinary and nice preference.

That´s my Looner background-story and I want to say thank you Jan, for expanding my horizon! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Balloon Pop Challenge – The Second

A shared challenge is a challenge halved – my husband Jan also got nominated

Just like me, Jan also had to pop a balloon. Besides, he is the reason I got in touch with the balloon fetish for the first time, but I´ll talk more about this at another time.

Now let us see what´s up to the balloon pop challenge. Both of us got nominated by Elena, one of the models of our friends at Alissainflatables. There are just two rules:
1. Pop a balloon in your favourite way
2. Choose which and how many balloons you pop by yourself.

So far so good, would both of us have been Poppers and not NonPoppers instead. But nevertheless Jan is always openminded to try new things out, just like me and pulled himself together. We will see, maybe it´ll wet our appetite. Afterwards one is always wiser.

But now watch how Jan did a Sit to Pop with a Qualatex 24“ The Looner. Have fun!

Balloon Pop Challenge – The First

I got nominated and popped a balloon – insane!

In the following video you can see me popping a balloon. This is very very rare, because I consider myself being more of a NonPopper and don´t do this often.

I have great respect of the bang, but all fear and doubts aside, I gave it a try. From my point of view it´s good to be open to make new experiences, otherwise I won´t never find out what I like and what not. So maybe I´m looking forward to pop some more balloons, we will see… But first, that´s what happened:

My friends from Alissainflatables started a balloon pop challenge and Elena, one of the lovely models, nominated me and also my husband Jan. The rules are simple, I had to pop a balloon in my favourite way, no matter what type of balloon. Okay, I had no idea, what my favourite way to pop a balloon is, I just did it on purpose one time before. In this exact case I did a blow to pop with a Qualatex 16“. This was an exciting and tough experience for me and I really felt quite alive afterwards. Great feeling by the way, I understand Poppers now, but it´s still not my thing though!

This time I wanted to try something new again and decided to make a nailpop with a Qualatex 16“ Balloons United. I was really in a tizzy and happy I got through with it!

But watch the video by yourself and see what happend. Enjoy!

You, me and a balloon

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Black Long GL700 Balloon_01_by André Krenz Photography

Balloons you can use together with one, two, three or more people…

In fact you can use almost every balloon to sit, to lie or just to do what ever you want to do on them. The advantages are simple: The balloon adapts perfectly to the body shape and reacts dynamically to every move you make on it. A vibrating effect can be generated by that, which can be seamlessly integrated into your lovemaking.

Sure, if you bounce hard on it, it can pop, in the end it´s just a balloon. But honestly, it never happend to me before. A little, smart advice: inflate the balloon really strong and let some air escape afterwards.

My personal favorite is the Cattex Giant Doll. Due to its curvy shape, you can lie on it really comfortable and your partner can take you from behind. With this balloon you can cause a really great swinging effect so you get the feeling to lift off.

If you like long balloons better, you can also use Cattex GL 500, 700, 1200; Rifco Giant Pillar. For those of you, who are more into round shapes I highly recommend Cattex 44“, 47“, 55“, and 72“. A mixture between long and round balloons are Rifco GL 800 and 900 and last but not least: don´t forget the a little bit fancy and funny figure balloons like Cattex Giant Caterpillar and Rifco Giant Omniloon. They also make a lot of fun.

I could go on and on like this and also talk about the medium sized balloons, which are also very durable, but I stop now, because there´s one big rule to remember: go ahead and try it yourself to find out, which balloons you like the most! Sexual preferences are individual and a personal matter of taste. I would love to know which balloon you like the most for this, so please tell me and let´s talk about it!

How to extend the lifetime of a balloon?


About the right inflating of a balloon and what you need to know about it

Before you start to inflate your balloon right away, please have a look at your surrounding. If you find some sharp or hot things there, just put them away or please be careful. Otherwise there would be no tip needed to extend the lifetime of a balloon, because it would be gone already.

So, you checked your room and are willing to start now. Then take the balloon with your hands and stretch it a little. Afterwards inflate it real firm, either by using your lungs or a pump, that doesn´t matter. If you got the feeling to reach its limit, then stop and let some air escape again.

This technique helps your balloon to get more range in relation to its breaking point, because you inflated it over the intended size and prestreched it by that. So your balloon becomes more stable and you can sit on it without any problems or do other things with it. Sure, the quality and stability also can depend on the balloon brand and can vary slightly.

But one thing you should always have in mind: there is no guaranty, that a balloon won´t pop. It is in the nature of things, that a balloon can pop sooner or later. But now, have fun while inflating and remember „ the proof of the pudding is in the eating“!

Qualatex 24“ – The Classic

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Qualatex 24 The Looner_01

A short balloon description and what I think of the Qualatex 24″ balloon

The Qualatex 24“ is one of the most well known and popular balloons in the community of balloon enthusiasts.

First I want to give you some backround information about it: this balloon is produced in the USA by the „Pioneer Balloon Company“, who distributes with „Qualatex“ one of the biggest and most popular balloon brands. Because of it´s really great quality a lot of balloon distributors and decorators use Qualatex balloons often and with pleasure.

There is a huge range of types, with different sizes, various colors and several prints.The Qualatex 24“ is a medium sized, pear-shaped balloon, which is available in many beautiful standard and crystal colors and also with different prints.

In my opinion this balloon impresses with it´s nice and huge neck, which easily comes out even without using a special technique. In comparison with other balloons, you can easily blow it up over it´s actual size and it gets bigger and bigger and bigger with every inflatation. I really like the Qualatex 24“ a lot. Because of it´s great quality it´s extremly durable and stable. I already experienced many situations, in which I thought it should pop, but no, it didn´t. You won´t get rid of this balloon easily, if you don´t want to. It sure is a challenge for Poppers and pleasant thing for NonPoppers. Also for people, who aren´t looners, but maybe want to get to know more about the balloon fetish and experience it by themselves, this balloon is a good and secure one to start with.

All in all I, as a looner, want to make the statement that the Qualatex 24“ is the perfect round balloon to ride, provided that you are into medium sized balloons and balloon necks.

But this is just my opinion and what do you think?

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Qualatex 24 Crystal_01
LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Qualatex 24 Daisies & Dots_01
LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Qualatex 24 Standard_01


Looner? Maggy and Jan explain the balloon fetish

The looner documentary by the alternative city guide GERMAN-NESS

By the end of 2014 Jan an I participated in a documentary for GERMAN-NESS. In her city guide the lovely Claire introduces different german cities and their interesting, creative, special or sometimes bizarre inhabitants.

In the context of the Berlin episodes, she also wanted to learn more about BALLOONS UNITED and the balloon fetish.

In my opinion she did a great, sensitive and informative reportage!

Just take a look at the video and tell me what you think about it.

Important notice: The documentary is in German but there are also English, French, Italian, Dutch and Spanish subtitles available!

I just started a blog

LOONERS UNITED_Maggy BerLoon_Office Chair Balloon


Hi everybody! Some of you might already know me, others will get to know me now. I´m Maggy, looner, owner of BALLOONS UNITED and from now on also a blogger.

There are many different topics that I´ve got on my mind and a lot of things I often get asked about. That´s why I decided to make a blog, to talk about all of this and also to let you take part in my looner life. There already is some content available, which might interest you, for example have a look at „WikiLoons“. Other articles will follow from time to time.

If you’re even interested in participating in my project, you are warmly invited to do so! No matter if you leave me a comment, a question, a topic proposal or just a note, I´m happy about every kind of feedback. Or are you even interested to publish your own article at my blog, then just write me at info@looners-united.com.

I´m really excited and looking forward to it. Now have fun with my blog!

Yours, Maggy BerLoon